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System Updates

Sept 11, 2020 - Sept 18, 2020

UCPath recently implemented the changes listed below. Refer to the UCPath Changes & Enhancements link on the support site for additional detail.

Job configuration changes and location-specific configurations are no longer included in this email but are available on the support site.


Payroll & Compensation Changes

Summary Date Change Request Number

Created EARN codes QDP and QAP for Qualified Disaster Payments (QDP). Consult local campus guidelines on use of the EARN codes. Please note, deductions will be different depending on how the pay is processed:

  • Off-cycle payments with no other pay: will have no taxes, benefit, union or general deductions withheld.
  • On-cycle payments with other pay: will have no taxes deducted for the QDP pay specifically but will have benefit, union, and other general deductions withheld.



Changed the disclosure flags associated with personal contact information to "Y" for employees in the system-wide covered EX, SX, HX, RX, and TX bargaining units. System-wide Labor Relations provided a subset of the employees who will have a disclosure flag of "N".



Added a custom attribute to the Earn Code Table to track earnings subject to the Workers Compensation Assessment



Updated the error message in the I-178 Parking Deduction Corrections file to be more clear:

Old message: “Field: Effective Date – Blank Effective Date”

New message: “Employee Primary PayGroup is under a non-paying PayGroup, deductions not allowed”




Other Updates & Reminders

UCPath updated the following training materials: 

System Administration (SYS300: Security Provisioning):
  • Job Aid: Provision RSOPN Security
    New job aid for how to provide RSOPN security access to users actively using TAM.
  • Simulation: Assign User Privileges (Location Admins)
    Updated to add image of new RSOPN Security tab on Security Provisioning pages.