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UCPath Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Redesign

The goal of the UCPath SCT Redesign is to build a new Salary Cost Transfer Tool that meets business requirements and reduces current complexity when performing SCT-related entry (Direct Retro) and processing.

Why are we implementing this project?

This project will:

  • Create a custom Salary Cost Transfer Tool in UCPath that utilizes the Labor Ledger data directly
  • Develop a modular design framework that separates required SCT functionality into smaller, more manageable components integrated together into a single solution
  • Generate GL payroll accounting transactions
    • Provide summary and detail labor ledger results generated from a single source
    • Maintain ability to support multiple ledgers and COAs
  • Generate Assessments
    • Calculate Assessments and CBR after summary and detail labor ledger results are generated
    • Separate assessments (GAEL, VLA, CBR, etc.) into individual programs
  • Transfer Costs
    • Transfer costs based on a complete transaction (transaction includes assessment data)
      • Acts like a GL journal entry process
      • Reduce the amount of "re-calculation"
  • Generate Effort Information
    • Generate effort information after monthly SCTs are completed, results are finalized
    • Reduce reliance on UCPath data that is always changing

What is the timeline?

The project timeline is currently being reviewed by the central project team.

How will this impact me?

Most SCT business processes will remain the same. However, page display, additional edits, and added automation will change.

Area Impacted Details
  • The E-034B program currently reads the data from Distribution tables to get the funding for Prior periods for leave taken earnings, this Distribution tables will not be current with the new SCT re-design and hence E-034B current design will not work as expected.
  • Employees with leave taken earnings in the prior periods and have a SCT on the previous check on Reg like earnings will be impacted.
    • Analysis Numbers Below:
      • Total number of checks distributed on 09/30 monthly: 103,000
      • Total number of checks with prior period vacation: 20000
      • Total number of SCT’s on the Reg like earnings in prior periods: 895

Project Participants

Location Roles Participant Names
Project Manager Sylvia Jeung
OCM Manager Monique Pascucci

SCT Redesign Preparation

Are there any project demos I can watch and refer to?

Prepare for the changes coming with Lived Name by watching recorded project demo sessions below.

Date Demo Title
08/25/22 Work-Study Demo
07/12/22 Restricted SCT Module Demo
05/19/22 Unrestricted SCT Module Demo

What do transactors need to do to prepare?

 More information will be posted as soon as it is available.

Are there any actions required by departments?

More information will be posted as soon as it is available.

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