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2024 System Updates & Enhancements

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January - March Updates

January 2024: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Absence Management 01/02/24 UCP-103566 Updated the Patient Care Technical (EX) bargaining unit absence management rules to disallow compensatory time adjustments for any vacation accruals over the maximum
Benefits 01/04/24 UCP-132983 Terminated the Aflac supplemental health plans as of 12/31/2023
Benefits 01/04/24 UCP-103754 Updated the dependent address for the Discovery Benefits COBRA (I-138) interface. This will prevent line breaks where commas are present and indicate if a dependent's address differs from the employee's address.
Effort Reporting 01/04/24 UCP-138274 Implemented lived name in the effort reporting system to comply with the Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy
General Ledger 01/04/24 UCP-137514 Changed the common chart of accounts cut off logic from earnings end date to pay end date in the rules based configuration component (E061)
Absence Management 01/16/24 UCP-131348 Updated the floating holiday earnings (HFE) code to add to earnings instead of adjustments.
Benefits 01/19/24 UCP-142671 Updated the Prudential file to send only the business unit of the primary job location when an employee is in more than one business unit.
Cognos Reports 01/22/24 UCP-140379 Added a date range prompt on the Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time Participants (R-151) report to view historical data
Security 01/25/24 UCP-109628 Enabled comments for changes on the security provisioning page  (E-808)
General Ledger 01/30/24 UCP-140786 Fixed the code for modifying the journal program to systematically adjust the accounting date on salary cost transfer transactions
General Ledger 01/30/24 UCP-142316 Improved performance on the journal modification batch (E-715) process

January 2024: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
01/05/24 - 01/12/24


The Paycheck Modeler is now available to all transactors with location approval. Please follow these steps for access:

  1. Obtain approval from the location Security Access Administrator (SAA).
  2. Create a ServiceNow (SN) ticket and attach the email containing the SAA approval. Send the ticket to the "UCPC - Peoplesoft Security" SN-Assignment-Group.
  3. List the EMPLID, name, job role/title and department of each user that has been approved for access.
  4. The UCPC central security team will review and evaluate the details provided in the ticket before routing to UCPath for approval.
  5. The UCPC central security team will provision the role to the users listed in the ticket only after it has been approved.

The feature is exclusively available to the Central Payroll teams. Payroll Directors can request access to the paycheck modeler for their team members.

01/12/24 - 01/19/24

The training team updated the UCPath Help site with training simulations and job aids for Absence Management, Payroll and Workforce Administration to incorporate the new navigation and searching functionality for Lived Name.

  • Absence Management:
    • ABML195 Absence Management Inquiry
    • ABML200 Extended Leaves of Absence
  • Payroll:
    • PHCMPAYL200 Additional Compensation and Payroll Requests
    • PHCMPAYL201 Payroll General Deductions
  • Workforce Administration:
    • PHCMWFA100 Employee Data Inquiry
    • PHCMWFAL205 Person of Interest
    • PHCMWFAL220 Experience Based Pay
    • PHCMWFAL250- Template Transactions Part I
    • PHCMWFAL260 -Template Transactions Part II
    • PHCMWFAL270- PayPath Transactions
01/12/24 - 01/19/24

UC’s patent policy requires all employees and contractors to sign a patent acknowledgment. 

  • There are approximately 50,000 employees who need to complete a patent acknowledgment in UCPath.   
  • Location transactors can identify employees and contractors missing the patent acknowledgment electronic signature in UCPath by running the Missing Patent Acknowledgements (R-396) report in Cognos.
  • Refer to the patent acknowledgment frequently asked questions for additional information.
01/19/24 - 01/26/24

2023 W-2 statements will be available online no later than January 31, 2024:

  • Employees who opt for an electronic version of their W-2 will receive an email notification that their W-2 is available.
  • Employees who did not opt-in for an electronic version may still access their W-2 in UCPath, and a printed W-2 will be mailed to the home address listed in UCPath no later than January 31, 2024.
01/19/24 - 01/26/24

HR Smart Templates do not have global (non-US) address logic. This means global addresses may not map correctly from HR Smart Templates to UCPath. If working with an employee who has a global address, we recommend asking the employee to log into UCPath to verify and update their address if necessary. 

01/26/24 - 02/02/24

Employees can generate their verification of employment documents directly from UCPath > Income and Taxes > Verification of Employment > Generate Summary Report.

  • Employees who’ve opted out should refer verifiers (such as banks, employers, or leasing agents) to UCPath to complete employment and income verifications (phone: 855-982-7284 or email:
  • Refer to UCnet for more details

February 2024: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Benefits 02/01/24 UCP-133865 Provided a solution to correct an employee's benefit eligibility that was inaccurate due to a sequence of job data events and the order of the event processing during the nightly batch jobs
Payroll and Compensation 02/07/24 UCP-142493 Modified W-2 pdf overflow pages to display correctly
Payroll and Compensation 02/08/24 UCP-142673 Updated the employee notification sent with a family member de-enrollment event to include a link to the vendor's contact information instead of the vendor mailing address.
General Ledger 02/20/24 UCP-137690 Resolved an issue where the decimal length of the field caused the paid percent value to exceed 100%.
Payroll and Compensation 02/21/24 UCP-143170 Modified the Employee Bank Info Batch (I-303) program to only use the job record to validate the employees’ primary job and to truncate the value in the Name field to 50 characters.

February 2024: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
02/02/24 - 02/09/24

UCPath will be unavailable Friday, March 8 at 12:00 p.m. to Monday, March 11 at 6:00 a.m. for implementation of the March release. UCPath will not be available to employees and transactors during this time.

02/02/24 - 02/09/24

An invalid or missing social security number can impact an employee’s health, welfare and retirement benefits

  • Employees can update their information, including social security number, in Employee Self Service by navigating to Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary.
  • Once the employee updates their social security number, UCPath will validate the employee’s legal name, date of birth, and social security number with the Social Security Administration. This process can take 2-3 business days.
  • Employees will receive an approved or denied email notification at their primary email address. If denied, the email will explain the reason. The employee should then validate the number or contact the Social Security Administration for assistance.
02/09/24 - 02/16/24
  • The March release go/no-go decision is scheduled for March 4.
  • All AWE transactions should be approved by Thursday, March 7, 3:00 p.m.
  • Ask UCPath will be unavailable on Saturday, March 9, from 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • UCPath will be unavailable Friday, March 8 12:00 p.m. to Monday, March 11 6:00 a.m. for implementation of the March release. UCPath will not be available to employees and transactors during this time.
02/09/24 - 02/16/24

 Pay group is automatically assigned in UCPath.

  • The pay group defaults to DEF when a person is hired, rehired or transferred.
  • A batch process runs multiple times per day to assign the appropriate pay group based on a variety of factors including union affiliation, FLSA status, pay frequency (monthly or biweekly), etc.
  • Pay group is a way to group employees based on shared characteristics to facilitate payroll processing.

Pay Group Override

  • A pay group override can be requested to align the pay frequency (monthly or biweekly) for employees with multiple jobs.
  • A pay group override can be requested during HR template processing by including a comment on the template.
    • A job data update form can be attached to an UCPath inquiry for overrides not requested on the HR template
  • Special pay groups exist for certain scenarios (X= location code)
    • XMH: allows hourly employees to be paid monthly
    • XBE: allows exempt salaried employees to be paid biweekly
    • XMS: is used for monthly salaried employees and requires hours be submitted positive time
  • Resources: Job Aid: Pay Group Assignment, Configuration and Code List
02/16/24 - 02/23/24

The Benefits Vendor File Schedule Calendar - 2024 is available on UCPath.  

  • The vendor file serves as a crucial tool to track when employee enrollments and demographic changes are reflected with the vendor. Here's a breakdown of what each type of file includes:
    • Changes Files: Capture new enrollments, enrollment changes, and terminations.
    • Full Files: Encompass all active enrollments, new terminations since the last change file, and demographic changes (address change, name change, gender change, DOB, SSN).
  • For Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs):
    • Changes Files: Cover new enrollments, terminations, mid-year changes (increases/decreases of annual pledges), and both bi-weekly and monthly contributions.
    • Monthly Files: Include all active enrollments and demographic changes.
  • Regarding Social Security Numbers (SSNs):
    • Anthem, VSP, Delta Dental, Principal (PD), HealthNet (Active), WEX (FSAs), and Health Equity (HSAs) do not accept enrollments/contributions for employees without SSNs.
  • Address Requirements:
    • HMO enrollments require a U.S. Home Address (no P.O. Box).
  • Important Note:
    • Newly enrolled employees should allow for the weekly file to reach the vendor. Expedited enrollment requests are reserved exclusively for urgent medical services and prescription needs.
    • Excluding for COBRA and Open Enrollment files, UCPath files to vendors do not send future data (e.g., new enrollments, changes, terminations, etc.). For example, a new enrollment effective 3/1/24, will be sent to the vendor on 3/5/24.
02/23/24 - 03/01/24

UCPath updated the help site to reflect changes in payroll training material. Updates were made to the following job aids to include the new SharePoint links.

  • Complete the Inbound File Generator for I-181 Regular Time Entry Template for On or Off-Cycle Payroll
  • Complete the Inbound File Generator for I-618 Flat Dollar Amount Template for On or Off-Cycle Payroll
  • Complete the Inbound File Generator for I-178 Parking Corrections Template
  • Complete the Inbound File Generator for I-176 Parking Deductions Template
02/23/24 - 03/01/24

UCPath will send the following communications to the employees’ primary (preferred) email address on file:

  • During a leave of absence, UCPath may contact the employee about benefit premiums using the primary (preferred) email address.
  • UCPath may use the primary (preferred) email address to send information about the UC Retirement Plan buyback process.
  • UCPath sends new hire system notifications to the primary (preferred) email address following the determination of benefits.

Encourage new and current employees to add or update their primary (preferred) email address in UCPath.

March 2024: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
General Ledger 03/06/24 UCP-143418
Refine the accounting date logic in the salary cost transfer journal modification program to improve performance
Payroll and Compensation 03/12/24 UCP-145192 Added legal name to the Employee Bank Info Batch (I-303)
Benefits 03/26/24 UCP-110626

Removed links to the following benefits forms in UCPath

  • Health Benefits Enrollment Form for Newly Eligible Employees (FR.008)
  • Health Benefits Enrollment Form for Life Events (FR.065)
  • HSA, Life Insurance, Voluntary Disability and AD&D Change Form (FR.066)
  • Late Enrollment Request (FR.006)
Workforce Administration 03/25/24 UCP-140719

Updated the approval required field to allow legal name change requests to display on the search page

Workforce Administration 03/25/24 UCP-129645

Added an 'Add/Update Position Info' link to the reference links section of a Manage Jobs transaction for easy access to position data

Workforce Administration 03/28/24 UCP-143392

Added job code description and standard hours when the job code is populated in the contingent worker direct entry process

Workforce Administration 03/28/24 UCP-138104 Prevented Academic rehire reinstatements from using prior row's last day worked value.

March 2024: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
03/01/24 - 03/08/24

Read the 2023 UCPath Annual Report for a comprehensive review of last year's achievements and a preview of what's ahead.

03/01/24 - 03/08/24

Hires without a birth date or social security number (SSN) experience downstream impacts.

  • Use the Missing Personal Data (R-130) report to identify employees missing personal information.
  • If the birth date of an employee is missing:
    • UCPath cannot prepare self-service events allowing employees to make benefit enrollment elections.
    • UCPath is unable to generate a paycheck.
  • Employees without an SSN will have a variety of issues, including:
    • The vendors' inability to load their benefit enrollment elections (Delta Dental, VSP, Principal Health Net, and Anthem)
    • Duplicate accounts with Fidelity when the SSN is updated.
    • Safe Harbor participants will not be funded.
    • The inability to receive an expedited payment on a pay card.
    • Incorrect information with the Employment Development Department (EDD) for unemployment benefit purposes
03/08/24 - 03/15/24

UCPath updated the help site to reflect changes in benefits training material.

03/15/24 - 03/22/24

UCPath automatically reduces the employee’s eligible FMLA hours, CFRA hours and PDLL hours when the employee is on an unpaid FMLA, CFRA or PDLL extended leave using a function known as auto-calc.

  • UCPath reduces the employee’s eligible FMLA hours, CFRA hours, and PDLL hours based on a full-time equivalent (FTE) and 8 hours in a workday. Employees who are not full-time or whose workday is not 8 hours may need the locations to make updates to their FMLA balances, adding or reducing additional time.
  • When employees take a leave, the location adds the absence hours taken to the Time Entry (I-181) file. The location should also submit an extended absence request that outlines what specific type of leave the employee is using:
    • FMLA – Family and Medical Leave Act
    • PDLL – Pregnancy Disability Leave Law
    • CFRA – California Family Rights Act
  • UCPath will link the leave information from the Time Entry file to the detail entered in extended absence, in order to decrement the correct leave bucket.
03/22/24 - 03/28/24

Terminations with Additional Pay

When terminating a job for an employee with additional pay that should also be terminated, make sure the additional pay end date matches the job termination date.

03/28/24 - 04/05/24

UCPath updated the help site to reflect changes in the Workforce Administration  and Academic training materials.

03/28/24 - 04/05/24

Employees can see their leave balances in UCPath.

  • Active employees will see eligible / available accruals including vacation, PTO, sick, etc.
  • Employees on an intermittent leave will see additional balances for CFRA and FMLA
  • These balances will display for the entire year of leave.
  • Balances are refreshed after each AM process run.

Access Quicklinks > Payroll Resources > Payroll Processing Schedules & Working Hours. Check "Leave Accrual Available on UCPath" column for the updated balance date.

April - June Updates

April 2024: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Approval Workflow 04/05/24 UCP-146791 Removed the phone number from the fluid approval detail.
Cognos Reports 04/01/24 UCP-146402 Corrected the Benefit Migration Pre-OE Post /Post-OE (R-392) report to display employees in the correct salary band
Payroll and Compensation 04/03/24 UCP-135731 Improved performance of the Custom Paysheet Creation/Load to Paysheets (I-621)
Workforce Administration 04/05/24 UCP-146873 Fixed an issue to prevent changing employee class on the same record.
Benefits 04/08/24 UCP-141507 Implemented the Experian Theft (ID) Protection plan
Salesforce 04/08/24 UCP-141942 Provided location security administrators with view only access to the E-808 security profile page
Absence Management 04/17/24 UCP-140197 Updated absence management rules that would allow sick balances to carry over when an employee moves from the Geffen Academy K-12 Instructors (ACGEFFEN) eligibility group to a different eligibility group
General Ledger 04/15/24 UCP-147685 Reverted code that balanced earnings for salary cost transfers because under certain scenarios users were prevented from submitting a salary cost transfer.
General Ledger 04/15/24 UCP-146226 Resolved out-of-balance local deductions on the salary cost transfer pages.
General Ledger 04/17/24 UCP-147553 Applied a table index to the salary cost transfer process to improve performance.

April 2024: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
04/05/24 - 04/12/24

On April 15, 2024, UCPath will introduce two important improvements to inquiry management.

  • Reopen Inquiries: Users are able to reopen closed inquiries when further attention is required.
    • Users will be able to reopen cases three times within one year of the original closure date, retaining the original case numbers, associated communications, and attachments.
  • Self-Close Inquiries: Users can close their inquiries when issues have been resolved or when UCPath assistance is no longer required.
    • Inquiries with pending actions cannot be closed until those actions have been cleared
04/05/24 - 04/12/24

The Cognos Benefit Termination Report (R-064) helps to identify employees who have recently had their medical benefits terminated.

Locations can use the report to identify any errors in benefit terminations.

  • Previously eligible employees will appear on the report if their coverage is terminated - based on the current effective dated row compared to the previous effective date in UCPath benefits
  • The report can be run by business unit, department, org, pay status, and date range
  • Locations should review this report regularly to identify employees who should not have lost benefits

If an employee lost benefits in error, update the job and position data fields outlined in the Benefits Eligibility and Triggers Job Aid.

04/12/24 - 04/19/24

UCPath has updated its training simulations to include the new process of reopening a closed inquiry and closing an open inquiry. This is part of the Reopen/Close Case enhancement in the Employee Self-Service and Location Users Workforce Administration.

04/12/24 - 04/19/24

There is detailed information about how earn codes are configured in UCPath.

  • The file is updated regularly and includes all the earn codes and the various attributes including status, allowable employee types, subject to FICA, etc.
  • Navigate to UCPath > Quicklinks > Payroll Resources > Payroll Configuration Codes > Earn Codes
04/19/24 - 04/26/24

Termination Submission Timeliness (R-406) report identifies the number of termination transactions entered after the termination effective date.

To process the final pay requests promptly and stay in compliance, it is imperative that UCPath receives the request to terminate in a timely manner. This report gives more insight into termination request submission vs termination effective date, so locations can take actions where possible to mitigate the delay in submitting the termination request.

04/26/24 - 05/03/24 Starting May 6, 2024, UCPath Center will make it easier for employees to submit inquiries. Employees no longer need to select a topic and category when submitting inquiries via Ask UCPath. The updated landing page will display open and recently closed cases, and the system will provide suggestions for resources that may assist in resolving issues. 

May 2024: Changes & Enhancements

Module Date Change Request Number Summary
Benefits 05/01/24 UCP-121919 Modified the ACA eligibility (E-383) process to insert To Be Determined rows for employees with a break in service of more than 26 weeks.
General Ledger 05/08/24 UCP-147488 Added online validations to prevent incorrect data while submitting salary cost transfers. Incorrect data submission was resulting in the salary cost transfer marked as "Batch Error" by the salary cost transfer process
Payroll and Compensation 05/07/24 UCP-146049 Prevented the 2023 W-2 correction form (W2-C) from displaying commas in certain boxes
Benefits 05/13/24 UCP-148631 Added 403(b) and 457(b) Roth voluntary contributions to the file sent to Redwood

May 2024: Other Updates & Reminders

Week Of Content
05/03/24 - 05/10/24

UCPath has updated its training simulations to include the new process of using the updated form to submit an inquiry to UCPath.  

05/03/24 - 05/10/24


Did you know that you might miss out on some great benefits if you're still receiving your paycheck via mail? 

  1. Log in to UCPath and select Employee Actions > Income and Taxes.
  2. Click on Direct Deposit and complete the necessary security checks.
  3. Follow the instructions to enroll. Detailed guidelines are available on Sharepoint after signing in.

Making the switch is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Direct deposit is more convenient, secure, and cost-effective than paper checks.
  • It saves employees time and money, ensuring immediate access to funds on payday.
  • It eliminates the need for paper checks, reducing costs for employers and the risk of identity theft for employees.
  • Direct deposit is more sustainable, as it helps preserve natural resources by reducing paper waste and transportation needs.
05/10/24 - 05/17/24

You can access discussion recordings and presentation decks from the Communities of Interest calls. 

Learn about upcoming enhancements and listen to discussions on topics related to components within UCPath. To see a list of Communities of Interests and past monthly presentations visit the Location Support page > Communities of Interest.