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Last Updated: 02/07/2024

UCPath Projects: March Release

March 2024 will mark the release of the following projects in the UCPath system. Be sure to review the respective project spaces to familiarize yourself with the changes:

  • Ask UCPath Enhancements
    • The goal of the New Employees Case Submission Form is to simplify the employee user experience when submitting an inquiry/case through Ask UCPath.
    • The system will automatically determine the topic, category, and subcategory when submitting an inquiry through the Ask UCPath portal.
    • All employees and transactors will be impacted.
  • Replace PayPath Phase 2
    • Phase 2 of the Replace PayPath project will provide approval processes for Job Data changes through the Manage Job tile, and additional transaction types with validations to update job information.
    • All PayPath transactors will continue to see the Manage Job tile as a view-only page.
    • Only Early Adopters from Central Offices will be able to transact using the new Manage Job tile functionality before all transactors can transact within the tile.
  • Annual UCPath Upgrade (PUM 47)
    • The next upgrade will move UCPath from PUM 44 to PUM 47 to implement improved efficiencies and functionality in the UCPath system.
    • As part of the upgrade, a new Additional Notes feature will be available within the Manage Job tile to show the total number of notes available for a job.
    • The new Additional Notes functionality within the Manage Job tile will only be available for Early Adopters within the Central Offices.

Join us for our UCPath Projects: March Release Topic Based Zoom on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 to review the changes coming to the UCPath system. Add the meeting to your calendars here.



  • New: Service Credit Milestone Year Report – Human Resources Non-restricted
    • This report shows Service Credit Milestones beginning at the 10-year milestone and beyond, increasing in 5-year increments up to 60-year milestone
  • New: AB-119 Campus Report – Human Resources Non-restricted
  • Service Credit Seniority Point Report – Human Resources Non-restricted
    • Yearly update to add the new year pay periods and hours for 2024
  • Employee Service Credit Status Report – Human Resources Non-restricted
    • Renamed Service Credit Milestone Report to Employee Service Credit Status Report
  • Employee Record of Earnings Report – Payroll & Financial Restricted
    • Corrected minor performance issue
  • Personnel Expense Projection Report – Payroll Accounting & Reconciliation
    • Corrected issue with some Future Funding rounds missing

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