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Who's Who at UCPath

Sponsors and Governance

Governance: Each member is from a business or technology domain and provides overall project guidance, decision-making and recommendations for issue and risk mitigation.

*Sponsors: Subgroup of Governance responsible for final decisions and approvals.

For questions about Governance/Sponsors contact Pearl Trinidad

Governance Member Role
Bea Dormoy UCPath Program Manager
Cheryl Ross** Asst. VC, CFO / Controller
Chris Longhurst* CIO, Health
Cynthia Palmer Asst. VC, Academic Affairs
Evelyn Hidalgo Assoc. Dean, Dean's Ofice School of Medicine
Janet Kamerman* CHRO, Health
Kevin Chou Executive Director, Information Technology Services
Lori Donaldson* CFO, Health
Nancy Resnick** CHRO
Pearl Trinidad Executive Director, Business & Financial Services
Pierre Ouillet** VC, CFO
Reid Hollyfield* Assoc. CFO, Health
Sylvia Lepe Asst. VC, Budget
Vince Kellen** CIO, Information Technology Services





UCPath Core Project Team

For questions about the UCPath Core Project Team contact Bea Dormoy

Name Role
Pearl Trinidad Change Mgmt Lead, Business Alignment Lead, Exec Dir BFS
Janine Tarkow Change Management Practitioner
Barbara Angeletti Change Management Practitioner
Balkys Robles Training Team
Rebecca Ursich Training Team
Shani Ward  Training Team
Tyler Redden Training Team
Arlynn Renslow Financial SME
Arsenia Cruz Payroll SME
Kelly Maheu Academic Personnel SME
Paula Soder HR SME
Esperanza Gallagher HR SME
Michael Mai GL SME
Nicole Slaughter UCPath SME
Mike Hereid Director Client Relationships
Kaitlyn Hebig UCOP PMO Liaison
Jen Grau Solution Architect
Kelly Aranaz Senior Business Analyst
Monique Pascucci Senior Business Analyst
Rose Mirano-Del Mar Senior Business Analyst
Sylvia Jeung Senior Business Analyst
Trang Tran Senior Business Systems Analyst & Testing Lead
David Mandell Senior Business Systems Analyst
Beatrice Dormoy UCPath Program Manager
Chris Bryan Timekeeping Project Manager
Sana Deen Functional Project Manager - Health 
Eugene Lee Technical Project Manager - Health 
David Hardacker Data Conversion & Payroll Parallel Testing Lead
Jon Wan Data Conversion System Analyst
Margie Franco Project Team Support
Nickolas Linardos Project Assistant

Health Project Team

For questions about the UCPath Core Project Team contact James Piotrowski

Name Role
Sana Deen Functional Project Manager - Health 
Eugene Lee Technical Project Manager - Health 
Jill Herndon Program Analyst
Lareesa Agarwal Information Systems Program Manager
Kelly Aranaz Human Resources Program Manager
Ben Shulman Finance Program Manager
Leslie Harris Business Analyst
Moe Abbas Business Analyst
Linda Chalmers Business Analyst
Ramya Jayaraman Business Analyst

Change Champion Network

For questions about the Change Champion Network contact Janine Tarkow

Change Management Channel
Pearl Trinidad Steering / Governance / ESR / VCs / Health Exec / BFS
Janine Tarkow All Campus / Proj Core Team / ESR-SOCM
Barbara Angeletti All Campus / Proj Core Team / ESR-SOCM
Tyler Redden Project Team Support
Balkys Robles Project Team Support
Margie Franco Project Team Support

Change Champion Change Channel
Arlynn Renslow Finance
Erica Keller HHR (Health Human Resources, Health Sciences)
Evelyn Hidalgo / Han Ho ARC (Academic Resources Center, School of Medicine)
Paula Soder - Interim Central HR
Kelly Maheu APO (Academic Personnel Office)
Mojgan Amini ITS, Distributed IT
Nini Cruz Payroll
Ray Rodriguez Academic Senate
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Change Channel Network


The people listed here were selected to serve as UCPath LEADs for their high level of PPS expertise, strong policy and application knowledge and their desire to establish themselves as UCPath SMEs in their respective VC Area or Central Office. They are participating in testing sessions as well as training sessions for UCPath and will form a network of expertise encompassing both campus and health.

Representing Name
Central Off - APO & Project Team Kelly Maheu
Central Off - GME Tom Arneson
Central Off - HR Adam Romero
Central Off - HR Kenia Quinonez
Central Off - HR Liz Duenas Girgis
Central Off - HR Marcele Maia
Central Off - HR (Benefits) Elaine Garrido
Central Off - OGSR Courtney Aguila
Central Off - OGSR Kacy Cashatt
Central Off - OPRSA Jennie Salomon
Central Off - OPRSA Jennifer Bourque
Central Off - Payroll Kathy Brumfield
Central Off - Payroll Paul Rodriguez
Central Off - Stud Employ Mary Lewis
UNIX Sean Smith
VCAA: BioEngin Ley Clegg
VCAA: Chem/BioChem Rexanne Bonilla-Dayes
VCAA: Colleges Sandra Dredla
VCAA: DAH Tara Nadeau
VCAA: DoBS Patty Camacho
VCAA: DSS Stephanie Rhoten
VCAA: EVC Jessica Kim
VCAA: Library Vincent Ursillo
VCAA: MAE Melissa Kumler
VCAA: Math Miguel Ramirez
VCAA: VisArts Lawrenz Fortuno
VCADV (Central HR) Karin McGregor
VCCFO: BFS Davyda Johnson
VCCFO: HDH Amber Bareno
VCCFO: HDH Jan Waite
VCCFO: HDH Kelli Dayton
VCCFO: ITS (Central HR) Rashmi Umdekar
VCHS: ARC Hillary Winn
VCHS: ARC Juana Reyes
VCHS: ARC Karla Macias
VCHS: ARC Russ Tkebuchava
VCHS: HHR Aimee Christianson
VCHS: HHR Alexa Barraza
VCHS: HHR Arturo Cruz
VCHS: HHR Dora Castaneda Galvez
VCHS: HHR Erica Keller
VCHS: HHR Michelle Corso
VCMS: SIO Cecilia Ozkan
VCMS: SIO Jamile Johnson
VCMS: SIO Michelle Jared
VCR Catherine Schumacher
VCR Ingrid Pyper
VCRMP Mira Dover
VCRMP (Central HR) Feifei Yu
VCSA Heather Ledezma
VCSA Jessica Ison

Technical Team Service Owners

For questions about IT Service Owners contact Jen Grau

Name IT Service Owners
Bill Sweetman Financial
Jen Grau Human Capital Management (HR, Timekeeping, Payroll)
Judy White Business Intelligence & Analytics
Nathalie Gholmieh Data & Integration Services
Rich Flees Identity & Access Management