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Location Access Initiative

Completed as of September 2022

The goal of the Location Access Initiative is to provide transactors more visibility within the UCPath portal.

Why are we implementing this project?

This project will:

  • Provide more visibility within the UCPath portal as well as access to tables in RI
    • Example:
      • See when EEs are enrolled in direct deposit
      • Access to the Benefit Plan tables
      • Allow locations to see benefit summaries for Life and AD/D Benefits, Disability Benefits etc.

What is the timeline?

Project kickoff: February 2, 2022

The Location Access Initiative is reviewed by the project team on a weekly basis. 

How will this impact me?

In an updated review of 97 requests in the UCPath portal:




Ability for users to view UCPath private comments in Resource Center

  • Implementation planned 9/16
  • Communication drafted - target distribution 8/29 or 8/30


Add additional fields to the resource center

  • Implementation planned 9/16


Update configuration and provide access to Paycheck Modeler (Payroll Inquiry Role)

  • Planned for the November sprint – implementation either December or January (depending on code freeze for the UCPath upgrade)
  • Payroll directors will be given access first – and then additional discussion on payroll COI about further roll out plans


New role w/view only access to configurations

  • Requirements being finalized

Application Designer

  • Reporting team is working directly with UCSF and UCSD contacts on the request

Access to benefit billing information

  • Reporting being updated based on feedback from benefit managers
  • Need a few volunteer locations to pilot the report
  • Report will be posted in box and updated monthly


Access to retro pay trigger and summary pages

  • The retro report has been updated with the additional fields requested: empl class, job code and position number
  • The team is also looking to move the process to box -  instead of email
  • Other changes can be discussed when the roadmap project kicks off


Project Participants

Location Roles Participant Names
Project Manager Monique Pascucci
OCM Manager Monique Pascucci

Location Access Initiative Preparation

What do transactors need to do to prepare?

Transactors need to plan ahead, note deadline dates and mark their calendars. Some transactors/SMEs are already working with the project team to submit requests for any additional access they would benefit from.

Are there any actions required by departments?

If you need access to UCPath make sure to complete all required training, and exams and request access through ServiceNow. 

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