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Local Updates

October 6, 2021 - October 19, 2021



  • Reminder - UCPC Service Target Dates: Starting Oct 1, Service Target Dates shifted from calendar to business days, this change excludes both weekends and holidays to align with UCPC working hours. As part of this change, UCPath will now send an email to the case submitter confirming receipt, but no service target will be stated. After reviewing the case, UCPath will send a second email with the expected resolution date (service target date). All other adjustments to specific Service Target Dates are on hold.


  • BLINK & UCPath Website Updates: We are very excited to announce that our extensive revamp of the Payroll Webpages in BLINK is complete. Legacy processes are archived and a user-friendly interface for employees and transactors has been implemented. Check out these new Payroll Pages in BLINK and the enhanced integration of Payroll Information in our UCPath Website.


  • Composite Benefit Rate (CBR) – Summer Salary Credit: As of 9/30/2021, a group configuration change is still pending UCPC action and as a result, the summer salary rate is still incorrect. As a temporary remediation, a credit will be issued in the Oracle financial system for the amount that was over-assessed on summer salary earn codes; targeted for the Sept. Accounting Period. Note that this credit will not be reflected in UCPath or the Labor Ledger DOPE.

    • Summer salary rate only applies to jobs in two CBR groups: UCPath Group 01 (Faculty Not HSCP-Full Benefits) and UCPath Group 03 (Other Academics-Full Benefits); not our campus-specific groups.

    • Summer Salary is a special category that requires an earn code with a UC_CBR attribute of “S” (Summer Salary Eligible) and a UCPath CBR Group of 01 or 03.

    • Each job’s earn code is evaluated individually for applicability to CBR Summer Salary rate; no precedence is given to the Primary Job.

    • How CBR is determined is explained further in this KBA: What do I Do if the Incorrect CBR Rate has been Applied?

  • Sponsored Funds - UCPath Funding Entry and Direct Retro: The use of Sponsored Funds is NOT allowed in the Default Funding Profile in Funding Entry and is NOT allowed in the Over-the-Cap in Direct Retro. No Sponsored Funds can be used for Over-the-Cap (cap-gap) in UCPath, even if allowed by the private agency/award. If a Sponsored Fund was previously entered in the Default Funding Profile, it will remain until there is a change made to the MCOP/salary cap worksheet. At that point, error message #1 below will appear and the Default Funding Profile must be corrected before the funding update can be submitted. These error messages became active as of 10/1/2021:

    • Error Msg #1 - Funding Entry/update in MCOP/salary cap worksheet: "If the fund is a sponsored fund, it cannot be used within Default Funding Profile"

    • Error Mgr #2 - Direct Retro: “Over-the-Cap cannot be distributed to sponsored funds”


  • NEW-Future Dated Actions Report (HR Non-Restricted Group): Provides all future actions, as of run date and going forward. Examples of Actions include Return from Work Break, Short Work Break, Hire, Pay Rate Change, Position Change, and Return from Leave.


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