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Advantages of UCPath

The 11 existing payroll systems are disconnected, outdated and expensive to maintain because they vary widely from one location to the next. UCPath will unify every UC location with a single payroll, benefits, human resource and academic personnel system for all employees.
The existing systems are more than 38 years old and at risk of breaking down in the future. Furthermore, the old technology is insufficient for UC's complex employee population and changing business needs. UCPath will strengthen our foundation with stable, modern technology and support expanded capabilities as the University grows.
With the existing systems, we are limited in our ability to share data, information and best practices across locations. UCPath will create opportunities for enhanced team performance and increased productivity, accuracy and efficiency.
The existing systems require manual calculations and processes that can result in avoidable errors and rework. UCPath will standardize more than 100 processes through a common platform and shared services center that will serve all UC employees.
Depending on individual campus resources, employee access to information, service support and overall experience varies. UCPath will provide nearly 200,000 employees with modern access to payroll, benefits and HR information through the UCPath portal and shared services center.