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UCPath, FIS, and Kuali Joint Update

July 31, 2020

We recognize that you may have received several independent calls to action over the last few weeks from project teams asking you to perform necessary data cleanups as we bring multiple enterprise systems online.

The goal of this update is to provide clear guidance to you, our colleagues, on what may be required and why, what happens until action is taken, and what you need to do and how.

Obsolete Chart Strings in UCPath

What’s needed and why?

Due to subsequent changes to our chart of accounts between when PPS data was converted to UCPath and when OFC was launched a subset of chart strings in UCPath funding entry will need to be updated in order to properly post to OFC. This will only need to be performed one time. To minimize departmental impact, all-new chart strings have been made available in UCPath as valid combinations for departments to use in funding entry.

What do I need to do and how?

What happens until action is taken?

  • Expenses will post incorrectly in the UCPath labor ledger, impacting UCPath reports and reports developed with the Employee Activity Hub as the source
  • However, expenses will post correctly to OFC because our system integration will replace the obsolete chart string as part of the posting process
  • Salary cost transfers (direct retro) may be required after the fact:

Obsolete Chart Strings in Oracle Procurement, SAP Concur and Kuali Sub Award

What’s needed and why?

Due to a problem discovered post-data conversion, a small subset of awards was converted and loaded incorrectly into OFC. In order to fix the error, these awards have been reloaded and as a result, now have new project and award numbers (same KR award number but with suffix 00002). This requires the project number segment on 1,014 chart strings or POETAF to be updated in multiple systems.

 What do I need to do and how?

  • Review this document to see if one or more of your chart strings was affected and if so,
  • Please be advised for the following impacted transactions:
    • Commitments/Expenses– users must recall Travel requests, Gift Card Requests, or any expense reports that have not been fully approved and resubmit with the new project number. To do this, under “Manage Requests” or “Manage Expenses”, open the request or expense report, and click “Recall” in the upper right-hand corner
    • Purchase Orders will be updated by the project team during nights and weekends while PO notifications can be temporarily disabled. We expect all outstanding POs to be updated by mid-August
    • Kuali Sub-Award records will be updated by the project team by August 1
  • For all others, please submit a Services & Support ticket for updating the project number

What happens until action is taken?

  • Expenses will be charged incorrectly in OFC, requiring subsequent cost transfers to be made after posting
  • Cost recovery from sponsors may be impacted

Positions with FND Program Code Chart Strings 

Due to problems converting distributions from PPS to UCPath, a subset of positions in UCPath had funding chart strings with FND program codes.

What do I need to do and how?

What happens if no action is taken?

Positions with CAP requirements must be updated with an UCPath-specific CAP fund

UCPath eliminated the use of DOS Codes and now requires locations to use the “Fund” field to designate CAP requirements.

What do I need to do and how?

What happens until action is taken?


  • Will UCPath-specific CAP funds show up in OFC?
    No, that field will not be reflected in OFC upon posting.

  • How quickly after a new valid combination is added will I be able to use it in UCPath?
    Our process sends new valid combinations to UCPath at around 6 pm each day, which is processed overnight for use the next day in UCPath.

  • If we submit a service ticket for items in UCPath posted to the old chart string prior to July 1st, do we still need to update the funding entry ourselves in UCPath? 
    Will the service ticket just process the direct retro? OPAFS will process a financial journal to move the dollars in Oracle. Be aware that it is not a direct retro and will not appear on the labor ledger/DOPE.

  • For those prior to July 1st that need to submit a service ticket for, can you please provide the correct path for the ticket? 
    Home > Budget and Finance Request Catalog > Post Award Financials > Salary Cost Transfers.

  • Why are some of the project codes highlighted pink and green, while others are not? 
    Pink and green indicate that the only segment value that changed in the chartstring is Project. 
    For those not highlighted, there still appears to be a difference in project codes. Should we take action on those as well? 
    Yes, you need to take action on any position on the list in your area of responsibility.

  • For “Obsolete Chart Strings in UCPath”, on the Excel document, I see the position information (blue), old (red), and new (green). What is the difference? Is everything being updated to the green COA?
    Yes, a funding initiator for your department will need to update the position funding to the new COA chartstring.

  • Will the “Positions with FND Program Code Chart Strings” be updated or will we get a new list?
    If the current funding does not have a line with Program = FND, that means that the funding was corrected already and no further action is necessary. For FND line, funding entry history can be viewed through Funding Entry Inquiry by clicking the right arrow at the upper right corner of the section labeled "Level."

We understand that with fiscal close, system training, and potential adverse effects of COVID-19, you may not have the time or means to do what is asked of you, right away. Please know that the project team has done everything possible to automate these cleanup tasks, and wherever possible have put in contingencies to allow clean-up to take place over a longer period.

To be as prompt and responsive as possible to your inquiries please leverage the following support channels to address your outstanding questions or concerns:

Thank you for your understanding, patience, hard work, and ongoing support as we work through this major transformation, together.

Your UCPath, FIS and Kuali project teams