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Training Requirements | Roles and Access

Your UCPath Role drives what training is required before access can be granted. Your UCPath Role is determined by your job responsibilities, your department organizational structure, and your VC area and/or Central Office organizational structure. After the required training is complete, requests for access to UCPath should be submitted via ticket to UCPath Support. These requests will verify completion of training requirements and route for approval. Questions about your eligibility for access, including inquiry access, should be directed to your supervisor, department head, and/or central office.

UCPath transactors, both Initiators and Approvers must complete required training courses and pass competency tests to be provisioned access to UCPath. 

UCPath required training is online and searchable in UC Learning.
Simply type “UCPath Online Boot Camp” in the Search Box at the top of the screen.

UCPath Transactor Role UCPath Required Training
HR Only, Initiator and/or Approver UCPath Online BootCamp
HR/Funding, Initiator and/or Approver

UCPath Online BootCamp
F2 – Funding Deep Dive

Funding Only, Initiator and/or Approver

F1 – Funding Fundamentals
F2 – Funding Deep Dive

Funding Direct Retro Only, Initiator and/or Approver 

 F3-Funding Direct Retro