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Three Ways for Employees to Get Paid

Direct Deposit

  • Your pay is automatically deposited in your U.S. bank account and available on payday
  • No waiting for a check to arrive to your home address
  • With UCPath, you will have the option to split your earnings across 3 different accounts

UC Pay Card

  • Get a debit card without establishing a bank account
  • Your earnings are loaded onto your card every payday (with funds available that day)
  • You can use your card anywhere Visa cards are accepted

Mailed Paper Paycheck

  • Make sure that your home address is current in UCPath
  • Your paycheck is mailed to your home address via United States Postal Service
  • It could take 2 to 3 days for a paper paycheck to arrive at your home address


Pay Issues

What Employees Should Do

Who to Contact 

  • Your Supervisor or Department HR/Academic Personnel Contact 

Be Ready to Answer These Questions 

  • Did you submit your timesheet by the deadline? 
  • Are you paid via Direct Deposit or by Paper Paycheck? 
  • Is your paycheck missing, lost, or incorrect? 
  • Have you already submitted a case in UCPath? If so, what is the case number? 
  • Did you check that your home address listed in the UCPath online portal is correct?

What to Expect 

  • Your Dept HR Contact will verify that your job is set up correctly in UCPath and your home address is correct.
  • If time was submitted and pay was issued, but paper paycheck was not received or was lost:  
    • If the address is correct and it's been more than 5 days since payday, you will be asked to submit a case via “Ask UCPath” on the UCPath online portal to have your check reissued.
    • UCPath will process a stop payment before the check is re-issued and may result in a significant delay.
    • If you already signed up for direct deposit prior to reissuance, the replacement check will be issued via direct deposit.
  • If time was submitted and pay was not issued:  
    • Your Dept HR Contact will submit an Off-Cycle Request for missed pay. 
  • For all other scenarios: 
    • Your Dept HR Contact will submit a case to the appropriate Local Central Office HHR/ARC/Central-HR or CCP to resolve the issue. 
  • If you are experiencing an urgent financial hardship, you will be offered the option of an Expedited Pay Card. This requires coordination between you, your HR contact and the HRCP (Payroll) Office. Expedited Pay Cards require a social security number, act like a debit card, and are accepted anywhere Visa-logo cards are accepted.  An Expedited Pay Card Consent Form and Agreement must be completed and signed by you. Expedited Pay Cards are generally available for local pickup within 24-48 hours.

What Department HR & Payroll Contacts Should Do

Gather the following information: 

  • Verify that the employee’s job is setup correctly in UCPath  
  • Ask the employee if pay is via Direct Deposit or Paper Paycheck  
  • For Positive pay employees, verify that the employee submitted their timesheet on time and with the supervisor approval on time  
  • If pay is missing, ask if the employee can wait until the next regular paycheck. If not, Dept HR Contact will submit an Off-Cycle Request for missed pay.

 What to Do with the information:

  • If time entered and pay was issued, but paper paycheck was not received or was lost: Have the employee verify their address in UCPath Online Portal.  If the address is correct and it's been more than 5 days since payday, notify UCPC to re-issue the paycheck: 
    • Encourage the employee to access UCPath online and submit a case via “ask UCPath” or  
    • Submit a case on behalf of the employee (SOBO) using the “Ask UCPath” button on the portal (SOBO simulation)   
  •  If time was submitted and pay was not issued: Submit an Off-Cycle Request, E078 – Payroll Request for missed pay.  
  • For all other scenarios, submit a case to your Local Central Office:

NOTE: Expedited Pay Cards may be available in cases of financial hardship.  This requires coordination with CCP and employees. Expedited Pay Cards require a social security number, act like a debit card, and are accepted anywhere Visa-logo cards are accepted.  An Expedited Pay Card Consent Form and Agreement must be completed and signed by the employee. Expedited Pay Cards are available for local pickup within 24-48 hours.

Student FICA - DCP Deductions: What Students Should Do

UC San Diego and other UC locations have been working with the UCPath Center to correct DCP/FICA deductions for student employees who were enrolled full-time for the fall quarter. The deduction has been corrected for future pay periods. The UCPath Center has completed the refunds with a pay date of Monday, January 22, 2024. The UCPath Center is preparing Targeted Mass Emails to be sent to individuals scheduled to receive refunds.

Please review the How to Troubleshoot Student FICA/DCP Deductions Knowledge Base Article for more information.

Payroll Calendars

Payroll Resources

UCPath Pay Statement

How do I Enroll in Direct Deposit?

Changes (add/update/delete) to your Direct Deposit information is allowed once per day. A maximum of three Direct Deposit accounts are accepted. The initial Direct Deposit set-up may take up to two weeks to become effective.
  1. Login to UCPath online
  2. Select Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit
  3. Add, update, or delete direct deposit information.
  4. To add direct deposit information: enter the bank routing number, the account type, the account number, and the direct deposit amount or percentage.

How do I Apply for a UC Pay Card?

Enrollment in the UC Pay Card is available to non-represented employees and certain represented employees.

Find instructions, the application form, and a link to FAQs here pdf link

How do I sign up for Electronic W2

Electronic W2 is safe and convenient. Your W-2 can’t get lost, stolen, or misplaced and you can download/print at any time. 

Go to UCPath online and click on Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Enroll to Receive Online W-2. If the current status says CONSENT RECEIVED, no action is required – you are already signed up for the electronic statement.

  • Once signed up, all notifications pertaining to your W-2/W-2c will be sent to your preferred email address on file in the UCPath system – make sure that your email is correct.
  • UC does not send actual W-2 statements to employees by email or text. You SHOULD NOT open any attachments or click on any email links that claim to give access to your W-2! If you receive an email or text that has a link or an attachment for viewing your W-2, it is a phishing scam designed to gain access to your private information. All employees must sign in to UCPath to view/print their electronic W-2.

Find more information on UCnet.

Where can I find my earnings statements for Jan – May 2020?

Earnings Statements for January – May 2020 remain on At Your Service Online (AYSO). As of June 1, 2020, earnings statements display on UCPath online.

Who should I contact if I have questions about AYSO?

Former employees prior to May 2020 should contact HR Central Payroll office for login issues, missing statements, or questions regarding earnings or tax statements via the Employee Center at

Contact details can also be found by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom of the new AYSO Main Menu.

Where do I report a pay discrepancy?

  • First, check with your timekeeper or Department HR representative to ensure hours were submitted correctly and on time.
  • Once confirmed, log in to UCPath online and submit a case to UCPath Center via the "Ask UCPath" button.

What Happens if my Paycheck Doesn’t Arrive in the Mail?

  • Go into UCPath online to view your pay statement and ensure a paycheck was generated for the pay period. Delays in timecard submissions could result in pay not being calculated on time.
  • If you still have not received your paper paycheck within five calendar days from pay date, log in to UCPath online and submit a ticket to the UCPath Center via the "Ask UCPath" button.
  • The UCPath Center will need to do a Stop Payment and issue a new check. This could result in a significant delay.

Can I set up Direct Deposit to a non-U.S. Bank?

No, Direct Deposit can only be set up with U.S. financial institutions.

Will final checks be mailed to the employee’s home address? Can employees receive the funds via Direct Deposit?

For represented employees voluntarily separating, final wages will be paid in accordance with their bargaining unit stipulations. For non-represented employees, final wages will default to an employee’s standard distribution as they normally receive pay. If they received a paper paycheck, their final pay will be mailed to their home address. If they were enrolled in Direct Deposit, the final wages will be paid via Direct Deposit.

What is an Off-Cycle check?

An Off-Cycle check is any payment that is not paid on the employee’s regular “on-cycle” pay (either monthly or biweekly).

Are there any special tax forms required if I work out-of-state or internationally?

Yes. Any employee who works outside of the US or outside California, for any reason, is required to complete an electronic Foreign Source Income Statement and/or an Out-of-State Income Tax Withholding form in UCPath, in order to update their tax profile. Employees who are US citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens and/or Resident aliens, for tax purposes, are subject to all US income tax. Employees who are not in the above categories are not subject to any income taxes and their gross pay equals their net pay. Find more information and instructions here.

Can I print an Employment Verification Letter from UCPath?

Yes, employees can generate their own verification of employment directly through the  employee dashboard in UCPath. 

Instruction on how to get Employment Verification and printing a letter in UCPath. Go to UCPath online and Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Verification of Employment. To print a letter, click “Generate  Summary Report” bar in the bottom of the instruction.


Campus Ecotime is a payroll reporting tool that is integrated with UCPath for pay and leave reporting. Find a more extensive list of FAQs related to Timekeeping.

Is it true that if we don’t complete/submit our timesheets, we will not get paid until the next pay cycle?

Employees who fail to report hours in time to meet the payroll deadline will be paid on the next available pay cycle.

If this will create a financial hardship, submit a ticket with the subject line "Expedited Pay Request”. Include details of the issue, the Employee Name, and Employee ID. This option will require coordination with the department HR/Timekeeper.

How do employees with multiple jobs report their time?

For employees with multiple jobs, reporting hours accurately is critical. Each job has its own record and hours must be recorded for each one separately. When hours worked are not allocated correctly, incorrect funding sources are charged, benefits could be impacted and extra work is created to correct and adjust entries, as well as reconcile funding.

Campus Ecotime requires employees to select the position BEFORE they are allowed to make any time entries, complete their timesheet and submit it for supervisor approval. This appointment (Position ID) selection is required for employees holding multiple positions and will auto-select for those with a single position. Employees need to double-check they have the correct position selected before they enter hours worked or exceptions to ensure that time entries are associated with the correct position.

How do employees report Shift Differential hours?

In Ecotime this is a calculated rate. It is not reported as hours worked by the employee selecting a dropdown value. If an eligible employee works hours over the evening, night, or weekend, the Ecotime system evaluates if they are eligible for shift differential based on title code. If you don’t think the calculation is correct, contact the Ecotime team by submitting a ticket to UCPath Support.

How does my exempt employee report time worked while on an intermittent leave?

As long as the employee is active or on paid leave status they can enter hours in Ecotime. Exempt employees fall under two categories: exception reporting and positive reporting. Positive reporting employees have to report hours in order to get paid. Exception reporting employees get paid a salary and use Ecotime ONLY to report exceptions. In this case, they would need to choose leave with or without pay for those non-working days.

Why is an employee’s timesheet locked when the approval deadline has not yet come?

There are three situations in which a timesheet would be locked:

  1. The employee completes it
  2. The supervisor/approver/timekeeper approves it
  3. The timekeeping deadline has passed

Sometimes supervisors/approvers/ timekeepers might erroneously approve a timesheet that is not yet complete; in that case, the employee needs to go back to the approver and ask them to un-approve it.

I submitted a retro timesheet, why didn’t it payout?

Timesheet adjustments from prior pay periods MUST be approved in order to be processed. If you completed the retro timesheet and it didn’t pay out, check with your supervisor or timekeeper to be sure it was approved.

Is there a calendar that lists Campus Ecotime Deadlines?

Yes. To access the Campus Ecotime Deadline view the Payroll Timekeeping Deadline Schedule on Blink.

Absence Management

Our leave balances display in EcoTime and on the UCPath Online Portal. Which is the most accurate?

UCPath is the official system of record for leave balances. For the most accurate leave balances, consult the UCPath online.

How often do leave balances update?

On UCPath, bi-weekly employees’ leave balances are updated every other bi-weekly pay cycle. Monthly employee leave balances are updated monthly.

Will employees without enough leave hours to cover the holiday break be able to utilize vacation leave in advance of accrual?

Yes. Employees can use vacation time, even if not yet accrued, only during the holiday mandatory campus closure.