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System Updates

Aug 14, 2020 - Aug 21, 2020

UCPath recently implemented the changes listed below. Refer to the UCPath Changes & Enhancements link on the support site for additional detail.

Job configuration changes and location-specific configurations are no longer included in this email but are available on the support site.



Summary Date Change Request Number

DDODS Performance improvement: Dropped indexes from partitioned DDODS staging tables as they do not aid processing and take upwards of 30 minutes to create.




Payroll & Compensation Changes

Summary Date Change Request Number

Updated Custom Garnishments and created new Garnishment for the City of Emeryville



Added HR Status, Business Unit, Job Code, and Job Code Description to the list of data elements displayed in results reported from the search function connected to the Person Organizational Summary page.



Increased the UPTE HX Dues Cap from $90/mo. to $100/mo.  The change is effective for the 9/2 Bi-weekly pay cycle and 9/1 Monthly pay cycle



Created earnings codes to pay and report non-FFCRA, COVID-19 related vacation, and sick takes. View the COVID 19 Resource Summary for EARN codes and details.




Other Updates & Reminders:

UCPath updated the following training materials: 
General Ledger (GENL201: Funding Entry and Updates):
  • ILT course: Funding Entry and Updates
    Slide 12: Added text to clarify the use of the Funding End Date field.
  • Simulation: Submit New Position Funding Entry Request
    Added text to clarify the use of the Funding End Date field.
Workforce Administration (WFAL100: Employee Data Inquiry):
  • Simulation: View Person Organizational Summary
    Updated to show additional data elements added to the search results table
    This simulation is also located under the following courses:
    • WFAL205: Person of Interest
    • WFAL250: Template Transactions – Part I