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Hire Pilot

Phase 1 (Limited Release) Completed as of November 13, 2023

The goal of the Hire Pilot project is to streamline the new hire process in the UCPath system.

Why are we implementing this project?

The goal of the Hire Pilot project is to:

  • Reduce the lead time to hire employees in UCPath 
  • Streamline the new hire process, mitigate any data entry errors and help locations complete next steps in the hiring process in a timely manner
  • Provide reporting to monitor and assess data accuracy
  • Include Add Person and Add Contingent Worker functionality to the HR Tasks tile
    • hire-pilot-add-cwr.jpg

What is the project timeline?

The Hire Pilot kicked off on August 24, 2023 with a targeted go-live date on November 2023.

  • User Testing: September 2023 – November 2023
  • Cutover/Implementation Readiness: November 6, 2023 – November 13, 2023
  • Go-Live: November 13, 2023*

*Note: dates listed above are subject to change.

How will this impact me?

The Hire Pilot project will take a limited-release approach. 

  • Early adopters from Central Offices will be able to transact using the new Add Person and Add Contingent Worker tiles before all transactors can transact within the tile.
  • If you currently have access to the Smart HR Templates today, continue to use Smart HR Templates until the pilot phase is complete. 
  • Local leadership will determine the right opportunity to release the Hire Pilot functionality to all transactors.

Currently, only New Hires and Contingent Workers are in scope for the November release of this project. Concurrent and Rehires will be delivered in the next phase of the project.

Project Participants

Location Roles Participant Names
Project Manager Rosemarie Mirano-Del Mar
OCM Manager Monique Pascucci