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Replace PayPath

The Replace PayPath project will provide a modernized solution leveraging new delivered functionality to accurately and reliably process job data information directly in UCPath.

Why are we implementing this project?

The Replace PayPath project will provide a modernized solution leveraging new delivered functionality to accurately and reliably process job data information directly in UCPath.

This project will:

  • Improve the accuracy for processing employee job data changes
  • Streamline job data transactions through specific guided processes while mitigating data entry errors
  • Provide reliable and expected results with transaction changes
  • Provide additional reporting and auditing capabilities
  • Utilize new functionality from Oracle to improve the accuracy of employee updates and provide enhanced benefits:
    • Job Data Modernization (Fluid)
      • Columns/field labels customizable
    • Fluid Position Management
    • Fluid Approvals

What is the project timeline?

The Replace PayPath project will take a multi-year phased approach, with Phase 1 targeted for June 2023 alongside the Annual UCPath Upgrade projects.

How will this impact me?

Current PayPath Process Future Processes

PayPath - Custom creation of Position, Job and Additional Pay

  • Allows only specific active employees to be updated through limited classifications (i.e. excludes CWR’s,
  • Allows updates to be completed for retroactive, current or future dated transactions
  • Allows multiple updates to be completed together in one transaction
  • Allows transactions to route for location approval through a custom workflow
  • Approved transactions apply to UCPath immediately upon approval

Job Data Modernization (Fluid)

  • A new user experience has been created for transactors to complete job data changes through a guided process
  • We can use configuration to control if the fields are editable or read only based on the action and action reason code as the transactors enter changes to an employees job record.
  • We will partner with you to define the types of job data transactions that should be defined as well as the configuration and validation that will be needed.

Fluid Position Management

  • Ability to use an effective sequence on position rows
  • Similar guided process for creating, updating and cloning positions
  • Configurable and enhanced position search options

Fluid Approvals

  • New HR Administrator approval workflow functionality
  • Modernized view and filter/sort capability for transactions pending approval

Project Participants

Location Roles Participant Names
Project Manager Kelly Aranaz
OCM Manager Monique Pascucci

Phase 1 - Job Data Modernization (Fluid)

What will occur in Phase 1 of Replace PayPath?

What is changing?

  • New tiles will be available for navigation to the job data modernization page and activity guide
  • New search and page display options to improve data validation
  • Only defined transactions will be available to enter based on the action and action/reason code
  • Transactions will apply to the system as soon as they are saved
  • Submitted transactions will not route for approval in phase 1, but this will be available in phase 2 (more to follow)

What is staying the same?

  • PayPath will still be available as it is today for transactions
  • The existing (classic) job data page that is in the HR Tasks tile will still be available

Who will be impacted?

  • Phase 1 will roll out to selected transactors within Central Offices only

What is the timeline of Phase 1?

Phase 1 is targeted for June 2023 alongside the Annual UCPath Upgrade project.

Features Coming with Phase 1

Note: The following features do not reflect all changes coming with Job Modernization. Updates will be made as the project approaches go-live.

Feature Image & Description
Search by Preferred First Name

Preferred First Name included in Job Data Search: Users will be able to search based on Preferred First Name and the results will also display this information.



Future State:


Persistent Header

Important information about an Action like Effective Date, Effective Sequence, Action, and Reason can be seen as context information in a fixed persistent header at the top of the page. The Persistent Header helps you retain context information even if you are reviewing details of the Summary section which is the last section on the Job Details page.


Expand/Collapse Sections

Ability to Expand All or Collapse All sections on the Job Details page. By default, the “Work Location” section is expanded on the Job Details page showing Job and Organization information to the administrator while all other sections are collapsed to provide a view of sections available that the administrator can review.





Track Comments

A Comments box is enabled in the Summary step in the guided process for job Action data entry. The users can click on the Submit button to save the comments along with the other Job Data changes.




Configure Job Actions Summary Enhanced the ability for organizations to configure the fields that display on the Job Actions Summary page.

Are there any demos I can watch and refer to?

Prepare for the changes coming with Phase 1 of the Replace PayPath project by watching recorded project demo sessions below.

Date Demo Title
01/19/23 Demo of Modernized Job Data Functionality

Replace PayPath Preparation

What do transactors need to do to prepare?

Transactors need to plan ahead, note deadline dates and mark their calendars.

Are there any actions required by departments?

Further information will be posted once available.

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