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Transactor FAQs

This Quick Reference Guide provides answers to UCPath frequently asked questions.

Where can I find the most recent updates/enhancements to UCPath?

Every morning check the Local UCPath Updates and the System Updates to stay current with all changes and enhancements.

What is the process in UCPath to terminate a job with an end date?

If a job has an end date and the job is not being extended, this must be processed as an “Involuntary Termination” with Reason Code “ACE-Appointment Expired”. However, you are not required to complete an Off-Cycle Final Pay Request in most instances, unless specific circumstances demand.

What do I tell an employee who says, “Work Number-Verification of Employment” is not working correctly?

The Work Number is currently providing incomplete earnings info for UC San Diego employees. Please follow these instructions for personal and official employment verification.

How do I update VISA information in UCPath?

VISA information is updated through a nightly GLACIER file integration; it cannot be updated directly by transactors in UCPath. The employee/student should follow the instructions for how to login, complete, print and sign the GLACIER forms found here:

After forms are complete a pdf should be generated and emailed to: Within 3-4 days the information will be verified and uploaded to UCPath.

Are Composite Benefit Rates still part of UCPath?

Yes; new Composite Benefit Rates (the employer portion of an employee’s benefits) went into effect at the time of UCPath go-live. New benefit rates are automatically assigned based on position classification and job codes.

How do I view pending PayPath transactions?

There is no summary page to see submitted/pending PayPath transactions. The only way to check if an action has been approved on a particular record is to go to that record in PayPath and review the data. If there is a PayPath transaction entered that is still pending approval, the record will not be editable and there will be an AWE dialogue box at the bottom of the Additional Pay Data tab.

What do I do if employees tell me they submitted their hours worked on time, but their paycheck is missing or incorrect?

  • First, check with your timekeeper to ensure hours were submitted correctly and on time.
  • Once confirmed, you or the employee should log in to UCPath online and submit a case to UCPath Center via the "Ask UCPath" button.

Do I manage Leaves of Absence (LOA) return dates differently in UCPath?

Yes - the transactor MUST proactively enter the actual date of return to end the leave and return the employee to active status. In PPS, when the expected date of return was reached, the employee status was automatically returned to “Active.” In UCPath, when the anticipated return to work date is reached, the employee continues on leave until the transactor enters the actual return date and the transaction is approved with Job Data updated by UCPC.

This is especially important for employees on an Unpaid LOA. EcoTime will not allow time entries for employees on unpaid status, so these employees will not be able to report hours or receive pay without being returned to Active status.

Be aware of cycle time. When the return to work transaction is submitted, the transaction must be approved locally and then routes to UCPC to update Job Data. Once Job Data is updated, it may still take another 24 to 48 hours for the active status to be picked up by EcoTime.

LOAs must be actively managed. Be aware of an employee’s anticipated return to work date and either extend the leave or return them in a timely manner, so as not to impact pay.

How do I get access to PPS legacy system data?

PPS has been decommissioned and is no longer available. PPS transitioned to UCPath on 6/1/20. If you need access to PPS for historical data only, please request access to your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA).

Where are the UCPath Reports & how do I get access?

UCPath reports are available on the reports dashboard, located in the Business Analytics Hub at Click on the HR/Payroll tab and then click on the report you want to access.

If you do not have access, submit a request via the Employee Center:

  1. Go to the Employee Center
  2. Navigate to HR > Onboarding
  3. Click on the UCPath Cognos Reports Access Request Form
    1. Make sure to specify what report you need to access and your business need for this information.
  4. Complete the form and submit

How do I navigate to information regarding my template transactions?

View Templates Submitted: PeopleSoft Menu > Workforce Administration > Smart HR Template > Smart HR Transactions

View Template Status in AWE & Review Approver Comments: PeopleSoft Menu > UC Customizations > UC Extensions > SS Smart HR Transactions

View Template Status After Local Approval, View UCPC comments, Clone denied/canceled: PeopleSoft Menu > Workforce Administration > Smart HR Template > Transaction Status

How do I get access to Work Study tables in UCPath?

Work Study tables allow you to view work study awards, balances and position pool ID. To view these tables, you need Inquiry Access.

  1. Go to the Employee Center
  2. Navigate to HR > Onboarding
  3. Select the UCPath Transactor Access Request Form
  4. Complete the form and submit

What can I do if I have a suggestion to improve the UCPath system?

We recommend that any suggestions regarding the functionality, system design, or anything else with the UCPath system, first be vetted through your department leadership and VC guidance. If your department leadership and VC area would like to push the recommendation forward they can continue to do so by submitting the request to UCPath Governance.