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Funding Entry Tools


UCPath Labor Ledger (DOPES) Discrepancies 

What UCPath Funding Initiators Should Do

Who to Contact

  • If you need to verify the correct chartstring, contact the appropriate Department Fund Manager.
  • If you need access to the DOPES Report, submit a ticket to and request access to the “Payroll Accounting & Reconciliation Group”

What to Do

What Fund Managers Should Do

Who to Contact

  • If you need access to the DOPES Report, submit a ticket to and request access to the “Payroll Accounting & Reconciliation Group”
  • If you are not a UCPath Transactor, contact your Department UCPath Fund Initiator

What to Do

Funding FAQ for Transactors

Should I ever enter all zeros in a chartstring segment/field?

All zeros indicate that you should leave that segment/field blank in UCPath.

How often are chartstrings updated in UCPath?

New chartstrings and chartstring changes are uploaded to UCPath each evening.

How can I find pending Fund Entry transactions?

  • Go to: Funding Entry > Find an Existing Value:
  • Search for Pending Approval in the Request Approval Status field.
  • This delivers all pending transactions for the whole department.
  • The search result has the employee name, it’s pretty easy to see ones that are yours.

NOTE: There is a similar search function for Direct Retros.

Why are my salary expenditures posting to the department default rather than the correct fund source?

A funding error in UCPath will cause salary expenditures to post to the department default. The UCPath Department Default is the chartstring a salary expense is posted to in the UCPath Labor Ledger (DOPES) if there is no Position funding entered or if the chartstring entered is incorrect or invalid. For salary costs posting to a department default, a Direct Retro in UCPath will be necessary to move the expense to the correct funding source. A historical effective date correction may also be necessary to ensure retroactive payments are paid from the correct fund.

Why are there mismatches between what is posted in UCPath Labor Ledger (DOPES) and the OFC GL/PPM?

Mismatches are caused by OFC and/or UCPath chartstrings being incorrect, by fund entry errors in UCPath, or project end dates in GL/PPM. PPM is a sub-ledger that passes data to the General Ledger.

Can I still log into IFIS and the PPS mainframe “green screen”?

To ensure real-time access to legacy data for an additional fiscal year for activities such as reconciliation and variance reporting limited access is available. Find detailed info on BLINK.