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Training Hub

View training requirements for transactional access to UCPath.


Fundamental Training

Absence and Accrual Management

absence-managementAbsence Management module overview.  Introduction to initiating, updating, and/or extending employee leaves of absence, as well as returning employees from leaves.



Extended Leave of Absence Training Presentation

Basics and Navigation

navigationOverview of all standard UCPath functionality including:

■ How to navigate UCPath
■ How to access the UCPath Help site


Basics and Navigation Training Presentation

Simulations Job Aids & Quick Reference

HR Template Transactions (Hire, Person Profile, Rehire, Concurrent Hire)

fund-entryTemplate transactions to initiate hire, concurrent hire, and rehire. 



 Template Transactions I Training Presentation


HR Template Transactions (Transfers, Personal Data Changes, Terminations, Retirements)


Template transactions for terminations, transfers, and personal data changes.



Template Transactions II Training Presentation

PayPath Transactions

Payroll Requests (Final Pay, Off-Cycle, & Overpayment)

paypathInstructions for entering final pay, off-cycle pay and overpayment requests.



Payroll Requests Training Presentation

Position Funding Entry and Updates

fund-entryA look at how to enter new position funding, position funding updates and direct retro updates.



Position Funding Entry and Updates Training Presentation


Position Management

position-managementOverview of the Position Management functionality used to create new positions.




Position Management Training Presentation

Funding Training

Funding Fundamentals

fundingOverview of UCPath Fundamental Concepts with focus on Position Fund Entry and Updates, for Funding Only Transactors.



Funding Fundamentals Training Presentation

Funding Deep Dive

fund-deep-diveComplex funding, salary cost transfers, multiple components of pay, capped funds, CBR and Labor Ledger, for HR/Funding & Funding Only Transactors.



Funding Deep Dive Training Presentation


Direct Retro

direct-retroCore funding concepts as well as basic and complex UCPath direct retro transactions.



Direct Retro Training Presentation 


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