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Prepare for UCPath



Review and Update your Personal Information in AYSO

Going forward paper checks will no longer be delivered to campus departments or mail codes, but rather, checks will be mailed directly from the UCPath processing center and delivered via US Postal Service to your home address on file.

Review your personal information in AYSO, especially your Home Address if you receive paper paychecks.

Until the UCPath Self-Service Portal opens, the only way employees can currently update tax withholding, direct deposit, benefits, etc. is by completing the appropriate form and submitting it to Payroll via FAX (1-858-534-7423) or by attaching a PDF or JPEG to a new ticket in the UC San Diego Services and Support system.  

If you live on campus, make sure to follow the official UC San Diego mailing address format for students when updating your address.

Student Name
9450 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92092-0100 

For more information about receiving mail visit Triton Link - Student Mail Services

How to Log in to AYSO

To log in to AYSO use your UC San Diego email address.

Review your Earning Statement

Get familiar with your current earning statement. 

  • Confirm your current name and address appear correctly.
  • Check your tax filing status and allowances for accuracy.
  • Verify your hours worked. 
  • Make sure your deductions are correct.
  • If you have direct deposit, verify your payment has been deposited in the correct account(s)


How to View your Earning Statement