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UCPath LL (DOPES) & OFC GL Enhancements

October 16, 2020

The UCPath and OFC project teams are pleased to announce significant improvements just implemented for the Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPE) Report and the UCPath-ORACLE Salary Reconciliation Report. Users stated that these reports were not functional and suggested that security and access requirements needed to be changed and stream-lined… and that is exactly what we did.

How were security and access requirements simplified?

  • Security driven by HR dept – eliminated; fund managers manage funds, not HR transactions
  • Oracle UCSD BI Consumer JR role requirement – removed; this additional role unnecessary
  • Separate access requirement – eliminated; interdependencies should dictate grouping together

What does this mean for fund managers and other end users?

  • If you already have access to the DOPE report, you’re good to go for both reports now
  • With your access, you will see all expenses, no matter where those personnel reside
  • If you need to request access, the Service and Support Request Form is streamlined; going forward a single request for Payroll Accounting and Reconciliation Report Group access will automatically include both reports

How do I resolve discrepancies between UCPath Labor Ledger and OFC General Ledger?

FIRST STEP: Always start with the UCPath Labor Ledger (DOPES)

SECOND STEP: If mismatches still exist, use the UCPath-Oracle Salary Reconciliation Report