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Test Automation

Phase 1 Completed as of June 2022

The goal of Test Automation is to reduce the time and scope of manual testing by location functional SMEs with every new release.

Why are we implementing this project?

This project will:

  • Reduce the scope of manual testing and the time spent by location functional SMEs testing and retesting UCPath functionality every time there is a new release
  • Automate all the regression testing that doesn’t touch new functionality
  • Manually review and test new functionality

What is the timeline?

Phase I: WFA, Payroll and Benefits

Timeline for Phase I: January - June 2022

How will this impact me?

Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

Project Participants

Location Roles Participant Names
Project Manager Bea Dormoy
OCM Manager Monique Pascucci
Testing Lead Harini Sundaram

Test Automation Preparation

What do transactors need to do to prepare?

Nothing is required at this time. Transactors may need to test scripts at a future time. A test script is a detailed test case that has been automated.

Are there any actions required by departments?

Subject Matter Experts (SME's) will be contacted for testing.

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