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6-Digit Job Code Remediation

The purpose of this project is to utilize the two leading "00" placeholders of the current UCSHR 6-digit job code structure (00XXXX).

Why are we implementing this project?

The goal of the 6-Digit Job Code Remediation is to utilize the two leading "00" placeholders of the current UCSHR 6-digit job code structure (00XXXX).

This project will:
  • Create more possible combinations of job code numbers to mediate the volume of job codes needed in UCPath
  • Utilize the placeholder "00"s as actual numbers for job code differentiation
    • New possible values: 010001, 110001
  • Ensure there will not be any negative downstream impacts for locations when this change occurs

Project Participants

OCM Manager Monique Pascucci
Workstream Lead - Campus

Andreas Ericzen, Technical
Rosemarie Mirano Del-Mar, Functional

Workstream Lead - Health

Sierra Iglesia

6-Digit Job Code Remediation: Frequently Asked Questions

Will existing job codes be changing, repurposed, or retired?

Existing job codes will not be changed. Repurposing job codes only apply if there is no incumbent. We retire job codes when they are no longer utilized by locations.

Will new job codes be created?

New job codes are created, on an “as needed” basis and through appropriate procedures, as defined by UCOP Compensation.

What is the future pattern for the job code change?

For example, if a job code is currently denoted as “0562”, will the 6-Digit change result in this job code to be “000562”?

  •  Already today, the job code show as six digits in UCPATH (in the example cited, “0562” job code is "000562" in UCPATH).   Thus, in UCPATH, there is no change to the pattern of the job code.  However, the job code as noted in UCPATH, is being massaged by some local, downstream systems to remove the leading zeros.

  • A job code currently denoted as “0562” is/will result in “00562” for all systems, due to the 6-digit job code change effort. 

Would the job code of “100562” or “010562” be considered a different job code/title than the “000562”?

  • Yes, all three of those examples (“100562”, “010562” and “000562”) would be different job codes. 

What is the anticipated timeline for this effort?

UC Campuses are working to assess the impact of remediation efforts and identify issues present at each location.  A timeline has not yet been confirmed for this effort.

Will the UC San Diego Title & Pay Plan Website be updated to recognize the 6-digits?

The UC San Diego Title & Pay Plan Website is among the list of systems/applications to be remediated, in order to accommodate the future 6-digit job code format.