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System Updates

Sept 18, 2020 - Sept 25, 2020

UCPath recently implemented the changes listed below. Refer to the UCPath Changes & Enhancements link on the support site for additional detail.

Job configuration changes and location-specific configurations are no longer included in this email but are available on the support site.


UCPath online

Summary Date Change Request Number

Updated Quicklinks Earn and Deduction Code Lists




Other Updates & Reminders:

Concurrent Hire Process. Effective Thursday 10/01/2020, the Concurrent Hire Process will change.
  • If a Concurrent Hire is submitted with an error, instead of reaching out to the requestor to obtain the missing information, UCPath will send the transaction back for review, correction, and re-submission.
  • Errors include FLSA misalignment, Pay Frequency Misalignment, Missing MLA Form or Missing Dual Employment Form.
  • This change will allow UCPath to focus resources on complete transactions and improve service targets.


UCPath updated the following training materials:

Workforce Administration (WFAL250: Template Transactions – Part I):

  • Job Aid: Pay Group Assignment, Configuration and Code List
    Updated note for Pay Group Character Combos

Workforce Administration (WFAL270: PayPath Transactions):

  • Job Aid: PayPath Transactions – Action Reason Codes Descriptions (Staff)
    Updated Reason Codes for POS, DTA and SWB
  • Job Aid: PayPath Transactions – Action Reason Codes Descriptions (Academic)
    Updated Reason Code for SWB

Benefits (Location Support for Benefits):

  • Job Aid: I-181 Form Submission for Reporting BYH Hours
    Updated to include new Earn Codes, ASN and ACN

The Payroll Processing Schedule has been updated with the following changes:
  • Revised 201212B2X PayPath/Employee Data Change to 12/8/2020
  • Revised 201226B1X Med Center Inbound Files Due to 12/28/2020 8:00PM
  • Navigate to UCPath > Quicklinks > Payroll Resources to view the schedule.