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System Updates

Oct 23, 2020 - Oct 30, 2020

UCPath recently implemented the changes listed below. Refer to the UCPath Changes & Enhancements link on the support site for additional detail.

Job configuration changes and location-specific configurations can be found here.



Summary Date Change Request Number

Updated the UCRP employer contribution percentage from 14% to 14.5% effective 07/01/2020




Payroll & Compensation

Summary Date Change Request Number

Added EARN Code AAP to Health Science Comp (HSC) earnings program



Created a 2021 Monthly Standard hours calendar





Other Updates & Reminders:

  • Review the new Benefit Triggers Job Aid to better understand the key fields involved in determining if an employee is eligible for benefits and what benefits package they are eligible for. Look for additional communication on this job aid next week.

  • Additional Pay: Effective October 31, 2020, Additional Pay will no longer be available on the Smart HR transaction or TAM transaction templates and instead must be entered via PayPath or payroll transactions. This change will help eliminate employee pay errors and consolidate Additional Pay processing to existing payroll transactions.

  • New COVID-19 Reason Codes: Effective October 31, 2020, new reason codes will be available to transfer employees temporarily into new jobs due to COVID-19-related activities.

    • New reason codes available for UC_TRANSFER and UC_TRANSFER_AC Smart HR templates as well as TAM-Transfer templates:
      • COVID-19 Re-Deployment
      • COVID-19 Return from Re-Deplmt
  • New content has been added to Quicklinks > Payroll Resources > Payroll Processing Schedules & Working Hours > UCPath Deadlines & Non-Transactions Days (MO/BW)

  • Payroll Processing:

    • Specific transactions should not be processed during the payroll process – review the attached for more detail
    • Refer to the Deadlines & Non-transactional Days document for an additional visual
    • The Payroll Processing Schedule has been updated with the following changes:
      • Removed "PayPath" from the "Employee Data Change" location column
      • Revised "After 3:00 PM..." note on the "Employee Data Change" location column
      • Revised "Job Data Sync" UCPath column to "Stop Processing PayPath & Position Mngt at 5:00 PM" and revised some of the dates
      • Added 6:00 AM to the "Resume Processing" UCPath column