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UCPath Projects

These pages provide a consolidated view of all current and completed UCPath Projects led by the UCPath Project Team. Project-specific content is subject to change. Review UCPath Projects pages frequently for updated guidance.

Ongoing Projects

Below is a high-level summary of our current ongoing projects.

Final Pay

About: Final Pay aims to improve and streamline final pay processing using delivered UCPath final pay and navigation collection functionality.

Top Deliverables:

  • Streamline and reduce the effort to complete final pay activities
  • Increase final pay accuracy by reducing manual entry and eliminating comment fields
  • Increase data integrity by using UCPath data to drive final pay
  • Improve leave, accrual and retirement accuracy (ensures rehired employees have accurate leave, accrual and retirement information)
  • Improve the Off-boarding process by:
    • Ensuring critical information is gathered such as employees personal email and home address (allows former employees to access UCPath for historical W-2 and pay information)
    • Improving pay accuracy by inactivating out-of-date additional pay and deductions (streamlines rehiring employees)
    • Improving employee information security by deactivating direct deposit accounts

View the full Final Pay Project Page →

Gender Identity and Pronouns

About: The goal of the Gender Identity and Pronouns project is to capture gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns in the UCPath system to align with the Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy.

Top Deliverables:

  • Update system options for Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation as some values are outdated  
  • Allow system to collect Employee pronouns
  • Implement Oracle delivered solution for consistency and scalability for future delivered changes

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Improve Accrual Management

About: The goal of the Improve Accrual Management project is to improve UCPath accrual processing by calculating, validating, and correcting UCPath accruals through delivered functionality.

Top Deliverables:​

  • Reduce/eliminate customizations and move to delivered functionality
  • Provide accurate accrual balances online for employees
  • Timely and correct accrual balances will improve final pay accuracy
  • Establish foundation to improve and simplify leave management eventually enabling self-service functionality
  • Reduce manual effort for the production team

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Improve Retro Processing

About: The goal of the Improve Retroactive (Retro) Processing project is to create visibility for the paycycle processing schedule by optimizing delivered functionality and minimizing manual intervention. 

Top Deliverables:
  • Provide locations more time, additional details to review and address discrepancies
  • Provide locations visibility to scenarios where additional action is required
  • More consistent processing of retros, improve pay and benefit accuracy
  • Automate retro processing for UCPath to process retro requests with minimal manual intervention and reduced processing time

View the full Improve Retro Processing Project Page →

New SOBO Case Submission Form

About: The goal of the SOBO (Submit on Behalf Of) Case Submission Form portion of the Enhance Ask UCPath Initiative will simplify, standardize, and improve the case management user experience for Submitters by creating an intuitive case submission form.

  • The submission form will automatically fill in the topic and category fields based on the information entered in the subject and description
  • The updated landing page will display open and recently closed cases for the employee selected, making it easier for submitters to access an employee's relevant cases
  • UCPath will also provide suggestions for resources that may assist in resolving issues

View the full Enhance Ask UCPath Initiative Project Page →

6-Digit Job Code Remediation

About: The goal of the 6-Digit Job Code Remediation is to utilize the two leading "00" placeholders of the current UCSHR 6-digit job code structure (00XXXX).

Top Deliverables:

  • Create more possible combinations of job code numbers to mediate the volume of job codes needed in UCPath
  • Utilize the placeholder "00"s as actual numbers for job code differentiation
    • New possible values: 010001, 110001
  • Ensure there will not be any negative downstream impacts for locations when this change occurs (estimated June 2023)

View the full 6-Digit Job Code Remediation Project Page →

Completed Projects

Annual UCPath Upgrade (PUM 47)

Completed as of March 2024

About: UCPath is currently 3 versions behind the current Oracle PeoplesSoft System Version 47, and as a result improved efficiencies and functionality cannot be implemented.

Top Deliverables:
  • Deploy the latest available PeopleSoft HCM software, PUM 47
  • There will be no user interface changes for this PUM upgrade

View the full Annual UCPath Upgrade Project Page →

Enable Reopen Case Functionality

Completed as of April 2024

The Enable Reopen Case Functionality portion of the Enhance Ask UCPath initiative will:

  • Improve the existing custom pending case closure/follow-up case functionality and process with a solution that provides employees and location submitters the ability to reopen cases
  • Establish a consistent process for reopening closed cases applicable to all case types
  • Ensure that historical information within the original case structure is displayed
  • Enable employees to reopen a closed case within a 12-month timeframe from the
    original date of closure (restriction of up to 3 reopens for each case)

New Employee Case Submission Form

Completed as of May 2024

About: The goal of the New Employees and Submitters Case Submission Form portion of the Enhance Ask UCPath project will:

  • Simplify the employee user experience when submitting an inquiry/case through Ask UCPath
  • Reduce duplicate cases by displaying recent open cases before starting the case submission
  • Eliminate the topic and category data entry requirements for employees and transactors
  • Implement a solution that automatically determines the topic, category, and subcategory
  • Route cases to the correct queue
  • Provide users with an accurate service level agreement

Replace PayPath: Phase 2

Completed as of March 2024

 About: Replace PayPath is a multi-year, multi-phase project that will provide a modernized solution leveraging new delivered functionality to accurately and reliably process job data information directly in UCPath.

Top Deliverables:

  • Improve the accuracy for processing employee job data changes
  • Streamline job data transactions through specific guided processes while mitigating data entry errors
  • Provide reliable and expected results with transaction changes
  • Provide additional reporting and auditing capabilities

View the full Replace PayPath Project Page →

Completed Projects: 2023 Archive

Improve Time Collection: Completed as of May 2023

About: Improve Time Collection aims to improve the UCPath time collection process by centrally collecting, managing, validating, and correcting UCPath time through delivered functionality (Time & Labor).

Top Deliverables:

  • Simplify & improve custom time collection process with Oracle delivered solution
  • Simplify time correction; realize improvements in pay accuracy
  • Serve as foundation for UCPath Time Rule and Entry consolidation which will improve the employee experience using a modernized view
  • Improve leave and accrual management
  • Summarize time by earnings code to reduce performance issues

Lived Name: Completed as of June 2023

About: This project aims to enhance the user experience in UCPath by providing employees the option to select a self-chosen name, also known as their lived name.

Top Deliverables:

  • Enable lived name to display on all UCPath pages where legal name is not required
  • Compliance with Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy
  • Meet legal obligations: UCPath is a human capital application structured around legal name to meet legal obligations and maintain transaction accuracy

Replace PayPath Phase 1 (Manage Job Tile): Completed as of June 2023

About: Phase 1 of the multi-year, multi-phase Replace PayPath project will feature the new Manage Jobtile, which will provide a modernized solution to accurately and reliably process job data information directly in UCPath.

Top Deliverables:

  • Have a visual update to the PeopleSoft Pages used for CCoA entry
  • Develop customization as a bolt-on to make future PUM Upgrades more manageable
  • Redesign PeopleSoft Page(s) associated with Funding chartfields
  • Better align UCPath chartstring ordering with Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) General Ledger chartstring ordering

Salary Cost Transfer Redesign: Completed as of November 2023

About: The goal of the UCPath Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Redesign is to build a new Salary Cost Transfer Tool that meets business requirements and reduces current complexity when performing SCT-related entry (Direct Retro) and processing.

Top Deliverables:

  • Create a custom Salary Cost Transfer Tool in UCPath that utilizes the Labor Ledger data directly
  • Develop a modular design framework that separates required SCT functionality into smaller, more manageable components integrated together into a single solution
  • Generate GL payroll accounting transactions
    • Provide summary and detail labor ledger results generated from a single source
    • Maintain ability to support multiple ledgers and COAs
  • Transfer Costs
    • Transfer costs based on a complete transaction (transaction includes assessment data)
      • Acts like a GL journal entry process
      • Reduce the amount of "re-calculation"

Hire Pilot: Completed as of November 2023

About: The goal of the Hire Pilot project is to streamline the new hire process in the UCPath system.

Top Deliverables:

  • Early adopters from Central Offices will be able to transact using the new Add Person and Add Contingent Worker tiles before all transactors can transact within the tile
  • Transactors that currently have access to the Smart HR Templates today will continue to use Smart HR Templates until the pilot phase is complete
  • Local leadership will determine the right opportunity to release the Hire Pilot functionality to all transactors

Completed Projects: 2022 Archive

Test Automation: Completed as of June 2022

About: The goal of Test Automation is to reduce the time and scope of manual testing by location functional SMEs with every new release.

Top Deliverables:

  • Reduce the scope of manual testing and the time spent by location functional SMEs testing and retesting UCPath functionality every time there is a new release
  • Automate all the regression testing that doesn’t touch new functionality
  • Manually review and test new functionality

Location Access Initiative: Completed as of September 2022

About: The goal of the Location Access Initiative is to provide transactors more visibility within the UCPath portal.

Top Deliverables:

  • Provide more visibility within the UCPath portal as well as access to tables in RI, for example:
    • Be able to see when EEs are enrolled in direct deposit
    • Access Benefit Plan tables
    • Allow locations to see benefit summaries for Life and AD/D Benefits, Disability Benefits, etc.

Improve Navigation: Completed as of October 2022

About: Improve Navigation aims to improve the transactor experience by deploying an improved navigation (Fluid) and serves as the starting point to move UCPath to a more intuitive and modernized solution.

Top Deliverables:

  • Improve overall user experience with an intuitive navigation design
  • Streamline navigation so transactors can find and enter information faster
  • Consolidate related information in easy to use tiles
  • Serve as starting point to take advantage of new UCPath functionality
  • Ensure UCPath is on a supported platform

New CCoA Display Order: Completed as of December 2022

About: UC is implementing a new systemwide Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA) structure. As part of the CCoA redesign, all locations have agreed to a single new UC-wide chartfield (CF) order. The purpose of this project is to update UCPath page chartfield ordering adhering to the new UC systemwide standard.

Top Deliverables:

  • Have a visual update to the PeopleSoft Pages used for CCoA entry
  • Develop customization as a bolt-on to make future PUM Upgrades more manageable
  • Redesign PeopleSoft Page(s) associated with Funding chartfields
  • Better align UCPath chartstring ordering with Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) General Ledger chartstring ordering