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Local Updates

December 15, 2021 - January 12, 2022



  • Monitoring Job End Date: At UC San Diego there are about 1800 employee records and about 40 contingent worker records with an “Expected Job End Date” in December 2021. Upon reaching the “Expected Job End Date,” UCPath will terminate all with expired jobs for which the “End Job Automatically” checkbox is selected. If the box is not checked, the employee will remain in 'active' status and continue to receive pay.  To avoid unintended impacts such as termination, pay discrepancies, loss of benefits, system access interruptions, or overpayments, please make sure to use the Jobs with Approaching End Dates Report, located on the Reports Dashboard.


DECEMBER 2021 CURTAILMENT (12/23-12/31)

  • Campus Closure: The UC San Diego campus will close from Thursday, December 23 through Friday, December 31. The closure period includes four university paid holidays (December 23, 24, 30, 31, 2021).

  • Timekeeping: Staff employees must charge any working days during the closure period not covered by paid holidays to accrued vacation, accrued compensatory time off (non-exempt only), or leave without pay. Academic employees on fiscal year appointments must charge the time off to accrued vacation or leave without pay.

  • Non-represented Employees – Leave Accrual: If employees do not have enough accrued vacation or accrued compensatory time off to cover the three (3) working days during the closure (December 27, 28, and 29, 2021) they may request a one-time advance of up to three (3) days of vacation to cover the absence. Employees who elect to take leave without pay will continue to accrue vacation and sick leave credits. If “Leave without Pay,” is chosen, the Ecotime Pay Code “Curtailment” must be selected to ensure the accruals continue.

  • Represented employees: For exclusively represented employees, check your collective bargaining agreements.

  • Staff Employees in Health & Health Sciences: Go to or call (619) 543-3200 (select General Inquiry option) for any applicable curtailment information.

  • Academic Employees: Contact the Academic Personnel Office at or (858) 822-3748 with any questions.



  • Add Personal/Home Email Address: Employees need to enter a personal email address in their UCPath profile before they leave UCSD. Having a personal email on file ensures a way for employees to receive communication once their UCSD email is no longer available to them. If UCPath has a personal email address on file, employees will receive a notification email as soon as they are eligible to register (once the separation transaction is finalized in the UCPath system). Without a personal email on file, former employees will have to call the UCPath Center to start the process. The notification email will provide the steps to register and activate their former employee account. Find more detailed information on UCnet: Former Employee.

  • Remender - Step Information Belongs in Job Data: DO NOT enter step information in Position Data, it belongs in Job Data. Entering it on the Position can cause pay-impacting issues and result in Position Data and Job Data being out of synch.



  • Post Cutover - Transactor Instructions: A manual record of transactions from Dec 13 – Dec 22, is part of UCPC’s upgrade contingency plan. In the case of a missing transaction; locations might have to re-enter transactions from this time period. All transactors - Initiators and Approvers (HR and Funding) - need to have a plan to manually keep a record of all data entered in UCPath from Dec 13th – Dec 22nd.

  • UCPath online bookmarks: If a previous bookmark no longer works, users can navigate back to that page and recreate it. It is recommended to use the UCPath online bookmark feature vs browser bookmark.

  • Clear browser cache if any issues arise when first logging back into UCPath.
    As a reminder, for the best UCPath Online experience, please use one of the following web browsers:

    • Google Chrome (Version 91)
    • Firefox (Version 89)
    • Microsoft Edge (Version 91)
    • Safari (Version 14
  • Note: Internet Explorer 11 is no longer a supported browser.

  • Worklist Enhancement: When clicking on a worklist link, the transaction will open in a new browser tab. After completing the transaction, close the new browser tab to return to the original browser tab.



  • ENHANCED - Funding and Project End Date Report: Fix (Detail aggregation = none) to avoid auto group and summarize on "Position Funding Distribution Percent" field. Report column “End Dates Category” moved before “Days Remaining” columns.

  • ENHANCED - Positions WIthout Funding Report: Minor prompt page changes for user directions on “Employee Reports  To” search

  • ENHANCED - Position Funding Report: Added “Position Fund Cap Rate” and the “Position Funding Derived Effort Percent” columns


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