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Annual UCPath Upgrade

Completed as of March 11, 2024

Anticipated upgrades will occur annually for the UCPath system. This project space is dedicated to the multiple iterations of upgrades that UCPath will undergo. UCPath is currently running version 44 of the Oracle PeopleSoft Human Captial Management (HCM) system. The next Annual UCPath Upgrade will move UCPath from version 44 to version 47.

Why are we implementing this project?

UCPath is currently 3 versions behind the current Oracle PeoplesSoft System Version 47, and as a result improved efficiencies and functionality cannot be implemented.

The Annual UCPath Upgrade (PUM 47) will:

  • Deploy the latest available PeopleSoft HCM software to PUM 47
  • Complete application retrofits where required
  • Complete re-platforming and upgrade to MuleSoft 4.4
  • Complete re-platforming of GoAnywhere

What is the project timeline?

The Annual UCPath Upgrade (PUM 47) was kicked off in September 2023 with a tentative go-live date of March 2024.

  • System Testing: 10/23/23 - 12/11/23
  • User Acceptance Testing: 12/18/23 - 02/16/24
  • Go-Live: March 2024

*Dates are subject to change.

How will this impact me?

PUM 47 will have minimal impact on transactors.

A new Additional Notes feature will be available within the Manage Job tile to show the total number of notes available for a job. The new Manage Job tile functionality is currently only available for Early Adopters within the Central Offices.

Reminder: the Manage Job tile will be view-only for transactors who currently have access to PayPath pages today. Local leadership will determine the right opportunity to release the new functionality to all transactors. 

What is the cutover timeline?

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 3:00 pm: Deadline to approve or cancel pending transactions
  • Friday, March 8, 2024 at 12:00 pm to Monday, March 11, 2024 at 6:00 am: UCPath system will be unavailable. During the scheduled downtime, employees, managers, and transactors will not have access to the system


Project Participants

Location Roles Participant Names
Project Manager Kelly Aranaz
OCM Manager Monique Pascucci

Previous PUM Upgrades

Below you can find details on previous version upgrades.

PUM 44: Implemented on June 2023

The Annual UCPath Upgrade (PUM 44) will deploy a new user interface in Fluid with the following changes:

  • Fluid Banner
    • New icons in the Fluid Banner
    • Quick Access, Back button
  • Homepages
    • New homepage selector
    • New color scheme
  • Menu Breadcrumbs
    • New breadcrumbs for Navigation
  • Global Search
    • Expanded and muted search bars
    • New Menu search functionality
      • Suggestions Search
      • Recently Visited
    • New Search content (Search for Person and Job)
Feature Image & Description
New Interface

The new PUM 44 interface features:

  • A new color scheme that helps with visual accessibility
  • A Homepage selector to toggle between different modules (depending on your access)
  • The Quick Access bar for your Recently Visited pages and Favorites
  • A new Global Search bar
  • New Back button functionality
  • Note:
    • There are no changes to tile functionality
    • Page timeout will remain the same


Quick Access Bar: Recently Visited Your recently visited pages will be tracked using the Clock icon of the Quick Access bar. You will now be able to see more Recently Visited pages.



Quick Access Bar: Favorites

Your Favorites will be listed in the Heart icon of the Quick Access bar.



Quick Access Bar: Homepage Selector

You can now toggle between PeopleSoft Homepages (Workforce Administration & General Ledger) by clicking on the arrow and selecting your desired homepage.


Global Search Global Search will default to search on Menu.
  • Recently Visited
    • Clicking on the Menu bar will show pages you have recently visited or navigated to (clock icon).
  • Keyword Search
    • When you click in the keyword input field, search suggestions are displayed immediately.
    • As you type, the suggestions (3 lines icon) are updated to reflect the search term or terms you have entered. Click a search suggestion, either recently visited or any other suggestion, to navigate directly to that item.


Global Search Filters

The Global Search bar allows you to search for employees using the All (Global), Person, or Job filters.

  • All filter will return results from Modify a Person and Job Data
  • Person filter will return results from Modify a Person
  • Job filter will return results from Job Data

Watch the Using Global Search in UCPath Micro Learning Video here.

Breadcrumbs in NavBar

Breadcrumbs will be shown in the navigation of the NavBar, which lets you track the navigation path of a specific page.


New Labels

In the Workforce Administration (WFA) module, the following labels will be changed:

Current Label: Transaction Status
  • Future Label: Smart HR Transaction Status
  • New Navigation: Main Menu > PeopleSoft Homepage >  HR Tasks > Smart HR Templates > Smart HR Transaction Status

Current Label: Search for People

  • Future Label: Search Person
  • New Navigation: Main Menu > PeopleSoft Homepage > HR Tasks > Search Person


PUM 44 Features related to Manage Job Tile:

Feature Image & Description
Search by Name

Name included in the Manage Job Search: Users will be able to search based on Name and the results will also display this information.



Future State:


Persistent Headers

Important information about an Action like Effective Date, Effective Sequence, Action, and Reason can be seen as context information in a fixed persistent header at the top of the page.

The Persistent Header helps you retain context information even if you are reviewing details of the Summary section which is the last section on the Job Details page.

Navigation: Main Menu > PeopleSoft Homepage > Manage Job > Job Actions Summary > Job Details


Expand/Collapse Sections

Ability to Expand All or Collapse All sections on the Job Details page. By default, the “Work Location” section is expanded on the Job Details page showing Job and Organization information to the administrator while all other sections are collapsed to provide a view of sections available that the administrator can review.





Track Comments

A Comments box is enabled in the Summary step in the guided process for job Action data entry. The users can click on the Submit button to save the comments along with the other Job Data changes.




PUM 37: Implemented on December 2021

The PUM 37 (December 2021) upgrade will:

  • Improve stability, reducing support efforts
  • Address compliance gaps that are being managed manually
  • Support the Affordable Care Act (ACA), eliminating manual UCPath processes
  • Reduce security risks, increasing personally identifiable information (PII) data protections
  • Prepare UC to modernize the system for future enhancements

The technical upgrade to version 37 will be implemented in Fall 2021. This initial upgrade is expected to be completed in December 2021.

PUM Upgrade Timeline

Going forward, regularly scheduled UCPath upgrades will take place every 6-12 months.