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2022 System Updates & Enhancements

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March - June Updates

March 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Approval Workflow Engine 03/28/22 UCP-113722 Resolved the PeopleCode error that occurred when revoking delegation on the "Administer Delegation" page
Benefits 03/30/22 UCP-109016 Created new PTP retirement system adjustment earn code for passing corrections to Redwood without affecting employee pay, deductions or balances
General Ledger 03/30/22 UCP-110632 Updated the redistribution of leave taken earnings (E-034B) to correct known problems and improve the success rate
Payroll & Compensation 03/24/22 UCP-108940 Resolved an issue that occurred when setting up employees paid on contract pay through the smart HR templates
Payroll & Compensation 03/30/22 UCP-109226 Set the “Leave Accrual” attribute to “Yes – Earnings Code included” for earn codes HOP, HOS & HPL along with dependent earn codes
Payroll & Compensation 03/31/22 UCP-113247 Updated the payment type attribute for earn code LBO and dependent earn codes to “Either Hours or Amount OK”
Payroll & Compensation 03/31/22 UCP-96879 Updated configuration to make the FRA earn code available for academics on contract pay
UCPath 03/24/22 UCP-114106 Completed the monthly update to the payroll configuration codes in Quicklinks
UCPath 03/29/22 UCP-111551 Resolved a worklist error following the PUM/InFlight 7 deployment

March 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
03/24/22 - 04/01/22 The Benefits Billing De-Enrollment Calendar – 2022 and Benefits Billing Processing Calendar 2022 are now available in UCPath > Quicklinks > Benefits Resource > Benefits Billing Calendars.

April 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Benefits 04/01/22 UCP-110935 Updated the benefit eligibility process to correctly evaluate employees moving from per diem to career empl class
General Ledger 04/01/22 UCP-113452 Corrected the salary cost transfer page to allow users to modify FAU information on $0 earnings rows
Payroll & Compensation 04/01/22 UCP-112933 Updated the Verification of Employment Interface (I-351) so all compensation frequencies map to the correct value with the vendor. This will resolve an issue where invalid compensation frequencies were going to error status with the vendor and the employment records were not visible.
Payroll & Compensation 04/01/22 UCP-111471
Updated the system to no longer display the "save and submit" button once AWE transactions are initiated.  This will resolve the PeopleCode error that some approvers were seeing.
Payroll & Compensation 04/01/22 UCP-109042 Modified the Verification of Employment Interface, I-351, so that the employee record will display the system run date instead of the employee's last check date
Absence Management 04/01/22 UCP-86934 Updated the system to automatically create an adjustment when an extended absence request is approved with a "Sabbatical" or "In Lieu Of Sabbatical" transaction. This will eliminate the need for locations to manually create an adjustment request.
Effort Reporting 04/04/22 UCP-111072 Implemented the solution to correct the historical data missing lines issue
Effort Reporting 04/04/22 UCP-112773 Implemented logic to identify the missing lines
Effort Reporting 04/04/22 UCP-113188 Implemented the final fix for the I-129R to resolve issues with missing lines due to future dated hires
Effort Reporting 04/04/22 UCP-112197 Added the "RUN_ID" into the file name for the I-129
Effort Reporting 04/04/22 UCP-114316 Added "RUN_ID" configuration into the dashboard for the I129/I129H
PayPath 04/03/22 UCP-113067 Updated the system to ensure new salary plan and grades are immediately available for selection
PayPath 04/03/22 UCP-113070 Updated the system to ensure the "Daily Standard Hours" is updated after FTE changes are processed
Payroll & Compensation 04/03/22 UCP-103792 Resolved the issue preventing users from entering .001 FTE
Payroll & Compensation 04/03/22 UCP-109806 Updated the logic when position job code updates are made to ensure the job code is eligible to be used for that location based on the effective dates
Payroll & Compensation 04/06/22 UCP-114085 Updated the "Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation" salary cap effective date for grants and cooperative agreements
Payroll & Compensation 04/07/22 UCP-113865 Implemented the March 2022 academic job code updates
Payroll & Compensation 04/07/22 UCP-114259 Created new salary plans for deans effective 7/1/2022
Salesforce 04/02/22 UCP-90492 Created a new category "General Feedback" for the existing Topic, “UCPath Help/Training Feedback” to  allow users to submit general feedback to UCPath via a case.
UCPath 04/02/22 UCP-94458 Updated the system to allow users to rate articles.  Users will be able to provide thumbs up or down, select a reason, and provide description feedback
UCPath 04/04/22 UCP-113457 Updated the system to ensure the name displayed online is the preferred name
General Ledger 04/14/22 UCP-95588 Implemented the "go forward" fix  to ensure accurate effort percent, percent of total pay and hours on effort bearing earn codes
Payroll & Compensation 04/08/22 UCP-114092 Updated the Other Postemployment Benefits Rate (OPEB) and the Benefit Administration Rate for FY 22/23. The new rates are $2.36 and $0.19, respectively.
UCPath 04/13/22 UCP-114199 Resolved the issue preventing the "Help" link from appearing in the UCPath portal
General Ledger 04/25/22 UCP-106325 Disabled the ability for locations to run the I-154 fiscal year end snapshot process to prevent the file from being run during the day / ad-hoc.  The file is already run on a daily basis.
PayPath 04/29/22 UCP-112233 Resolved the invalid error that was occurring in PayPath when the position job code and location fields only were updated in the same transaction
Payroll & Compensation 04/26/22 UCP-112363 Implemented the 3% range across the board wage increase effective April 2022  for the EX unit
Payroll & Compensation 04/27/22 UCP-113512 Updated the "Tax Method Attribute" for earn code ACS to "annualized"
Payroll & Compensation 04/28/22 UCP-111429 Implemented the range adjustment and new salary plans effective February 2022 for the IX unit
WFA 04/29/22 UCP-106569 Resolved the "VOL/INVOL termination template invalid row" error on the smart HR templates
Absence Management 04/29/22 UCP-104544 Resolved error with a blank Qualifying Exigency PFCB (FMLA & CFRA) leave field in Request Extended Absence
Absence Management 04/29/22 UCP-113546 Corrected how the auto assign absence management program (E-356) to assigns vacation accruals.  A separate JIRA (UCP-113546) will identify the impacted population for historical corrections.
Absence Management 04/29/22 UCP-97373 Resolved the issue causing FMLA/CFRA/PDLL adjustments submitted in extended absence to reduce balances incorrectly
Benefits 04/29/22 UCP-111468 Updated the benefit confirmation statement PDFs to be ADA compliant
Benefits 04/29/22 UCP-113509 Added a table with headers to the "Estimated Total Cost" information on the confirmation statement
Benefits 04/29/22 UCP-101135 Corrected the 1000-hour rule calculation for HBE hours
General Ledger 04/29/22 UCP-108015 Resolved the error on the direct retro online page (E-713)
PayPath 04/29/22 UCP-113050 Resolved the issue causing the FTE to default to 1 and standard hours of 40 when changing salary plans in job data in PayPath and Mass PayPath
Payroll & Compensation 04/29/22 UCP-110221 Resolved the issue so that the "budgeted position" checkbox updates when making position control changes
Payroll & Compensation 04/29/22 UCP-113902 Modified the mass hire file (E-346) process so the program doesn't generate duplicate employee ids
Payroll & Compensation 04/29/22 UCP-114248 Updated the smart HR templates to allow a blank date of birth for "Add CWR" and "Future Dated New Hire" templates.  This request also ensures the CWR extension template displays the correct labels while in the AWE process.
UCPath 04/29/22 UCP-112104 Resolved the issue causing Survey FAQ link to appear repeatedly for users completing Self Identification during onboarding wizard
UCPath 04/29/22 UCP-109888 Reordered the gender identity values that an employee selects in self-service to align with the Gender Recognition and Lived Name policy. This request will be updated in UCPath for employees and TAM for applicants.
UCPath 04/29/22 UCP-113317 Resolved the invalid error message employees were receiving when trying to update or add a preferred name

April 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
04/01/22 - 04/08/22 The Medical Residents Flexible Spending Accounts for Life Event form is available in UCPath > Access Forms > Medical Residents Benefits.
04/01/22 - 04/08/22

Employees on leave without pay will be enrolled in benefit billing depending on when they go on leave and how long they are out.

  • UC benefits premiums are paid in advance, with the exception of disability premiums.
    • Monthly employees: April benefit premiums will be deducted from the April 1 paycheck
    • Biweekly employees: April premiums will be split over the first two biweekly paychecks in March
  • Employees on leave without pay who want to continue their UC benefits, will be enrolled in benefit billing so they can pay their premiums directly to UCPath
  • When the employee returns to work, UCPath will reconcile any premiums paid / due and their premiums will resume being deducted from their regular paychecks


  • Monthly:
    • An employee who goes on leave March 2 would be enrolled in benefit billing in April to pay for their April premiums
    • An employee who goes on leave beginning March 29 will be enrolled in benefit billing in April to pay for their April premiums
  • Biweekly:
    • An employee who goes on leave beginning March 2 will be enrolled in benefit billing in March to pay for the 2nd half of their April premiums
      • The first half of the April premiums would have been deducted from the 3/2/22 paycheck
    • An employee who goes on leave March 29 would be enrolled in benefit billing in April to pay for their May premiums


04/08/22 - 04/15/22 Navigate to UCPath > Help > Location Users to access recently updated training materials: 
  • Workforce Administration (WFAL260: Template Transactions – Part 1):
    • Job Aid: Retirement Transaction Process for July 1 Retirement Date – COLA
      • Updated to reflect 2022 dates and note added to the Qualifying for the Inactive COLA section
    • Job Aid: Emeriti Processing for July 1 Retirement Date
      • Updated to reflect 2022 dates
      • This job aid is also located under the following course:
        • WFAL250: Template Transactions – Part I
04/08/22 - 04/15/22

When using mobile deposit, some banks impose a temporary hold prior to releasing funds

  • Temporary holds may be imposed by your bank if:
    • You are depositing a large check
    • There have been frequent overdrafts in your account
    • You previously had a deposited check returned unpaid
    • The bank considers a deposited check a risk for non-payment
  • If you have a question about bank holds, contact your bank directly (UCPath is not authorized to call an employee’s bank)
  • Avoid returned checks by making sure the scanned image is clear
  • If your deposit did not go through, do not try re-deposit the check with your mobile device unless you receive a message on your device indicating that the transaction was not accepted
  • If a UC paycheck is returned:
    • Deposit the check in person at your bank
    • You may submit a case and UCPath can contact our bank (Wells Fargo) to determine why the deposit was returned
  • Resources:
04/22/22 - 04/29/22

Location users can typically only see information for employees at their location but there are two screens available, to users with appropriate roles, where employees can be viewed across all locations:

  • Person Org Summary: provides access to view all current organizational relationships for a person: Employee, Contingent Worker (CWR) and Person of Interest (POI). This page can be used to troubleshoot issues for employees who have multiple appointments. Note, this page does not display historical or future dated employment details.  You can search by Empl ID or name and / or last name.
04/29/22 - 05/06/22

If two parking files (I-178) are submitted during the same pay period, the file submitted last takes precedence over the prior file

More Parking File Reminders:

  • If pre-tax limit rates change from one calendar year to another (currently $280.00 pre-tax for 2022), locations must submit a new I-176 IB file for those employees that pay over the pre-tax limit.  This will ensure UCPath doesn’t follow the prior pre-tax rates and cause any downstream issues with employee checks
  • If an employee has been terminated from UCPath and still has an ‘Active’ parking/transit enrolment, the I-182 (Parking Reconciliation Report) will continue remit data as if that employee was still being deducted
  • Transactions submitted for biweekly employees do not initially create an error if the end date doesn’t fall within the pay period
  • If submitting both biweekly and monthly transactions, ensure you are meeting appropriate deadlines
04/29/22 - 05/06/22

Navigate to UCPath > Help > Location Users to access recently updated training materials: 

  • Payroll (PAYL200: Additional Compensation and Payroll Requests):
    • Job Aid: Termination and Final Pay
      • New job aid provides an overview of the final pay termination process and the use of the new final pay comments template
    • Simulation: Submit Final Pay Request
      • Updated images and text to show the use of the final pay comments template

May 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Effort Reporting 05/02/22 UCP-113002 Added a 3-digit task (3 spaces if blank) to the end of the concatenated FAU in I-129 (UCPath to ERS) and I-124 (UCPath to CPS)
General Ledger 05/02/22 UCP-113428 Resolved the missing lines issue in the labor ledger
Payroll & Compensation 05/02/22 UCP-103147 Set the DC Safe Harbor 401a & DC Safe Harbor Grandfathered 401a covered compensation limits to be evaluated on a calendar year basis
Payroll & Compensation 05/03/22 UCP-115137 Resolved the error on termination HR Templates when employees had future dated effective rows
Resource Center 05/05/22 UCP-114409 Updated the Resource Center to link to the new Location Monitoring Dashboard
Payroll & Compensation 05/17/22 UCP-110642 Resolved the issue causing the smart HR templates to display step prompt values incorrectly when changing a salary/grade from hourly to annual or annual to hourly
Cognos 05/18/22 UCP-114526 Updated the DCP Safe Harbor (R-096) report to assist UCPath in identifying necessary retroactive adjustments
Reporting Instance 05/18/22 UCP-102610 Resolved the issue causing the HCM_ODS table PS_UC_GP_ABS_EA to switch the EMPL_RCD and the TRANSACTION_NBR columns
Cognos 05/20/22 UCP-108298 Created the HR Transaction Status (R-344) report
General Ledger 05/25/22 UCP-112729 Resolved the issue causing an incorrect fiscal year to be assigned to distribution data
General Ledger 05/23/22 UCP-106123 Updated the I-154 Budget Data Export to be run Sunday through Friday

May 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
05/13/22 - 05/20/22

Once an employees’ benefits are terminated, retroactive corrections or updates will not immediately reinstate benefits

  • When retroactive changes are made to Job Data, the systematic re-evaluation of benefits can take up to 30 days
  • When there is an immediate need for benefits reinstatement, call (855) 982-7284 or submit a case with “Expedited Benefits” in the subject line. Note: It is not necessary to contact QCU
  • Example 1
    • An employee’s job record was terminated with an effective date of 08/01/2021 causing the termination of benefits
    • A request was submitted to update the effective date of the termination from 08/01/2021 to 09/01/2021
    • Benefits are not automatically reinstated effective 08/01/2021 with this update
  • Example 2
    • On 10/28/2021, an employee’s job record was terminated with a reason of “Termination/Resign – Accept Another Job,” triggering the termination of benefits
    • On 11/15/2021, a request was submitted to update the reason code to “Interlocation (BU)/Transfer”
    • The update in reason code will not automatically reinstate benefits
    • Note: If the “Interlocation (BU)/Transfer” reason had been on the original transaction, benefits would not have terminated
  • Reference the Benefit Eligibility & Triggers Job Aid for more details
05/13/22 - 05/20/22 The temporary change to vacation accrual maximum ends June 30, 2022.  Employees must reduce vacation balances below the maximum accrual amount prior to June 30, 2022, to continue accruing additional time. Reference UCnet for more details.
05/13/22 - 05/20/22

Navigate to UCPath > Quicklinks > Payroll Resources > Payroll Processing Schedules & Working Hours to view the updated 2022 UCPath Student FICA I-156 deadlines.  Updates include:

  • The UCSF actual Fall File due date is 10/27/22
  • Added Summer and Fall Sessions for UCLA
  • Added Summer Sessions for UCR
05/20/22 - 05/27/22

When a retiree is rehired, UCPath has logic to reinstate sick hours

  • The system uses the action and effective date combination to determine when to reinstate sick hours
  • Action and effective date is 181 days or more = no sick hours reinstated
  • Action and effective date is 90-180 days = up to 80 sick hours reinstated
  • Action and effective date is less than 90 days (89 days or fewer) = all sick leave reinstated
  • If a retiree should not have their sick hours reinstated, an eForm should be submitted to UCPath
  • Reinstatement rules may vary if the retiree is represented
05/20/22 - 05/27/22
  • The temporary change to vacation accrual maximum ends June 30, 2022.  Employees must reduce vacation balances below the maximum accrual amount prior to June 30, 2022, to continue accruing additional time. Reference UCnet for more details.  Remember, employees will not lose vacation they have accrued and there is no set time limit for when they must use the vacation.  Employees will just not accrue additional vacation until their balance is reduced below the maximum accrual amount.
  • The “cubicle” field on the mass hire template allows 15 characters (similar to the other hire templates) but does not allow spaces, hyphens or other special characters.

June 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Benefits 06/07/22 UCP-115198 Resolved the issue causing the "No Buffer" error message to display when accessing the retirement plan page
Benefits 06/07/22 UCP-113837 Resolved the issue causing the benefits eligibility logic (E-042B) to grant some employees full benefit eligibility retroactively incorrectly
Cognos Reports 06/06/22 UCP-108300 Converted a PeopleSoft report to Cognos to allow locations on-demand access.  The new report is R-029 Error handling Funding Entry
Cognos Reports 06/07/22 UCP-106358 Created a new "DCP Safe Harbor Payroll Data" report (R-096) to extract payroll data for employees whose DCP Safe Harbor deductions were taken on a fiscal year basis
Effort Reporting 06/08/22 UCP-115781 Resolved the issue causing some employees to be missing from the ERS file
General Ledger 06/06/22 UCP-106463 Resolved the issue causing the wrong UC assessment rate to be assessed on old salary cost transfers
General Ledger 06/08/22 UCP-102301 Resolved the issue causing some salary cost transfers to be missing from the labor ledger
PayPath 06/07/22 UCP-115764 Updated Mass PayPath (E-081) to ensure full error messages can be displayed (they were previously being truncated to 254 characters)
Payroll & Compensation 06/05/22 UCP-113779 Implemented tax update 22-B
Payroll & Compensation 06/06/22 UCP-115777 Updated the payroll configuration codes in UCPath Quicklinks
Payroll & Compensation 06/07/22 UCP-112389

Updated the system to ensure the "Last Date Worked" field is updated correctly on involuntary terminations submitted on HR Templates.  Navigate to UCPath > Help > Location Users to access recently updated training materials:

  • Workforce Administration (WFAL260: Template Transactions - Part II):
    • Initiate Involuntary Termination Template Transaction
    • Initiate Voluntary Termination Template Transaction
    • Initiate Retirement Template Transaction
    • Initiate Complete Contingent Worker Instance Template Transaction
Payroll & Compensation 06/07/22 UCP-115111

Resolved the issue preventing users from opening an employee record in job data when a job record is missing the establishment ID

Payroll & Compensation 06/07/22 UCP-113553

Resolved the discrepancies between earnings in Review Paycheck and PDF statements

Payroll & Compensation 06/07/22 UCP-109102

Updated UCPath to mask all except the last four digits of the bank account number on the direct deposit page.  This change also encrypts bank account information at the database level, making it more secure and brings UCPath into compliance with national automated clearing house association (Nacha) regulations

Payroll & Compensation 06/07/22 UCP-95525

Modified the UC_REHIRE template so the salary plan and grade is updated correctly when a position change is made.

Payroll & Compensation 06/09/22 UCP-104730

Updated the STP and SAS earn codes to no longer assess leave charges as they are not eligible for leave accrual

Reporting Instance 06/07/22 UCP-111115

Implemented integration between Reporting Instance and i-Sight to ensure Title IX teams are able to access necessary employee information for audit purposes

General Ledger 06/14/22 UCP-115876

Configured the UC batch calendar and detail calendar through 2027

Payroll & Compensation 06/12/22 UCP-114335

Updated the arrears and partial local deduction code attributes as follows: 

  • Changed local deduction code "Partial deduction" attribute from yes to no:  3PA003 and 6SCRPS
  • Changed local deduction code "Partial deduction" attribute from no to yes: 6BLOAN, 6PDNTL and 6TRDEF
  • Changed local deduction code "Arrears" attribute from yes to no: 3ACGEX, 3ACMEM, 3ACLKR, 6FASSN, 6FDN25, 6SCRPS and 6SDINS
  • Changed local deduction code "Arrears" attribute from no to yes: 6BLOAN, 6PDNTL and 6TRDEF
Payroll & Compensation 06/14/22 UCP-109687

Updated the PDF earnings statement to be ADA compliant

Payroll & Compensation 06/17/22 UCP-115922

Updated the 401(a)(17) annual compensation limits, including the DCP Summer Salary and DCP Summer Salary Grandfather Limits and the California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act (PEPRA) Compensation Limit  (applicable to employees who first became active members of UCRP on or after July 1, 2016) for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022

UCPath 06/14/22 UCP-116309

Updated the 2022 UCPath production payroll calendars and processing schedule on UCPath and in the Knowledge Library

Payroll & Compensation 06/26/22 UCP-113788

Resolved the issue causing JED codes not to be saved when a smart HR template transaction was processed for an employee with future dated rows in job data

Payroll & Compensation 06/30/22 UCP-115592

Added options to the academic duration of appointment field to identify 1, 2 or 3 year commitments for Unit 18 appointment tracking. Users should make the appropriate selection on the templates when processing a hire.

June 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
06/03/22 - 06/10/22 The temporary change to vacation accrual maximum ends June 30, 2022.  Employees must reduce vacation balances below the maximum accrual amount prior to June 30, 2022, to continue accruing additional time. Reference UCnet for more details.
06/03/22 - 06/10/22

The 2022 UCPath Production Processing Schedule V 05.20.22 has been updated with revised processing dates for Run ID Schedules 221031M0X and 221231M0X

06/03/22 - 06/10/22

The deployment date for the September monthly release changed from October 10, 2022 to September 29, 2022

06/10/22 - 06/17/22

Some benefit plans (HMO plans) require the employee live or work inside a specific service area to qualify for the plan

  • If both the home and work address in UCPath fall outside the service area, the employee will no longer be eligible for the plan
  • If the employee is no longer eligible for the plan, the system will notify the employee via email and advise the employee to log into UCPath and select a new plan


  • A post doc is currently enrolled in an HMO Plan
  • The employee’s work address is set to remote with a zip code of 00000
  • The employee relocated to Texas and updated their home address in UCPath
  • Both the work address zip code of 00000 and the Texas zip code are outside the service area of the HMO plan, so the system will automatically remove the employee from the plan and advise the employee to select a new plan
06/10/22 - 06/17/22 The temporary change to vacation accrual maximum ends June 30, 2022.  Employees must reduce vacation balances below the maximum accrual amount prior to June 30, 2022, to continue accruing additional time. Reference UCnet for more details.  Remember, employees will not lose vacation they have accrued and there is no set time limit for when they must use the vacation.  Employees will not accrue additional vacation until their balance is below the maximum accrual amount.

July - September Updates

July 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Absence Management 07/01/22 UCP-112186 Updated the system to provide four weeks at 100% pay for family care and bonding for Unit 18 members
Absence Management 07/01/22 UCP-109754

Updated the faculty medical leave and family illness/injury leave type options for academic eligibility groups

  • Added Faculty Medical Leave to the leave column for faculty members who do not accrue sick leave and take paid medical leave
  • Added family illness/injury leave type for use when submitting FML leave to care for a family member
  • Removed faculty medical leave for ineligible eligibility groups
Absence Management 07/06/22 UCP-108632 Updated the system to ensure JED percentages are saved correctly
Effort Reporting 07/06/22 UCP-116329 Updated the system to no longer include quotes in the interface to ERS [I-129]
Effort Reporting 07/06/22 UCP-113630 Resolved the issue causing an incorrect paid percent to display on the effort reporting for biweekly salary employees with multiple jobs
General Ledger 07/06/22 UCP-109502 Implemented fixes to capture changes made on the "Review Actuals" page and sync PAY_ERN_DIST and UC_PAY_ERN_DST tables
PayPath 07/05/22 UCP-116473 Updated PayPath so transactions with a position FTE change when the job record is overriding the FTE value can be approved and processed
Payroll & Compensation 07/02/22 UCP-116103 Updated the CRM salary cap rate for grants to comply with the agency’s current guidance
Payroll & Compensation 07/05/22 UCP-116671 Updated the OSHPD attribute on the Job Code Table for several Job Codes
Payroll & Compensation 07/05/22 UCP-115829 Updated the system to display 25 records (instead of all records) to improve performance on the administer extended absence page
Payroll & Compensation 07/07/22 UCP-102290 Modified the I-380 E-Verify worksite integration to include additional action/action reason values
Payroll & Compensation 07/07/22 UCP-116629 Established the Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative salary cap
Payroll & Compensation 07/07/22 UCP-116402 Updated the UCPath rate table with the FY2022-2023 CalPERS employer contribution rate
Benefits 07/22/22 UCP-117668 Resolved the issue preventing some users from submitting their benefit elections online
Benefits 07/28/22 UCP-118071 Updated benefits administration rules for overage and death event types
Benefits 07/28/22 UCP-117880 Resolved the waive benefit issue for the Aflac plan in benefits billing
Benefits 07/26/22 UCP-117873 Corrected verbiage for the critical illness error message
Payroll & Compensation 07/28/22 UCP-118004 Added 5 reports to the Quicklinks - Payroll Configuration Page
General Ledger 07/29/22 UCP-116792 Resolved the issue with missing cap rates by adding new funding entries
General Ledger 07/29/22 UCP-115487 Resolved the bugs in the funding entry page causing issues with populating the correct over-the-cap funds indicator
General Ledger 07/29/22 UCP-117578 Resolved the issue causing locations not to see all departments on  funding entry inquiry
Payroll & Compensation 07/29/22 UCP-116967 Updated UCPath with the CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate for the 2022-2023 fiscal year

July 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
07/01/22 - 07/08/22

Only one case should be submitted for an employee, even if the employee has multiple issues. If separate cases are submitted, the cases will likely route to different case owners causing duplicate efforts

07/01/22 - 07/08/22 The new UCPath Metrics Dashboard has been added to the tools section on the location support site.  Leverage the dashboard to review details about case, call and transaction volume.
07/22/22 - 07/29/22

Configuration templates have been created and posted to the Location Support Site > View UCPath Templates.  These templates can now be used in place of a BRD when submitting configuration change requests.

  • Department Table Requests
  • HR Worksite Updates
  • Default FAU’s
  • Location Table Updates
  • License Table Updates
  • School Code Table
  • Job Code Template
  • Salary Plan/Grade Updates
  • FAU Redirects
  • Assessment Rate Updates
  • Local Earnings Account Mapping
  • Local Deduction Account Mapping
07/22/22 - 07/29/22 Emails generated from UCPath come from  Effective Monday, August 1, 2022, emails generated when selecting the Notify button will also be sent from this email address, rather than from the individual email selecting the Notify button. When selecting the Notify button, users may want to add text to the message to make it clear to the receiver who is sending the message. 
07/22/22 - 07/29/22

Navigate to UCPath > Help > Location Users to access recently updated training materials: 

  • Absence Management (ABML201: Employee Accrual Adjustments):
  • Job Aid: Accrual and Leave Accrual Service Credit Processing Guide for Locations 
    • Added text to clarify actions for Accruals not calculating correctly (rehired retiree sick balances, adjustments for settlement agreements, incorrect vacation factoring and PTO / Vacation balance transfers).

August 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Payroll & Compensation 08/01/22 UCP-116621 Updated the system to ensure the I-280 message is triggered correctly from UCPath after the job record is created for future dated CWRs
Portal 08/01/22 UCP-117214 Updated email notifications about security questions to be sent from
Portal 08/01/22 UCP-117215 Updated the notify button to ensure emails sent from UCPath are from
Benefits 08/02/22 UCP-114638 Resolved the issue causing the benefits process (E042) to incorrectly use the rehire date to determine if an employee meets the 1000 hour rule
Benefits 08/02/22 UCP-114638 Resolved the issue causing the benefits process (E042) to incorrectly use the rehire date to determine if an employee meets the 1000 hour rule
Benefits 08/02/22 UCP-115974 Updated verbiage for new hire and newly benefit eligible email notifications to provide more information on an employees’ benefit eligibility level
General Ledger 08/02/22 UCP-115484 Corrected pay percentage and derived effort percent values in the labor ledger
General Ledger 08/02/22 UCP-113596 Changed program to calculate hours using a different method in order to resolve the effort reporting system (ERS) calculation errors
Payroll & Compensation 08/02/22 UCP-114713 Resolved the issue causing the UCWOS compensation rate code not to save to job data
Payroll & Compensation 08/02/22 UCP-113892 Fixed multiple union disclosure issues regarding defaults for new hires and employees union changes
Payroll & Compensation 08/02/22 UCP-114328 Updated code to allow the department table to be updated with data from the position control request page
Benefits 08/08/22 UCP-116239 Updated the link to the ARAG legal microsite
Payroll & Compensation 08/10/22 UCP-113906 Updated descriptions on the standard occupational code (SOC) and census occupation tables
Benefits 08/15/22 UCP-115238 Replaced the Delta Dental provider link on the HMO enrollment screen
Cognos Reports 08/15/22 UCP-103749 Created a new “Leave Bank Balances Report” (R-399) for locations to view and manage their leave donation programs.  Also updated the “Catastrophic Leave Activity Report” (R-341) to include leave donation transactional data instead of the total balances coming from the PS_UC_AM_SS_TBL
Benefits 08/25/22 UCP-116477 Updated the terms and conditions that appear when employees are enrolling in benefits online to include additional information about Aflac
Benefits 08/25/22 UCP-113938 Added Aflac plans to life events, open enrollment and benefit programs eligibility rules
Benefits 08/25/22 UCP-113936 Configured base benefits and payroll with the Aflac benefit plan and deduction codes. Added Aflac to the UCPath online portal setup
Benefits 08/25/22 UCP-115495 Updated the UCPath submission statement and confirmation statement to include the supplemental health plans accident insurance, critical illness insurance, and hospital indemnity
Cognos Reports 08/23/22 UCP-114358 Modified the R-400 medical dental census report to prompt for salary band
Cognos Reports 08/25/22 UCP-114821 Created the R-398 non-discrimination testing report
UCPath 08/25/22 UCP-114648 Updated verbiage on UCPath online for Aflac plans accident insurance, critical illness insurance, and hospital indemnity
Effort Reporting 08/26/22 UCP-115604 Generated the I-129R missing lines file for Dec 21-Apr 22

August 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
08/12/22 - 08/19/22

Supplemental Health Plans:

  • UC employees currently complete their enrollments in the Supplemental Health Plans (Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity) via Aflac’s website or by calling the UC Plus Customer Service Center.  This will change beginning on September 1, 2022, at which time all new enrollments and mid-year changes will be completed in the UCPath system.  This change will result in a more cohesive and streamlined process for UC employees.
  • During the conversion process, from now until August 31, 2022, all new enrollments and requests for mid-year changes in these plans must be made by completing the Health Benefits Enrollment Form for Life Events  and submitting it to UCPath.  The form and instructions for submitting it to UCPath are on the UC Plus website.
08/19/22 - 08/26/22

A change in residency is considered a qualifying change which allows employees to change their medical, dental or vision plans if plan eligibility is affected

  • Employees may be allowed to change their Depcare FSA if the cost of daycare has changed due to a change in the care provider
  • Under IRS Section 125 Plan rules, a change in residency is not considered a qualifying event to make mid-year changes to Health FSA because moving out of a service area does not impact health FSA eligibility (employees may continue to use the plan if enrolled)
    • Employees enrolled in Health FSA are not allowed to change to the UC Health Savings Planbecause the medical plan will create an HSA. The IRS does not allow participants have a Health FSA and HSA at the same time.
08/26/22 - 09/02/22 The UCPath monthly release was implemented last night.  Some of the changes were still being validated in production at the time this summary was created.  Any changes not included in this week’s summary, will be included next week.
08/26/22 - 09/02/22 Navigate to UCPath > Help > Location Users to access recently updated training materials: 
  • Employee Self Service (POR112: Employee Actions: Benefits Information):
    • Job Aid: Review Enrollments in Benefits Summary Page
      • New job aid provides instructions for employees on how to review enrollments of dependents in UCPath’ s Benefits Summary Page
    • Simulation: Enroll in Hospital Indemnity, Accident and Critical Illness Supplemental Health Plans
      • New simulation demonstrates how to enroll in AFLAC Supplemental Health Plans in UCPath
    • Simulation: Benefits eForms: Submit Form for Life Event - Supplemental Health Plans
      • New simulation demonstrates how to enroll in AFLAC Supplemental Health Plans in UCPath using eForms
08/26/22 - 09/02/22

When an employee is eligible for benefits, they will receive a system generated email notice as well as a benefits package via mail advising them to complete their enrollment online. 

  • It is important for location teams to also ensure new employees are aware of their benefits eligibility and encourage them to enroll online in the first 30 days of eligibility.

September 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Payroll & Compensation 09/01/22 UCP-99810

Updated the smart HR template to add and remove action reason codes

  • UC_FULL_HIRE (Full Hire – Staff Only): Removed REI - Rehire: Reinstatement
  • UC_FULL_HIRE_AC (Full Hire – Academic Use Only): Removed REI - Rehire Reinstatement and RET - Rehire: Rehire Retiree 
  • UC_REHIRE (UC Rehire – Staff Only): Added TIL - Transfer – Intra Location
  • UC_REHIRE_AC (Rehire – Academic):
    • Added CN1 - Academic Concurrent Hire and TIL - Transfer – Intra Location
    • Removed RET - Rehire: Rehire Retiree, NDE - Concurrent Non Dual Employment and EMR – Rehire: Emeritus
  • UC_TRANSFER_AC (Intra-Business Unit Transfer – Academic Use Only): Removed TMP - Temp out of Class Assignment and CNV - Used for Conversion
  • UC_VOL_TERM (Voluntary Termination): Removed TAF - Transfer from UCPath PS (Effective 08/01/2020)
Absence Management 09/06/22 UCP-114775 Updated the leave accrual eligible hours (E-303) program to load FMLA hours correctly
Benefits 09/02/22 UCP-114560 Updated the eForm to include supplemental health plan options
Payroll & Compensation 09/07/22 UCP-117056 Updated the mass hire program (E-346) to load salary step as the compensation source code
Payroll & Compensation 09/02/22 UCP-105257 Updated the demographic web service to indicate there is a change in employee data
Payroll & Compensation 09/02/22 UCP-114732 Configured smart HR transaction templates to allow comments to on a cloned template
Payroll & Compensation 09/02/22 UCP-103595 Added edits to the position control form (E-804) to prevent the selection of inactive departments and reports to positions
Payroll & Compensation 09/02/22 UCP-108631 Resolved the issue causing an error when trying to create new positions or reactivate positions
Payroll & Compensation 09/08/22 UCP-109176 Implemented the maintain teleworker page for locations wanting to maintain remote worker details
Absence Management 09/09/22 UCP-108775 Updated the extended absence program to allow edits on the job override page for employees that return from leave
Benefits 09/15/22 UCP-119796 Updated the benefit billing election form (UC_E056_RPT) in benefit Summary to include the accident insurance, hospital indemnity and critical illness plans
Payroll & Compensation 09/13/22 UCP-116293 Implemented tax update 22-c
Effort Reporting 09/20/22 UCP-113003 Fixed the format for the ERS correction and replacement files (I-129)
Effort Reporting 09/22/22 UCP-112199 Created a query to identify missing lines in the I-129 go forward program
General Ledger 09/19/22 UCP-115214 Resolved the work study check issue for future direct retro transactions
General Ledger 09/19/22 UCP-115213 Updated actual distribution tables to display full accounting unit changes for direct retro transactions
UCPath 09/20/22 UCP-116096 Updated Resource Center to include additional fields for users with access to case management.
UCPath 09/21/22 UCP-115200 Updated Resource Center to display private case comments.  Previously, private comments were only visible to UCPath staff in Salesforce.
Effort Reporting 09/30/22 UCP-120408 Modified code to identify additional missing lines due to manual correction of salary cross transfer corrections

September 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
09/02/22 - 09/09/22

The UCPath Training Team recently updated training materials for Workforce Administration and Benefits. Navigate to UCPath > Help > Location Users to access recently updated training materials: 

  • Workforce Administration (PHCMWFAL250: Template Transactions - Part I):
  • Benefits (Location Support for Benefits): 
    • Job Aid: ACA Employer Shared Responsibility Compliance, SMP Ineligibility Report
      • Updated job aid provides important dates for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 2022 Standard Measurement Period (SMP), and guidance on the receipt and review of the report in connection with Affordable Care Act (ACA) Employer Shared Responsibility compliance. The SMP Ineligibility Reports will be sent out to locations on October 28, 2022.
09/02/22 - 09/09/22

When a post doc (who is not FML/CFRA eligible), is going on parental bonding leave, location teams should first code the leave using the post doc paid parental leave.  Once the post doc paid parental leave is exhausted, if the postdoc will be continuing on a personal leave for parental bonding per Leaves of Absence, Article 12, section D.4, the period of personal leave should be entered as a personal leave (not parental bonding).

09/09/22 - 09/16/22

It is important that all employees enter personal email address in UCPath

  • Upon separation, UCPath will send registration instructions to the personal email address for setting up access to UCPath as a former employee
  • During a leave of absence, UCPath may contact the employee about benefit premiums using the personal email address
  • UCPath may use the personal email address to send information about the UC Retirement Plan buyback process
  • UCPath sends new hire system notifications to the personal email address following determination of benefits
Encourage new and current employees to add or update their personal email address in UCPath.
09/16/22 - 09/23/22 1-855-982-9329 is the UCPath toll free fax number. Fax number 1-951-697-6839 will be discontinued and should no longer be used.
09/30/22 - 10/07/22 A new benefits vendor file calendar is available in UCPath.  This calendar indicates when, and the type of files, UCPath sends to vendors on a monthly basis
09/30/22 - 10/07/22 Beginning mid-October, UCPath PeopleSoft pages can only be saved as Favorites within PeopleSoft
  • Examples of PeopleSoft pages include: Worklist, PayPath Actions and Modify a Person
  • To prepare for this change:
09/30/22 - 10/07/22

Employees must reduce vacation balances below the maximum accrual amount to continue accruing time

  • A temporary policy change expired June 30, 2022, that allowed UC policy-covered staff (except at LBNL) additional time to reduce their accrued balances.
  • Employees may have a maximum of two times their annual vacation leave accrual
  • Extension requests require a policy exception and must be approved by the location CHRO and COE; extensions allow four additional months to reduce accrued vacation time below the maximum
  • The change does not apply to represented employees
    • Vacation Max 4 month Extension
      240 40
      288 48
      336 56
      384 64
  • Reference UCnet for more information about this change
09/30/22 - 10/07/22

The metrics dashboard has been updated to include several new charts and features in the Production Statistics area:

  • Added new charts for overpayments and payroll adjustments
  • Added filters for employee class
  • Added frequency option to display data weekly or monthly
  • Added option to display data per 1,000 employees to normalize data between locations
09/30/22 - 10/07/22

Correction to the September 23, 2022, changes and enhancements update:  The UCPath fax number was reporting incorrectly. The correct fax number is 1-855-982-2329.

09/30/22 - 10/07/22

UCPath will be unavailable Saturday, October 15, 6:00 a.m,. thru Saturday, October 15, 8:00 p.m., to implement the new Fluid navigation for users who transact or view PeopleSoft information. 

  • Impact: During the scheduled downtime, there will be no access to UCPath.
  • Please plan accordingly and complete necessary UCPath activities prior to the outage.
  • UCPath will send a notice once the deployment is completed.
09/30/22 - 10/07/22

Beginning mid-October, UCPath PeopleSoft pages can only be saved as Favorites within PeopleSoft

  • Examples of PeopleSoft pages include: Worklist, PayPath Actions and Modify a Person
  • To prepare for this change:
  • PeopleSoft favorites saved before October 15 will migrate over with the improved navigation changes.
09/30/22 - 10/07/22

UCPath does not allow effective sequencing in position data. Position data only allows one update per effective date, so if the appropriate effective date is already in use and requires another update on the position data record, it is necessary to submit a position update form to UCPath

October – December Updates

October 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Absence Management 10/05/22 UCP-121022 Updated UCPath for a maximum of 384 vacation hours for academic employees regardless of FTE
Absence Management 10/05/22 UCP-120114 Updated the accruals configuration to prevent PTO over max adjustments from being removed, if the accrual exceeds the maximum PTO balance
Absence Management 10/04/22 UCP-112942 Updated configuration to display correct workers compensation accruals for employees returning from workers compensation leave
Benefits 10/02/22 UCP-106283 Changed administration of the supplemental health plans from Aflac to UCPath
Payroll & Compensation 10/03/22 UCP-116969 Resolved the issue with JED entries incorrectly being updated to “None” on the Smart HR templates
Payroll & Compensation 10/03/22 UCP-118167 Updated the derived SSN process to prevent invalid numbers from being assigned
Payroll & Compensation 10/06/22 UCP-121803 Updated label "Critical Illness - EE(CH) and Critical Illness-SP/DP" to show a hyphen instead of a question mark on pay statements
Benefits 10/14/22 UCP-116032 Updated UCPath with the university’s health and welfare (H&W) benefit premium rates
Benefits 10/16/22 UCP-116041 Updated UCPath configuration to display correct dates, statements and payroll deductions related to open enrollment changes
Benefits 10/17/22 UCP-116036 Updated UCPath with changes to the HMO benefit plan service area zip codes
Benefits 10/17/22 UCP-115242 Implemented a flexible spending account plan that will be effective January 1, 2023 for postdoctoral scholar employees
Benefits 10/17/22 UCP-115850 Updated the healthcare flexible spending account and dependent care flexible spending account plan maximum contribution limits for medical residents and clinical fellows enrolled in Graduate Medical Education at the UC medical centers
Benefits 10/17/22 UCP-116040 Created an open enrollment eBenefits form for faculty/staff employees that will be in line with the current benefits enrollment process for newly benefits eligible and life events
Benefits 10/17/22 UCP-116035 Updated UCPath with the maximum employee contribution for the health savings and healthcare flexible spending accounts, as per IRS regulations
Benefits 10/17/22 UCP-116031 Updated the terms and conditions in the UCPath portal open enrollment and life events pages
Benefits 10/17/22 UCP-116033 Made faculty/staff and postdoctoral scholar benefit plansavailable for election during the open enrollment period
Benefits 10/17/22 UCP-116042 Updated self-service to the open enrollment portal and enrollment pages to ensure new requirements for this open enrollment period are providing the most current information and user experience.
Benefits 10/17/22 UCP-116043 Updated links and dates on the submission and confirmation email notification regarding 2023 benefit elections.
Benefits 10/20/22 UCP-121510 Updated the terms and conditions on the open enrollment submission and confirmation statements
Cognos Report 10/19/22 UCP-121176 Fixed the calculation error on the R-081 disability report
Payroll & Compensation 10/17/22 UCP-121984

Updated the following UCPath production processing schedules in Quicklinks payroll resource page

  • Payroll processing schedule 2022
  • LBNL payroll processing schedule 2022
Workforce Administration 10/18/22 UCP-112345

Implemented improved navigation (PeopleSoft fluid)

Benefits 10/21/22 UCP-120743

Removed language on statements, notifications, etc., that residents and fellows are not eligible for benefits through UCPath

October 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
10/14/22 - 10/21/22

Navigate to UCPath > Help > Location Users to access recently updated training materials with the Improved Navigation format. Updates were made to the following sections:

  • Basics and Navigation
  • Absence Management
  • Benefits
  • ePerformance
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Talent Acquisition Management
  • Workforce Administration
10/14/22 - 10/21/22

The 2022 UCPath Production Processing Schedule has been updated with revised processing dates for Run ID Schedules 221031M0X and 221224B1X. This change was made to properly align the Stop Processing PayPath / Position Management and GL Post Confirm dates to internal processing guidelines.

Navigate to UCPath > Quicklinks > Payroll Resources, and click Payroll Processing Schedules & Working Hours to access the schedule

10/14/22 - 10/21/22

The UCPath portal controls the timeout session of the PeopleSoft homepage.  Due to inactivity, PeopleSoft will timeout when the portal times out, even if you are actively working within the application. If you close the UCPath portal window and actively work in PeopleSoft, your session will remain active.

  • How Do I Avoid The Timeout?

    • Once you open PeopleSoft, close the UCPath portal window. This disconnects the relationship between the UCPath portal and PeopleSoft.
    • When a pop-up message appears on a Peoplesoft window stating “Your session is about to expire,” click the “OK” button to prevent PeopleSoft from timing out.
  • Session Timeout For UCPath portal

    • 60 minutes of inactivity for the UCPath portal dashboard
    • 20 minutes of inactivity for all self-service pages
10/21/22 - 10/28/22 Open enrollment 2023 launched on Thursday, October 27. Employees can enroll for 2023 benefits through 5pm PT on Friday, November 18. For more information visit the Open Enrollment Website
  • The UCPath Forms Library has been updated with an Open Enrollment category and enrollment forms for employees (including forms for medical residents, postdoctoral scholars and employees on unpaid leave of absence). The forms can be found in UCPath > Forms Library > Access Forms
  • Location Users can access updated navigation training materials under the Basics and Navigation section (NAV105: UCPath Basics and Navigation) Navigate to UCPath > Help > Location users
10/21/22 - 10/28/22

Employees hired during open enrollment may see multiple benefit events in UCPath. These employees must complete the New Hire event before completing the Open Enrollment event. 

  • Employees that only complete a new hire event will have their 2022 elections roll over to 2023 except for FSA elections (employees must re-enroll in the FSA every year).
10/28/22 - 11/04/22

FTE changes may have an impact on the maximum amount of vacation employees can accrue.

  • When looking at an employee’s vacation maximum, always review the current and previous FTE values.
  • When there are FTE changes, vacation accrual maximums may be prorated and if the employee has reached the maximum, accruals will be stopped. Employees may need location CHRO and COE approval to accrue over the maximum.

November 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Benefits 11/07/22 UCP-121271 Added the benefits vendor file schedule to the benefits resource page
Payroll & Compensation 11/04/22 UCP-122507 Added the 2023 UCS and LBL monthly standard hours calendars to UCPath
Payroll & Compensation 11/09/22 UCP-123275

Updated the payroll configuration code Quicklinks:

  • Earn Codes
  • Earn Codes Special Accumulators
  • General Deduction Codes Special Accumulators
  • Local Deduction Codes
  • Systemwide Deduction Codes
Payroll & Compensation 11/09/22 UCP-122545 Published the 2023 biweekly and monthly payroll calendars and monthly working hours
Salesforce 11/05/22 UCP-120106 Added a banner to Salesforce notifications with the open enrollment start and end dates
General Ledger 11/15/2022 UCP-116582 Fixed the custom labor ledger process (E-714) to calculate the derived effort percent for labor ledger rows with over the cap (OTC) funds.
General Ledger 11/15/2022 UCP-117254 Disabled deletion for budget reference rows from the main funding entry page
Absence Management 11/15/22 UCP-116582 Added the missing San Diego Marine Crew (B6) union code configuration to the accrual program to resolve calculation errors.
Cognos Reports 11/18/22 UCP-114457 Added fields job start date, job first date, and job last date to the R-393 new hires report
Payroll & Compensation 11/22/22 UCP-122447 Provided wage increases for the police officers’ union
Payroll & Compensation 11/21/22 UCP-123678 Updated the FMLA attributes to exclude hours from the pay for family care and bonding
Payroll & Compensation 11/18/22 UCP-110122 Created Adoption Assistance Earning Code
Benefits 11/23/22 UCP-123921 Updated configuration to change the default value in benefits administration for employees that did not take action for the 2023 health flexible spending account.
Benefits 11/28/22 UCP-122302 Updated the configuration for the postdoc population to reflect the new health benefit group number
Benefits 11/30/22  UCP-96394 Removed postdoctoral scholar paid directs and postdoctoral scholar fellows from both the Affordable Care Act Initial Measurement Period (IMP) and Standard Measurement Period (SMP).
Benefits 11/30/22  UCP-96394 Updated the Affordable Care Act process to handle eligibility, the Standard Measurement Period (SMP) and Initial Measurement Period (IMP) for individuals with a “Without Salary Appointment” (WOS)
Cognos Reports 11/23/22 UCP-123706 Resolved the sorting issue for the Applicant Data for OFCCP (R-259) report
General Ledger 11/29/22 UCP-121527 Restricted historical salary cross transfers on new salary cross pages containing payroll checks prior to run date 10/04/2021 and checks post run date 10/04/2021
General Ledger 11/29/22 UCP-122271 Allowed only the latest funding rows to display on the salary cross transfers search results for the new salary cross transfer tool

November 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
11/04/22 - 11/10/22 The December release date has changed from January 2, 2023, to January 5, 2023. The November release is Monday, December 5, 2022.
11/04/22 - 11/10/22 Employees calling UCPath (855-982-7284) will now be greeted with a human voice, rather than a computer-generated voice.
11/04/22 - 11/10/22

Next week is the final week to submit open enrollment benefit elections. Open enrollment ends at 5pm Friday, November 18, 2022.

11/10/22 - 11/18/22

Location users can access updated payroll training materials in Quicklinks under Payroll Resources > Location Users –Administrators > Payroll Processing Schedules & Working Hours

11/10/22 - 11/18/22 Some sensitive data, including bank accounts, social security numbers, emergency contact information and email addresses, have been scrambled in several lower environments (UCPHRPJ3 (for hosting projects) , UCPHRPJ2 (On cycle / off cycle) UCPHRTST (Test) , UCPHRCP2 (production copy), and RUCS2J (training database)).
11/10/22 - 11/18/22 HR Smart Templates do not have global (non-US) address logic
  • This means global addresses may not map over correctly from HR Smart Templates to UCPath
  • When working with employees with a global address, we recommend asking the employee to log into UCPath to verify and update their address if necessary.
11/23/22 - 12/2/22 Users can access updated employee self-service and basics and navigation materials in UCHelp. The UCPath help site was updated to reflect these changes.
  • A new job aid providing instructions for employees on how consent to paperless delivery of Form 1095-C
  • An updated job aid that provides a new final pay transactions R-406 report definition and description
11/23/22 - 12/2/22 GL Post confirm columns were updated on the 2022 UCPath Production Processing Schedule. Navigate to UCPath > Quicklinks > Payroll Resources, and click Payroll Processing Schedules & Working Hours to access the schedule
11/23/22 - 12/2/22 Effective Tuesday, December 6, location payroll directors will have access to the paycheck modeler. This new functionality to model a hypothetical check will help answer employee’s paycheck related questions. The job aid can be found using this link Job Aid – Paycheck Modeler.
11/23/22 - 12/2/22 The process for overpayments can differ based on who identifies the issue: the location, UCPath or the employee
  • If the location identifies an overpayment, UCPath will process the overpayment and send the repayment package to the location either through email or the shared Box folder.
  • If UCPath identifies the overpayment, UCPath will work with the location to resolve.
  • If an employee identifies an overpayment, UCPath will refer the employee to the location.
  • The location is responsible for communicating to the employee the repayment options and to have the employee sign the repayment agreement.
  • For those with access to the Resource Center, all communication regarding the case can be found under Case Management.
  • Note, if the employee is separated, UCPath will coordinate with the separated employee and provide the location a courtesy notice.

More details on the overpayment process can be found in Location Support > Operational Alignment.

December 2022: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Benefits 12/01/22 UCP-120700 Updated the group numbers for on-Medicare PPO plans – UC Care, health savings plan and CORE plans that go into effective Jan 1, 2023
Absence Management 12/7/22 UCP-115659 Set up the absence management 2023 and 2024 leave accrual calendar
Absence Management 12/7/22 UCP-107549 Updated code to allow only one vacation payout transaction when there are multiple transactions with the same beginning earning date
Payroll and Compensation 12/5/22 UCP-102047 Eliminated the requirement for accrual hours on the pay request page (E-078) when submitting accrual payout requests for terminated employees
Payroll and Compensation 12/5/22 UCP-120431 Added fields to the pay request (E-078) page to capture essential data versus including in the comment field
Workforce Administration 12/5/22 UCP-122940 Provided a retroactive 6% across-the-board range increase effective July 2022 for the CX bargaining unit
Workforce Administration 12/6/22 UCP-106705 Fixed the issue causing position changes to update job data incorrectly
Workforce Administration 12/6/22 UCP-100562 Corrected the Excel-to-CI structure for the UC Job Data page to update correctly when mass changes are processed
Benefits 12/15/22 UCP-124007 Updated the "Quicklinks" benefit resource page with the 2023 UCPath Voluntary Retirement Savings Program Enrollment Calendars for LBNL and UCS
Payroll & Compensation 12/12/22 UCP-121198 Implemented Oracle tax update 22-D when submitting accrual payout requests for terminated employees
Payroll & Compensation 12/13/22 UCP-123684 Updated the qualified transportation and parking rates for the 2023 calendar year
Payroll & Compensation 12/13/22 UCP-123573 Updated the UCPath limit table for tax-qualified retirement plans for 2023
Payroll & Compensation 12/13/22 UCP-123583 Increased the social security’s old-age, survivors, and disability insurance (OASDI) taxable wage base from $147,000 to $160,200 for 2023
Payroll & Compensation 12/13/22 UCP-123580 Increased the defined contribution plan safe harbor taxable wage base from $147,000 to $160,200 for 2023
UCPath Online 12/10/22 UCP-120510 Made uploaded employee email attachments visible to resource center users
UCPath Online 12/10/22 UCP-109871 & UCP-121893 Added functionality to auto-populate user login data for new chat sessions on the UCPath chat page
UCPath Online 12/15/22 UCP-123279 Sent the standard measurement period (SMP) eligibility letters for 2023
Workforce Administration 12/14/22 UCP-124496 Updated rates and maximum taxable gross for Washington state paid family and medical leave payroll tax deductions
Absence Management 12/28/22 UCP-105679 Enabled self-service functionality to view the pay for family care and bonding bank
Benefits 12/22/22 UCP-122996 Cleaned up extra annual benefits base rate (ABBR) rows created during ABBR open enrollment window
Benefits 12/20/22 UCP-117689 Changed the program to analyze paygroup instead of employee type to determine pay frequency for the deferred compensation plan elections
Cognos 12/20/22 UCP-124572 Resolved the Cognos single sign on login error some locations received when running the Probation Status/Trial Employment (R-383) report
Payroll & Compensation 12/19/22 UCP-124597 Added to the UCPath payroll resources page and knowledge library the 2023 UCPath schedule of the FICA exempt flag inbound interface (I-156) student FICA file submission
Payroll & Compensation 12/20/22 UCP-124685 Completed the December 2022 update to the Quicklinks - payroll configuration page with the following lists:
1. systemwide general deduction
2. local general deduction
3. UCPC earn code list
4. general deduction - special accumulator
5. earnings codes - special accumulator
Payroll & Compensation 12/20/22 UCP-124307 Updated the federal and California state tax tables with 2023 tax rates
Payroll & Compensation 12/28/22 UCP-124377 Updated the GAEL (General, Auto, and Employment Liability) & general ledger leave processing attributes for Paid Family Care & Bonding earning codes

December 2022: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
12/02/22 - 12/09/22 Beginning December 13, 2022, the following UCPath pages will display a new chart field order to match the systemwide common chart of accounts:
  • Funding Entry (E-702)
  • Budget Distribution (E-712)
  • Manage Accruals (E-084)
  • Direct Retro (E-713)
  • Benefits Cost Transfers (E-063)
  • Payroll Request Form (E-078)
  • Mgr-Admn SS Non-Recurring Flat Dollar Amounts (E-353)

This update will impact historical and new transactions.

12/02/22 - 12/09/22 UCPath updated the UCPath help site to reflect job aid changes in PAYL200: Additional Compensation and Payroll Requests.
12/02/22 - 12/09/22 As of December 5, 2022, UCPath began deactivating systemwide general deductions, additional pay, stipends and active direct deposits after 60 days for terminated employees without active appointments. The process change does not apply to garnishments or locally managed deductions.
12/02/22 - 12/09/22

UCPath will spend over $500k annually to mail paper 1095-C, W-2 forms and paychecks. You can help by signing up for, and promoting, electronic delivery.  In UCPath select Employee Actions > Income and Taxes. From there, go to: 

Employees must sign up before January 1, 2023, to receive their 2022 1095-C electronically and before January 13, 2023, to receive their 2022 W-2 statement electronically. 

12/09/22 - 12/16/22 There is a correction to the December 2, 2022, report on the updated employee self-service and basics and navigation materials in UCHelp. The UCPath help site was updated to reflect an updated job aid with a new Termination Submission Timeliness R-406 report definition and description.
12/09/22 - 12/16/22 There are two new hold reasons in JIRA to indicate requests pending requirements or pending an Oracle solution.  The hold reasons are also now visible on community of interest dashboards for greater transparency about requests on hold.
12/09/22 - 12/16/22

The Benefits Resource page was updated to reflect the following changes.

  • Added 2023 retirement savings program enrollment/change dates calendar for UCS and LBNL
  • Archived 2021 retirement savings program enrollment/change dates calendar for UCS and LBNL
  • Employees now have access to the retirement savings program enrollment/change dates calendar for UCS and LBNL
  • Access the content by Quicklinks > Benefits Resources > Savings Plans Enrollment/Change Effective Dates (403b/After Tax DC and 457b)
12/09/22 - 12/16/22

No action is required to update employees on leave for family care and bonding (PFCB):

  • In 2023, the income replacement offered by UC’s PFCB program will increase from 70% to 100% of eligible earnings
  • The effective date for biweekly is 12/25/2022 and monthly is 01/01/2023
  • UCPath will update the job earnings distribution from 70% to 100% for all employees on PFCB leave with expected return dates in 2023

Additional Resources:

12/16/22 - 01/06/23

Users can access updated Workforce Administration training material in UCHelp. The UCPath help site was updated to reflect the new following:

  • A new job aid Unit 18 Short Work Break for 1/9 and 1/10 Appointees showing how to place 1/9 or 1/10 Unit 18 appointees who teach intermittently on a Short Work Break (SWB) and then return them, when appropriate
  • The updated job aid Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB) provides instructions on how to enter Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB) pay option in the system. PFCB pay reflects changes effective 1/1/23 where PFCB option is 100% for 8 weeks from 70% at 8 weeks. Updated screenshots to include new a PFCB group box that shows PFCB entitlement usage and balances.
  • The updated job aid Pay for Family Care and Bonding Unit 18 (PFCB) provides new screenshot to reflect new group box for tracking Pay for Family Care and Bonding Unit 18 (PFCB) entitlement usage and balances.
12/16/22 - 01/06/23 Navigate to UCPath > Quicklinks > Payroll Resources, and click Payroll Processing Schedules & Working Hours to access the following updates:
  • 2023 Student FICA I-156 schedule (UCPath Schedule of I-156 Student FICA File Submission V 12.14.22)
  • Moved 2021 Schedule of I-156 Student FICA File Submission to archived
  • The 2023 UCPath Production Processing Schedule updates with revised GL headers to:
    • GL Post Confirm (Completion of GL Process – Summary Level Data)
    • GL Post Confirm (Completion of GL Process – Detail Labor Ledger Data)
12/16/22 - 01/06/23 The metrics dashboard has been updated with a new data dictionary.  The data dictionary includes every report on the dashboard with a description of fields.  The data dictionary will be updated going forward with any changes or new additions to the metrics dashboard.
12/16/22 - 01/06/23

Did you know? W-2s will be distributed on or before January 31, 2023.

  • Make sure you sign up before January 13, 2023, to receive your 2022 W-2 statement electronically
  • If you have not elected to receive an electronic W-2, your 2022 W-2 will be mailed to the address on file in UCPath
  • Log into UCPath to view and update your address
  • All employees can download and print W-2s from UCPath once they are available
  • Select View Online W-2/W-2C from the UCPath home page under Income and Taxes