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Last Updated: 04/17/2024

UCPath July Release

July 2024 will mark the release of the following projects in the UCPath system: Gender Identity and Pronouns and Improve Accrual Management. A summary of both projects can be found below.

Gender Identity and Pronouns

The goal of the Gender Identity and Pronouns project is to capture gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns in the UCPath system to align with the Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy. This project will:
  • Update system options for Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation as some values are outdated  
  • Allow system to collect Employee pronouns
  • Implement Oracle delivered solution for consistency and scalability for future delivered changes
  • For more information, view the Gender Identity and Pronouns project space here.

Improve Accrual Management

The goal of the Improve Accrual Management project is to improve UCPath accrual processing by calculating, validating, and correcting UCPath accruals through delivered functionality. This project will:

  • Reduce/eliminate customizations and move to delivered functionality
  • Provide accurate accrual balances online for employees
  • For more information, view the Improve Accrual Management project space here.



  • Personnel Expense Projection Report – Payroll Accounting & Reconciliation
    • Eliminated FY-To-Date Expense tab because of memory issues
  • Jobs with Approaching End Dates Report – Human Resources Non-restricted
    • Updated so that the default dates are set from today’s date to today’s date +30, which returns data for jobs with approaching end dates in the next 30 days
  • Supervisor Report – Human Resources Non-restricted folder
    • Added Supervisor Email Address & Update to current standards

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