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2023 System Updates & Enhancements

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January - March Updates

January 2023: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Absence Management 01/04/23 UCP-124799 Provided a solution that overrode an error for future-dated Pay for Family Care and Bonding leaves 
General Ledger 01/04/23 UCP-84088 Updated chart fields on all custom online pages that store funding data to follow the new UC-wide chart of accounts (CCOA)
Workforce Administration 01/03/23 UCP-124844 Resolved the error messages transactors received for some employees while processing extended absence requests
Workforce Administration 01/05/23 UCP-124859 Corrected the position data to allow the direct reports table process to run to success
Benefits 01/09/23 UCP-105041 Updated the benefit eligibility program (E-042) to offer and continue health & welfare eligibility for benefits to employees with 0 FTE appointments
Benefits 01/09/23 UCP-116928 Replaced a manual process with an outbound interface to third-party vendor for producing and mailing annual 1095-C forms and for reporting to the IRS and state agencies
Benefits 01/09/23 UCP-103690 Optimized ACA functionality to print 1095-C and 1094-C form(s), submit  1095-C and 1094-C to the IRS and enable employees to access 1095-C forms and instructions, submit consent to receive an electronic 1095-C via self-service
Benefits 01/10/23 UCP-120874 Updated UCPath to replace dependent/beneficiary hybrid SSNs with full SSNs sent via vendor interface
Benefits 01/10/23 UCP-124800 Added the 2023 Benefits Deduction Schedule to the UCPath QuickLinks
Cognos 01/12/23 UCP-114150 Created a new Cognos report that will show a log of all GT forms submitted
Payroll & Compensation 01/08/23 UCP-124092 Implemented tax update 22-E
Workforce Administration 01/06/23 UCP-122257 Retired customization (E-101 PayPath Landing Page) based on the implementation of Improved Navigation
Workforce Administration 01/06/23 UCP-114510 Updated the Excel-to-CI program to place retro position updates in the correct row
Absence Management 01/17/23 UCP-112727 Resolved an issue that was rejecting submitted usage on the time and attendance data inbound interface (I-181) for an invalid absence element
Payroll and Compensation 01/13/23 UCP-125092 Updated the following salary cap rates with a 1/1/2023 effective date:
- Health and Human Services
- National Institute of Food and Agriculture
- National Institute of Justice
- National Multiple Sclerosis Society
- United States Agency for International Development
- Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Payroll and Compensation 01/13/23 UCP-125174 Updated the Greenwall Foundation salary cap rates with a 1/1/2023 effective date
Payroll and Compensation 01/11/23 UCP-125048 Corrected the Indiana state tax rate
Payroll and Compensation 01/11/23 UCP-124401 Mapped the adoption assistance earning code to W-2 Box 12 with code T (adoption benefits)
Benefits 01/23/23 UCP-116511 Updated the benefits table to allow Post Doc employee to enroll in the Health Net PPO medical plan
Benefits 01/25/23 UCP-123941 & UCP-117762 & UCP-111487 Updated the ACA employee eligibility page to ensure the top row effective date and sequence matches the top row on the ACA evaluation calc details page when manually updated.
Payroll & Compensation 01/24/23 UCP-124503 Updated text to inform employees their W-2 statement is available
Payroll & Compensation 01/24/23 UCP-125487 Discontinued sending files to California Casualty
Payroll & Compensation 01/25/23 UCP-111710 Temporarily turned off direct deposit security questions to allow users to access the direct deposit page
Benefits 01/31/23 UCP-116840 Updated the self-service health savings account page to remove an old date and the Blue Shield plan
Benefits 01/31/23 UCP-120824 Updated the overage event notification template to include information regarding expired disabled dependents' certifications and to change Discovery Benefits to WEX Health
Workforce Administration 01/27/23 UCP-123609 Implemented a 6% across-the-board wage increase effective January 2023 for the NX bargaining unit
Workforce Administration 01/27/23 UCP-123606 Implemented a 2% across-the-board wage increase for accreted behavioral health and optometrist classifications effective January 2023 for the HX bargaining unit

January 2023: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
01/06/23 - 01/13/23

Terminations with Additional Pay

  • When terminating a job where the employee has additional pay that should also be terminated, users need to make sure the additional pay end date matches the termination date of the job.
01/13/22 - 01/20/22

Out-of-state income tax withholding requests can be processed online through self-service

01/20/23 - 01/27/23

Some benefit plans (HMO plans) require the employee live or work inside a specific service area to qualify for the plan.

  • If both the home and work address in UCPath fall outside the service area, the employee will no longer be eligible for the plan
  • If the employee is no longer eligible for the plan, the system will notify the employee via email and advise the employee to log into UCPath and select a new plan
  • Example:
    • A post doc is currently enrolled in an HMO Plan
    • The employee’s work address is set to remote with a zip code of 00000
    • The employee relocated to Texas and updated their home address in UCPath
    • Both the work address zip code of 00000 and the Texas zip code are outside the service area of the HMO plan, so the system will automatically remove the employee from the plan and advise the employee to select a new plan
01/27/23 - 02/03/23 2023 New Hire Benefits Orientation information is available on UCnet. View UCPath Benefits Webinars for upcoming live sessions and recorded webinars, which include closed captions.
01/27/23 - 02/03/23 Users can access updated workforce administration training material. The new job aid Special Training Codes provides a list of special training codes, code definitions, and compliance program owners. The job aid can be found using this link Job Aid – Special Training Codes.
01/27/23 - 02/03/23 Looking for past Did You Know tips? They are now located on the Location Support Site.

February 2023: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Benefits 02/01/23 UCP-123841 For a few impacted employees, corrected service credit, salary, and job code on the UCRS (I-146) file
Benefits 02/01/23 UCP-124940 Added Americans with Disabilities Act compliance language to the 1095-C page
Payroll & Compensation 02/01/23 UCP-123740 Updated the employee bank information batch (I-303) to send inactive employees on the file only one-time after they terminate
Workforce Administration 02/01/23 UCP-123825 Fixed the program (E-083) to successfully move limited employees to the career class
Workforce Administration 02/01/23 UCP-121300 Eliminated old salary grades as an option when updating employee position
Workforce Administration 02/01/23 UCP-119842 Updated the position control form (E-804) to allow for more than one security clearance type
Workforce Administration 02/02/23 UCP-105455 Aligned values in the special training code table to with legal and policy requirements and improved the use of the fields in the assignment of training 
Workforce Administration 02/02/23 UCP-105640 Resolved the issue of employees dropping from the LMS feed (I-357) file when a future dated row is added
Workforce Administration 02/02/23 UCP-107949 Fixed the LMS feed (I-357) to include future dated contingent worker hires
Workforce Administration 02/02/23 UCP-114722 Updated the LMS feed (I-357) to include multiple assignments with the same job code in different business units or locations
Absence Management 02/03/23 UCP-112381 Providing postdoc paid time off anniversary awards
Payroll and Compensation 02/03/23 UCP-125792 Updated the January 2023 payroll configuration page Quicklinks with the following lists:
1. Systemwide General Deduction
2. Local General Deduction
3. UCPC Earn Code list
4. General Deduction - Special Accumulator
5. Earnings Codes - Special Accumulator
Benefits 02/27/23 UCP-110615 Added the health benefits exchange notice to the new hire checklist in UCPath
Workforce Administration 02/27/23 UCP-95490 Removed the Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN) option from the smart HR and TAM transaction templates.
Workforce Administration 02/28/23 UCP-125536 Matched the employee disclosures (E-030) to the disclosure matrix for each union code
Workforce Administration 02/28/23 UCP-115724 Ensured the academic duration appointment fields are not carried from one employee record to another
Workforce Administration 02/28/23 UCP-112847 Added the end job automatically box and functionality to the contingent workers (CWR) smart HR templates
Workforce Administration 03/02/23 UCP-125938 Modified the smart HR templates for contingent workers to allow the end job automatically box to be selected

February 2023: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
02/03/23 - 02/10/23 A new combined multi-location appointment/inter-location one-time payment (MLA/OTP) form is available on UCnet
  • The form is effective March 1, 2023, with a grace period through May 31, 2023
  • UCPath will continue to accept the previous MLA form during the grace period
02/03/23 - 02/10/23

Some retroactive changes will trigger the retro module and generate pay on the next on-cycle payroll, including:

  • Increases in comp rate
  • Changes to comp frequency
  • Increases in additional pay
  • Changes to the earnings end date

Submit changes through PayPath or Smart HR templates by the deadline outlined in the Payroll Processing Schedule.


02/10/23 - 02/17/23

Users can access updated Workforce Administration and Payroll materials in UCHelp. The UCPath help site was updated to reflect these changes.

02/10/23 - 02/17/23

Requests to exceed the maximum vacation accrual limit must have CHRO and COE approval.

  • From June 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022, the requirement in Section III.B.5 of the Absence from Work Policy (PPSM-2.210) was temporarily lifted to allow policy-covered staff more time to use their accrued vacation leave to bring their accruals below the maximum.
  • Starting July 1, 2022, policy-covered staff who are over their maximum vacation leave accrual limit — and who were provided with at least an additional four months within which to take vacation leave during the temporary change period — will no longer accrue additional vacation leave until they bring their vacation leave balance below their maximum.
  • Once a staff member has brought their balance down below the maximum, vacation will accrue again. If an employee’s vacation accruals subsequently go back above the maximum, and a location wishes to request another four-month extension for that individual, a request for an exception to Section III.B.5 of the Absence from Work policy must be submitted by a location’s CHRO to Systemwide HR.
  • If the exception request is approved by Systemwide HR, it should then be attached to the eForm.
02/17/23 - 02/24/23 The link to the combined Inter-Location One-Time Payment and Multi-Location Appointment Form has replaced the Multi Location Appointment form in UCPath > Forms Library > Human Resources.
02/17/23 - 02/24/23 The step-by-step instructions to request pay for catastrophic leave have been updated and posted to the Location Support Site > Operational Alignment > Catastrophic Leave Pay
02/17/23 - 02/24/23

Non-Resident Alien (NRA) employees received an email on February 10, 2023 with the link to their 1042-S year-end tax form including earnings such as scholarship, fellowship, royalties or honoraria payments.

If employees have questions about their UCPath 1042-S form, they can navigate to UCPath and click “Ask UCPath” to submit an inquiry using the following selections:

  • Subject: UCPath 1042-S form
  • Topic: Payroll
  • Category: Tax Withholding Inquiry
02/24/23 - 03/03/23 UCPath launched a new hire pilot process for select users at UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and UC San Francisco. This process will allow location transactors to submit new hires by entering them directly into PeopleSoft. The pilot process is intended to reduce the time to onboard new employees. UCPath will be monitoring the pilot results to determine next steps and will share updates in the coming months.
02/24/23 - 03/03/23

Did you know? There are more than 16,529 employee records and 471 contingent worker (CWR) records with an "Expected Job End Date" of March 31, 2023.

  • Upon reaching the "Expected Job End Date," UCPath will terminate all employees with expired jobs for which the "End Job Automatically" box is selected.
  • To avoid unintended impacts, run the Jobs with Approaching End Dates (R-103) and Escalation/Reminder of Approaching Job End Dates (R-384) reports and review records scheduled to terminate automatically.

March 2023: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Absence Management 03/09/23 UCP-125988 Set the accrual rate for vacation to zero for the ACFYASE eligibility group, effective January 1, 2023
Absence Management 03/03/23 UCP-104288 Set the RA (academic researcher) unit accruals to be table-based and prorated for time on pay in a month or quadri-weekly cycle
Absence Management 03/03/23 UCP-128739 Updated code that enabled users to view the absence review balance page
Absence Management 03/03/23 UCP-115748 Enhanced the process to reinstate sick time when employees are rehired in a different year
Absence Management 03/03/23  UCP-124867 Added a new checkbox to the extended absence request page that allows the ability to override the hard stop when an employee does not have enough Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB) or Unit 18 PFCB Balance
Absence Management 03/13/23 UCP-128850 Resolved issue with calendar lookup on the absence review balance page
Portal 03/14/23 UCP-100468 Resolved an error generated when approving an out of state income tax withholding form
PS: Intelligent Forms 03/14/23 UCP-124691 Updated the system to retain locality data on the Out-of-State Income Tax Withholding form after approvals

March 2023: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
03/03/23 - 03/10/23 The Metrics Dashboard is updated!
  • Payroll and workforce administration metrics are now shown in separate windows. The payroll window includes tabs for off-cycle and overpayment/ adjustment activity. The workforce administration window includes tabs for transaction volume/ turnaround and termination timeliness.
  • Users may select date ranges and normalize data (per 1,000 employees) for most volume metrics.
  • The two UCPath internal off-cycle turnaround measures have been combined into a single “UCPath” turnaround time.
  • The overpayments and adjustment tab includes two view options, one that shows systemwide volumes and one that shows overpayment volume by location. The location view now includes totals by location and month.
  • The terminations tab includes options for multiple views: by location, by month and by the number of days (after effective date).
  • Users can access the dashboard by navigating to Location Support Site > UCPath Metrics Dashboard under Tools
03/03/23 - 03/10/23

Users can access updated workforce administration and payroll training materials in UCHelp. The UCPath help site was updated to reflect these changes:

  • Workforce Administration (WFA215: Mass Hires)
    • Job Aid: Complete the CSV File Templates for Mass Hires
      • Updated template table to include Auto_End_FLG for CWR Jobs
  • The following training simulations were updated to reflect the Automatically End Job check box for CWRs:
    • Workforce Administration (WFAL260: Template Transactions – Part II):
      • Initiate Extend Contingent Worker (With Position) Template Transaction
      • Initiate Add Contingent Worker (No Position) Template Transaction
      • Initiate Renew Contingent Worker (No Position) Template Transaction
      • Initiate Extend Contingent Worker (No Position) Template Transaction
      • Initiate Renew Contingent Worker (With Position) Template Transaction
      • Initiate Add Contingent Worker (With Position) Template Transaction
      • Initiate Update Contingent Worker (No Position) Template Transaction
    • Payroll (PHCMPAYL200: Additional Compensation and Payroll Requests) and Workforce Administration (WFAL250: Template Transactions – Part I)
03/03/23 - 03/10/23

When a retiree is rehired, UCPath has logic to reinstate up to 80 sick hours. The system uses the action and effective date combination to determine when to reinstate sick hours

  • Action and effective date is 181 days or more = no sick hours reinstated
  • Action and effective date is 90-180 days = up to 80 sick hours reinstated
  • Action and effective date is less than 90 days (89 days or fewer) = all sick leave reinstated
  • If a retiree should not have their sick hours reinstated, an eForm should be submitted to UCPath

Note: Reinstatement rules may vary if the retiree is represented

03/10/23 - 03/17/23

Retroactive changes have a significant impact on employee job and position data.

  • Retroactive job changes will be placed in the correct sequence in the job data stack – and will update all subsequent rows which may change or remove data
  • Always use the Workforce Job Summary link to review existing job rows
  • If data corrections are required, submit an inquiry with the appropriate form (Position Update or Job Data Update)
03/17/23 - 03/24/23

The Benefits Resources page was updated to reflect the following changes:

  • Added 2023 benefits billing calendars: de-enrollment and processing
  • Moved 2021 benefits billing calendars to archived: de-enrollment and processing
  • Access the content by navigating to UCPath > Quicklinks > Benefits Resources > section Location Users – Administrators > Benefits Billing Calendars
03/17/23 - 03/24/23

Users can access updated absence management training materials in UCHelp. The UCPath help site was updated to reflect these changes:

  • Absence Management (ABML200: Extended Leaves of Absence):
    • Job Aid: Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB)
      • Updated job aid includes new screenshots to reflect the new PFCB override group box. This function allows locations to override PFCB when usage exceeds available balances.
    • Job Aid: Pay for Family Care and Bonding Unit 18 (PFCB)
      • Updated job aid includes new screenshots to reflect new PFCB override group box. This function allows locations to override PFCB when usage exceeds available balances.
03/17/23 - 03/24/23

Employees can generate their own verification of employment documents directly from UCPath > Income and Taxes > Verification of Employment > Generate Summary Report

  • Instructions on the page explain how verifiers (such as banks, employers or leasing agents) can verify employment using UC’s third-party partner, The Work Number.
  • Student employees should refer verifiers (such as banks, employers or leasing agents) to UCPath to complete employment and income verifications (phone: 855-982-7284 or email:
  • Refer to UCnet for more details.