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UCPath Reports


The reports dashboard, located in the Business Analytics Hub, provides information and links to the following report groups:

  • Human Resources Reports
  • Human Resources Reports - Restricted for central office users
  • Payroll & Financial Reports
  • Payroll Accounting & Reconciliation Reports
  • Payroll & Financial Reports - Restricted for central office users
  • Academic Personnel Reports


How to Request Access to UCPath Reports


How to View and Run UCPath Reports

To view HR, Payroll, and Academic Personnel report titles and descriptions, as well as launch reports, go to

To run reports VPN is required.

 Recommended browsers: Chrome and IE (Firefox not recommended)


Cognos Direct

Work directly in the interface to access and run your saved reports, as well as create new ones. To run reports VPN is required.


Employee Activity Hub (EAH)

Data consumers will only have access to the department data that reflects their access in UCPath. UCPath transactors will be able to view the same data they can access in the UCPath portal.

EAH Access Request Instructions

For more information, visit the Employee Data Access FAQ.


Reports FAQ

Where to send report inquiries?

For Report Inquiries, other than access requests, send your questions to This will generate a ServiceNow ticket.

What do I do when I get system error messages?

  • Cognos reports must be run in Chrome or Internet Explorer – they cannot be run with Firefox.
  • If you experience the following error message in Firefox when logging in to Cognos to run a report, please run the report in Chrome or Internet Explorer instead:
report error


  • If you experience the following error message, this indicates the need to request access to a Cognos Report folder (reports are grouped together in Cognos security folders, which each require an access request). If you do not have access, the following will appear, indicating the need for an access request:
    report error
  • Please navigate to this link to submit your Access Request:

Do I have to Complete the Privacy Training Mentioned on the Report Access Form?

The privacy training mentioned on the form is optional at this point and the question may be skipped.