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Lived Name

Important Update

This project is on hold until further notice.

Lived Name aims to have a student or employee's lived name to be used in all university communications and reporting, except where legal names are required by law, industry standard or legitimate business needs.

Why are we implementing this project?

On October 15, 2017, the state of California passed the Gender Recognition Act (SB179). The bill contributed to university discussions already taking place about revising procedures and practices to be more gender inclusive, including the 2014 recommendations from the UC Task Force & Implementation Team on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Climate & Inclusion (the LGBT Task Force).

Gender identity is fundamentally personal, and the University of California should ensure that all individuals have university-issued identification documents and displays of personal identification information that recognize their accurate gender identity and lived name (first name, middle name and/or last name or surname).

The project will:

  • Enhance user experience in UCPath by providing employees the option to select a personal/preferred name, known as their lived name
  • Enable lived name to display on all UCPath pages where legal name is not required
  • Compliance with Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy
  • Meet legal obligations: UCPath is a human capital application structured around legal name to meet legal obligations and maintain transaction accuracy

What is the project timeline?

Lived Name was officially kicked off in January 2022. As of July 28, 2022, this project is on hold until further notice.

How will this impact me?

As an employee: if you choose to use a Lived Name, your data will now show your Lived Name.

To input your Preferred or Lived Name:

  1. Log into UCPath Online
  2. Select Employee Actions > Personal Information
  3. Under Legal/Preferred Name, select the arrow to expand the box
  4. Select Add Preferred Name
  5. Enter your information and click Save.

As a transactor: according to the initial assessment, this upgrade will impact the following:

Area Impacted Details
UCPath Online
  • Personal Information Summary Page
  • SOBO: Search by Preferred/Lived Name
  • All other ESS and MSS pages will display Preferred/Lived Name
  • Changes to Search Criteria will impact 20 out of 56 PeopleSoft pages currently reviewed
    • 5 components updated
    • 15 pending approval (Hide Legal Name)
  • Mapping in WebServices: N-606 Salesforce Census Data, I-280 Person and Contingent Worker
  • Mapping in 3 flat file interfaces: I-357 LMS Feed - PIP, I-358 Cardinus, I-606 Salesforce Census Data
  • Retrofit to retain Legal Name: UC_I122_INTF (IVR interface - Employee outbound)
Systemwide Reports

(From an initial review of 66 reports including WFA, Profile Management, Compensation and Affirmative Action)

  • Retrofitting to retain Legal Name (8 reports)
  • Delete Legal Name and add Preferred/Lived Name (56 reports)
  • 2 Reports pending decision: R-180 Work Study Students over hours limit, R-219 Graduate Student File Creation Report
Impacted Tables
  • Data Mapping Changes to:
  • New Fields Added:
    • PS_UC_POI_NAMES (not in RI)

Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

Project Participants

Location Roles Participant Names
Program Manager Bea Dormoy
OCM Manager Monique Pascucci
Workstream Lead - Campus Kelly Aranaz

Lived Name Preparation

What do transactors need to do to prepare for this project?

Transactors should be encouraged to Search by Employee ID to mitigate the risk around transaction validation.

Labels on Search Criteria and Search Results

  • Below is the list of Labels and values they will hold in the future state once Lived Name is implemented (BN and GL pending)
  • Label on Search Results will match the label on Search Criteria

Field Name

Future State



  • Some pages will search on Preferred or Lived Name
  • Some pages will search on Legal Name
  • Impact analysis document has details
  • Train transactors to start search with Employee Id whenever possible
  • Review Search Results
  • If Name column has data displayed as Last Name, First Name then search by  Name is on Legal Name else it is on Preferred or Lived Name

First Name

  • TAM and ePerformance
  • This will search on Preferred or Lived First Name
  • Payroll
  • This will search on Legal First Name
  • Train transactors that TAM and ePerformance will always search on Preferred or Lived Name

Last Name

  • TAM and ePerformance
  • This will search on Preferred or Lived Last Name
  • Payroll
  • This will search on Legal Last Name
  • Train transactors that TAM and ePerformance will always search on Preferred or Lived Name

Middle Name

  • Will always search on Legal Middle Name

Second Last Name

  • Will always search on Preferred or Lived Middle Name

Alternate Character Name

  • Not used, not customized to hide this

Preferred or Lived First Name Preferred or Lived Last Name  Preferred or Lived Middle Name

  • Label on custom pages where search by Preferred or Lived First Name, Last Name and Middle Name is used
  • 1 custom page with this behavior (POI page)


Changes for Lived Name

  • Custom solution to store Lived Name
  • Preferred Name fields will always have a value. In case if an employee does not have a Preferred name, it will store the Legal Name
Current UCPath Implementation Future Implementation 
Field Name Description

Preferred First Name


Preferred Middle Name


Preferred Last Name


Preferred name suffix

Field Name Description

Legal First Name


Legal Middle Name


Legal Last Name


Legal name suffix


Preferred First Name


Preferred Middle Name


Preferred Last Name

Are there any actions required by departments?

Departments should identify all systems and processes that consume name data to make sure it can intake Lived Name and display Lived Name.

Departments should use Lived Name in all cases except when a legal name is required to meet legal obligations.

For reporting, any exceptions to using Lived Name will require COE approval.

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