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System Updates & Enhancements

Last Updated: 11/20/2023

UCPath Phone Service Information

  • UCPath phone number: (855) 982-7284
  • Business hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, excluding UC holidays
  • Callers will be asked to authenticate with their eight-digit date of birth and last four digits of SSN
  • To ensure UCPath addresses employee questions or issues, callers must inform the UCPath associate if they are calling about an open inquiry


UCPath recently implemented the changes listed below. Refer to the UCPath Changes & Enhancements link on the support site for additional detail.

Job configuration changes and location-specific configurations are available on the support site.



Summary Date Change Request Number

Corrected an event that caused the batch process to display two rows for the same short work break-partial year career furlough (SFR) event



Updated the current language in the benefits submission and confirmation statement to inform employees that supplemental life plans will not be available during open enrollment



Updated the terms and conditions for the 2024 open enrollment submission and confirmation statements

11/03/23 UCP-134048

Updated the terms and conditions within the UCPath portal open enrollment and life events pages

11/03/23 UCP-133019



Summary Date Change Request Number

Created a location role that provides “read-only” access to various pages within the AWE, Benefits, GL, and WFA modules





Workforce Administration

Summary Date Change Request Number

Prevented under and overpayments by creating a hard stop when compensation rates/frequencies and pay component rates/frequencies are misaligned



Populated the external system ID on the external system table when a new hire is added to the activity guide




Other Updates & Reminders 

The UCPath help site was updated to reflect changes in General Ledger, Workforce Administration and Payroll training material.
  • Updated PHCMGENL202: Direct Retro Funding Updates: Enter Direct Retro Funding Updates and Enter Direct Retro Funding Updates – MCOP simulations with new identification columns, images and text to distinguish direct retro from salary cost transfer 
  • Added simulations and job aids within a new salary cost transfer folder to demonstrate entering salary cost transfers for unrestricted funds, restricted funds, work-study funds and approving salary cost transfer transactions.
  • Updated the PHCMWFAL100: Employee Data Inquiry job aids:
    • How to Add a Person in UCPath (New Hire Pilot Only) was renamed How to Add an Employee In UCPath and new screenshots were created to reflect the label change
    • How to Add a New Hire Contingent Worker in UCPath was updated with language to describe how UCPath handles the Expected Job End Date for a contingent worker (CWR) with an End Job Automatically flag.
  • Updated PHCMWFAL270: PayPath transactions Initiate Position Data + Job Data + Additional Pay Change PayPath Transaction (Acad) and Initiate Position Data + Job Data + Additional Pay Change PayPath Transaction (Staff) simulations with new name fields screenshots for lived name and an update to search results.
  • Updated the navigation screenshots for the PHCMPAYL200: Additional Compensation and Payroll Requests simulation Submit One-Time Payment Request


Update for the 2024 UCPath Production Processing Schedule V 11.07.23 is available on UCPath
  • Beginning with the 231111B2X pay cycle, UCPath has extended the available processing days for locations utilizing the direct entry (previously referred to as “Hire Pilot”) functionality. The new deadlines provide additional processing days for each pay cycle.
  • The payroll processing schedules posted in UCPath have been updated with a new column to reflect the new deadlines. Additional updates are in progress to make the direct entry blackout dates more clear

Did You Know?

Employment service credit is used to determine vacation accrual rate and eligibility for service awards

  • Monthly employees accrue when they are on a pay status of at least 50% of their monthly working hours based on FTE for six or more months
  • Biweekly employees accrue on the last pay cycle of each month (B3X or B2X if there is no B3X) when they are on pay status at least 50% of the applicable hours.
  • Employees do not accrue employment service credit for months in which they are on pay status less than 50% of the time.
  • Leave with pay or leave without pay due to a work-related injury or illness are counted towards the employment service credit calculation.
  • Employment service credit calculation does not include other leaves without pay.
  • Policy-covered staff employees can reference the Absence from Work policy for more details.
  • Policies for Academic appointees and represented employees covered by Bargaining Unit Contracts may differ.

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