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The online training is designed as a series of short videos providing learners with a flexible self-paced learning platform.  The topics and videos must be completed in the order presented, but you may start and return as needed. During the video training, learners will be directed to pause the video and go to the UCPath Help Site to complete transaction simulations that will reinforce key concepts. These exercises provide a simulation of hands-on experience in the UCPath environment and are integral to mastering the subject.

There is a competency test requirement after completion of BootCamp, F2-Funding Fundamentals, and F3-Funding Direct Retro.  When courses are complete, learners will receive a notification and link to the appropriate multiple-choice, open-book competency test.  If needed, the test may be taken more than once with the option to review questions that were answered incorrectly. The passing score for BootCamp Test is 75%, and 70% for Funding Tests.

 Wondering what training you should take? Review the Training Requirements | Roles and Access webpage.

UCPath Fundamentals Online BootCamp

BootCamp Online Curriculum Content # of Videos Time (hh:mm:ss)
UCPath System Overview 1 00:14:14
TOPIC 1: UCPath Basic Concepts and Navigation 6 00:56:21
TOPIC 2: UCPath Position Management 5 00:59:37
TOPIC 3: UCPath Position Funding Entry and Updates 4 00:59:31
TOPIC 4: UCPath Template Transactions 1 4 01:05:53
TOPIC 5: UCPath Template Transactions 2 5 00:45:49
TOPIC 6: UCPath Payroll Requests 6 01:01:47
TOPIC 7: UCPath PayPath Transactions 6 01:39:21
TOPIC 8: Leave of Absence 6 01:05:32
TOPIC 9: Accruals 5 00:38:29

UCPath F1-Funding Fundamentals, F2-Funding Deep Dive, F-3 Funding Direct Retro

UCPath Online Funding Training Content # of Videos Time (hh:mm:ss)
UCPath System Overview 1 00:14:14
UCPath Online F1 Funding Fundamentals 11 01:54:44
UCPath Online F2 Funding Deep Dive 10 01:57:46
UCPath Online F3 Funding Direct Retro 13 02:00:48