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UC system to decommission AYSO

December 11, 2020

The UC system has started to decommission AYSO. The first phase is to minimize the footprint and support costs to accommodate just the remaining applications. Once those applications either meet retention requirements or are transitioned elsewhere, AYSO will then be fully decommissioned.

Phase One | Effective Dec 4th - What Changed?

  1. The link you should use to access AYSO:
  2. After logging into AYSO with your existing username and password, the Main Menu has been trimmed down to remove the applications now on UCPath or that have transitioned to UCRAYS or UCnet, leaving the following applications:
    • Historical W2 and 1095-C Statements
    • Historical Earnings Statements
    • Security Preferences
  3. W2s for 2020 income prior to UCPath transition will be accessed through AYSO, post-transition W2s will be accessed through UCPath online portal.
  4. Application support for AYSO is also shifting from the RASC to the Campus Payroll offices. Users should now contact our payroll office for login issues, missing statements, or questions regarding earnings or tax statements. Contact details can be found by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom of the new AYSO Main Menu.

Important Notes About 2020 W2s

  1. Everyone always has online access to W2s and earnings statements whether they opt-in or not. The difference is that by opting-in for online delivery, you will NOT also receive a paper copy of your W2 in the mail.
  2. In AYSO, the option to sign-up for online delivery is no longer available, whichever option was in effect on Dec 4th will be active.
  3. In UCPath, go here to review your W2 delivery status: UCPath Login > Dashboard > Income and Taxes Drop Down Menu > Enroll to receive online W2s; this menu also has options for changing withholdings. If it says “CONSENT RECEIVED” you are signed up for online delivery and will NOT receive a paper copy in the mail; if you want to reverse this choice you will need to check the box. We highly recommend online only - it's easy, secure, timely, and oh-so-convenient!
  4. For both security and sustainability reasons, we strongly recommend online delivery. It is easy, timely, convenient, and very secure!