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Got UCPath Questions? We've got Answers! 

You talked...we listened!  Here are answers to the questions you asked in the UCPath Survey. We'll continue to add and update throughout the UCPath effort.


What is UCPath?

UCPath will replace PPS, our current payroll and personnel system. It is an initiative launched by the University of California (UC) to modernize our current human resource and payroll system, which is nearly 40 years old. UCPath introduces new technology that will unify and standardize payroll, benefits, and human resources for all UC employees. It leverages modern technology and centralizes final acceptance of transactions to assure consistency, data integrity and policy compliance across the UC system.

Once UCPath is live at our location, every employee will have access to a user-friendly online self-service portal. Using the UCPath online / self service portal you will have the ability to view or enroll in benefits, sign up for direct deposit, update tax withholdings, see vacation and sick leave balances and much more. The UCPath Center (UCPC), located in Riverside, is the shared services hub where payroll, benefits and human resource transactions will be reviewed and accepted and where staff will provide you individualized support.

When will UCPath go live?

UC San Diego's targeted date for UCPath deployment is May 2020. UC San Diego is part of the final deployment (Deployment #2) which includes UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Hastings Law School.

For the latest deployment updates, visit

Why is UCPath launching as a series of deployments?

UCPath is the largest initiative of its kind in UC history. When all deployments are complete, more than 200,000 employees across 20 locations will be transitioned into UCPath. Each campus has a large volume of complex data that must be moved from local payroll and personnel systems. With so many employees and unique systems, the project is being staged and completed in phases that allow the UCPath team to focus on deployment groups of a few campuses at a time. This phased approach benefits us by taking advantage of "lessons learned" at each stage of the process, to better improve the product and the rollout of subsequent deployments.

For the latest deployment updates, visit

Why has UCPath taken so long to be implemented?

The complexity of the UC system required customization and process re-engineering of UCPath to meet shared business needs, as well as each location's unique business needs. Even more complexity is introduced by locations, such as ours, that include medical centers, research laboratories and diverse employee populations. While this has delayed implementation, a benefit is that UCPath's current functionality is greatly improved and will better serve our business needs. 

What is the UCPath Center (UCPC)?

The UCPath Center is the transactional hub where payroll, benefits and human resource transactions will be reviewed and accepted and where staff will provide individualized support to UC employees. The onsite staff helps employees understand payroll, benefits and HR information. UCPath Center employees are trained to respond to a variety of scenarios and also answer questions received through UCPath online  “Ask UCPath Center” tool. UCPath Center staff will be available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on UC holidays. The Center is located in Riverside, CA – just southwest of the UCR campus.

Read more about the UCPath Center

Will all Payroll & HR functions move to the UCPath Center?

No, not all Payroll and HR functions will move to the Shared Services Center. Local processes that happen outside UCPath will continue to be performed on our campus. 

What training will be provided?

Our local UCPath training team is committed to providing UC San Diego academics and staff with the resources they need to successfully interact with the new UCPath system. Efforts are underway to ensure organizations and departments across UC San Diego are prepared for the transition to UCPath.  Employees in designated roles for processing transactions in the new system will receive targeted training based upon their role.  All employees will have access to web-based training for UCPath online / self-service portal.

A robust training plan will be offered to employees who need to begin using UCPath.  This plan includes a blend of instruction and tools to make users comfortable with the new UCPath system.  Instructor-led courses, web-based tutorials through the UC Learning Center, user productivity kit simulations that allow "see it, try it" functionality, printable job aids, and Open Lab sessions are planned.  Depending on your role in UCPath, you will be assigned required training courses, and offered the option of attending others.  The goal of our training is to provide relevant instruction to users in order for them to comfortably perform their job duties in UCPath.

More information will be available soon.

Who at UC San Diego is involved in the UCPath Project?

UCPath implementation is supported by a well-defined local governance structure that clearly outlines roles and responsibilities and involves senior leadership and a program management team, as well as subject matter experts from across the campus to create a synergistic environment in which the implementation of UCPath can be successful. Please see Who's Who in UC San Diego UCPath for a detailed list of participants. As UCPath pre-deployment work progresses more groups and individuals will become involved.

Oracle was the selected vendor for the new financial system – will the two systems (UCPath and financial system) talk with each other?

Yes, UCPath is an Oracle product, as is the new financial system.

Is UCPath part of Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR)?

While UCPath is part of the system-wide replacement of our payroll/HR system, on our campus, it is under the umbrella of ESR foundational projects.

Are we getting new employee ID numbers?

Once the data in PPS is converted, every employee will be automatically assigned a new ID number by UCPath. At this time, we are not certain how this change will be managed on our campus, i.e. will everyone get new employee ID cards. This will be communicated to all employees once a determination has been made.

Are Composite Benefit Rates still part of UCPath?

Yes; new Composite Benefit Rates (the employer portion of an employee’s benefits) will go into effect at the time of UCPath go-live. New benefit rates will be automatically assigned based on position classification and job codes.

Currently, people have view access into PPS, but don’t perform transactions. Will this role be available in UCPath as well?

Yes, view access will be available for UCPath.

Is the training already live on UC Learning? Is there going to be an announcement when that does go live?

Training is not yet available on the UC San Diego UC Learning site. As we get closer to our deployment date, training availability and assignments will be announced.

If you lock yourself out of the UCPath system will the unlock process go through the UCPC?

Yes, you will need to open a ticket with UCPath Center Case Management to have access re-established.

Is PPS going to operate in parallel to UCPath? If so, for how long?

PPS will be run in parallel to UCPath only during the Payroll Parallel Testing phase of the project. Once UCPath goes live, UCPath will be the only system of record.

Will UCPath affect temporary employees too?

UCPath will affect ALL employees of the University of California.

Is information available from UCOP about UCPath?

For general questions about the UCPath program and deployments, visit UCOP at


What is the new UCPath online / self-service portal?

The UCPath online / self-service portal is a website that gives employees 24/7 access to their UC employment information based on their role. As each campus goes “live” on UCPath, employees will be able to log into the mobile friendly site on any device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. UCPath online provides you the ability to view and update personal information, view paychecks, sign up for direct deposit, update tax withholdings, view or enroll in benefits, see vacation and sick leave balances, and more in a user-friendly interface. UCPath online includes tutorials and step-by-step instructions for most functions, and users can also submit inquiries through the “Ask UCPath Center” button.

Read more about the UCPath online. 

What happens to At Your Service Online (AYSO)?

You will access AYSO to manage beneficiaries and estimate retirement earnings. Retirees will use AYSO to view retiree pay statements and 1099R statements. W-2s and earnings statements for 2018 and earlier will continue to be available on AYSO, but W-2s and earnings statements for 2019 and beyond will move to the UCPath Portal.

Will a separated employee still have access to the UCPath online?

Yes, separated employees will have access to their information on the UCPath online for 3 years after separation.

Can I print an Employment Verification Letter from UCPath online just as I can in AYSO?

Yes, that functionality exists on the UCPath online.

How do people interface with the program – app or web-based?

UCPath online is optimized for use on mobile devices (phone, tablet), and it is web-based.

Will a Spanish version of the UCPath online/self-services portal video be available?

A Spanish version of the portal video has been created and uploaded to the UC San Diego UCPath website. Visit and choose the Self-Service tab at the top to view the video, in either English or Spanish.

On the Manager Self-Service tab of UCPath online, will managers be able to see a historical use of leave view?

No – historical information on leave can be accessed through the Data Warehouse.


How will UCPath affect time cards or timekeeping?

UCPath will not affect our current Timekeeping systems.

Will leave balances still update only once per month?

Once UCPath goes live, bi-weekly employees’ leave balances will update with each bi-weekly pay cycle. Monthly employee leave balances will still update monthly.

Is it true that if we don’t complete/submit our timesheets, we will not get paid until the next pay cycle?

Failure to submit timesheets by the posted deadline could result in a delay in pay. We do, however, expect the UCPath Center to run off-cycle paychecks, so employees will not have to wait an entire pay cycle to get a paycheck.

Will employees without enough leave hours to cover the holiday break be able to utilize vacation leave in advance of accrual?

Yes. The current policy of allowing employees who are furloughed during the break to utilize vacation leave in advance of accrual will continue once UCPath goes live.

We’re sometimes asked to check LASRS for faculty leave balances. Will there be the ability to check random LASRS for leave balances?

Once UCPath is implemented, the Leave Activity Summary Report (LASR) will no longer be where leave balances are posted. All leave balances will be available on the UCPath online / self-service portal, and employees must sign in with Single Sign On (SSO) credentials to gain access.

WAGES wages

How will UCPath affect my paycheck?

Nothing will change if you are enrolled in Direct Deposit. If you receive a paper paycheck you need to be aware that our local payroll office will no longer have the ability to cut checks. Only the UCPath Center will be able to process and issue paychecks. Once UCPath goes live on our campus, all paper paychecks will be issued from the UCPath Center in Riverside on payday, and mailed to your home address. Depending on how long it takes the Postal Service to deliver, paychecks could be unavailable for as long as 2-3 days after payday. For this reason, we strongly encourage all employees to enroll in direct deposit, which ensures you have access to your funds on payday. Enroll in Direct Deposit.

Pay Cards are another option for employees who want to ensure access to their funds on payday. A pay card is similar to a debit card – funds are loaded on the card each payday, and you can cash out the balance in any Visa network bank, or “spend down” the amount of the card anywhere Visa cards are accepted. Enroll in the Pay Card Program.

Do we need to re-enroll in Direct Deposit after we deploy?

No – current direct deposit information will transfer from PPS to UCPath; however, employees are always encouraged to check their earnings statements for accuracy. Credit Union deductions will not hold. You will have to re-enroll.

How will final checks be handled – will they be mailed to the employee’s home address?

If the employee received a paper paycheck, their final check will be mailed to their home. If, however, the employee was enrolled in direct deposit, their final wages will be paid via direct deposit. If an employee is paid on a pay card, their final wages will be paid via the pay card.

How will employees report a pay discrepancy?

First, check with your department to ensure time was reported accurately. If the error did not occur at the department level, employee will need to open a ticket with the UCPath Center.

Are checks printed at the UCPath Center?

No; all pay calculations are done at the UCPath Center; however, checks are printed and disbursed from a Wells Fargo check processing center. That location is unknown.

Are Pay Cards free and how do I enroll in the program?

Pay Cards are distributed by Payroll and they are free. Wages are loaded onto the card on payday, and the employee has access to funds on the same day. Pay cards can be “cashed out” free of charge at any participating VISA bank. A second card (spouse) can be issued for a fee of $6. In the event the employee loses the card, one replacement card per calendar year is issued free of charge. However, when cards are lost, funds must be frozen until a new card is issued and the funds can be transferred to the new card. The employee is responsible for notifying the bank in the case of a lost card.

Is it possible to split wages between a check and direct deposit?

Yes. Employees may opt to split their wages between a paper check and a specific dollar amount directed to a Pay Card.

Do you get paid earlier if you bank at a credit union?

Currently, we do not anticipate that UC San Diego’s Credit Union, will be receiving funds before payday. It is our current understanding that USE will have the same status as other banks receiving direct deposit funds, and will get them on payday.

Can Departments get a list of employees still receiving paper paychecks?

A Department representative, with approved PPS access, can request this list through the Payroll Office.

Once UCPath goes live, we can distribute funds in many different ways – does this apply to any bank?

It applies to any US financial institution.

Are retirement checks processed through UCPath?

No. Retirement checks are processed through the Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC).

Will final checks be mailed to the employee’s home address? Can employees receive the funds via Direct Deposit?

For represented employees voluntarily separating, final wages will be paid in accordance with their bargaining unit stipulations. For non-represented employees, final wages will be disbursed in the same manner they were paid while an employee. If they received a paper paycheck, their final check will be mailed to their home. If they were enrolled in Direct Deposit, the final wages will be paid via Direct Deposit.

Once UCPath goes live, can employees elect to be paid overtime by pay cycle, rather than once a year?

No; annual selection is for budgeting purposes. Departments must be able to anticipate expenses, and employees changing options by pay cycle makes budgeting more difficult.

Will Direct Deposit enrolled from UCPath online / self-service portal be transmitted into IFIS?

There will be no change – the interface file goes through the Data Warehouse.

Once UCPath goes live, will we need to re-select electronic delivery of W-2 Forms?

No, your existing selections will hold through the conversion from PPS to UCPath.

What is an Off-Cycle check?

An Off-Cycle check is any payment that is not paid on the employee’s regular “on-cycle” pay cycle (either monthly or biweekly). This payment can be necessary when employees miss a significant amount of pay (e.g., missed time card, incorrect hours). Though the processing frequency is still being finalized, off-cycle pay will most likely be processed 2-3 times a week, and the employee will be paid with their regular payment method (direct deposit vs. paper check).

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