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Improve Time Collection (Time & Labor)

The goal of this project is to improve UCPath time collection by centerally collecting, managing, validating, and correcting UCPath time through delivered functionality.

Why are we implementing this project?

This project will:

  • Build the foundation to allow for employee time entry in UCPath in future phase
  • Simplify & improve custom time collection process with Oracle delivered solution and realize improvements in pay accuracy
  • Serve as foundation for UCPath Time Rule and Entry consolidation which will improve the employee experience using a modernized view
  • Improve leave and accrual management
  • Summarize time by earnings code to reduce performance issues

What is the timeline?

Project Kickoff: November 2021 with the estimated go-live in April 2023.

How will this impact me?

Area Impacted


Inbound and Correction Files - Neutral Impact

  • Current File format will be the same
  • Files sent by locations will be loaded into the TL tables
  • Review of Payable time pages will be delivered

Review of Loaded Time Navigation - Neutral Impact

  • Different page to access
  • Job Aid will be constructed to demonstrate navigation along with training to be provided.

Payroll Tables - Neutral Impact

  • Data loaded will be summarized by employee, earn code, earns end date (Week), rate, and FAU Overrides
  • Daily detail will be available in existing custom table and Payable Time tables

Pay Stub Summarization - Positive Impact

  • Line items in paystub summarized by earnings code and FLSA week
    • Promotes easier review of paychecks both online and in RI.
    • The summary report for UAT and the paystub data will be sent to location administrator for reconciliation /review
    • Will promote a positive, efficient, improved user experience as earnings are printed alphabetically

Rounding Differences - Minimal to Employee Impact

  • Cumulative vs. Daily Time to Rate could vary by .01 to .03
  • No remediation – This will be the go forward process (provides more accuracy)


Current State Future State


  • Every line item sent from the file is displayed line by line


  • Current paystub unable to capture all the earnings due limitations with the application



Project Participants

Project Manager Rosemarie Mirano-Del Mar
OCM Manager Monique Pascucci

Improve Time Collection Preparation

What do transactors need to do to prepare?

Transactors need to plan ahead, note deadline dates and mark their calendars.

Are there any actions required by departments?

Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

Resources & Useful Links